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					E-commerce is not only a business development concept as its development coexists
on the macro aspect of national economic strategy and micro aspect of corporate
 UNCTAD United Nations Conference on Trade and Development and ESCAP held
an Asia-Pacific International Conference themed on 鈥淓-commerce Strategies for
Development 鈥?in November,2002.
 E-commerce was positioned as one of the economic development strategies on the
conference. The conference also figured out that government and business
organizations, including private business organizations should endeavor to promote
e-commerce development.
 Any national ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) or e-commerce
development should be incorporated in economic and social development. Prior to
this, EU rolled out e-Europe Action Plan in 2000; USA unveiled guidelines plan for
e-commerce business transaction enhancement. OECD (Organization for Economic
Cooperation and Development) recommended establishing observation index that
could reflect e-commerce business development trend, and APEC also staged similar
plan on Brunei conference in 2000 and the e 鈥擜 PEC task force was set up
accordingly. E 鈥擜 PEC strategy was released on APEC conference in Shanghai in
2001, which went further on the basis of Brunei conference achievement.
 UN Secretary General Kofi Annan wrote the preface for 2002 Report of
E-Commerce development report, which was released on UNCTAD (United Nations
Conference on Trade and Development). He figured out e-commerce has achieved
obvious effect in promoting economic development, foreign trade efficiency and
enhancing enterprises 鈥?competitiveness. E-commerce could help to integrate china
national economy into global economy, which would offer more job opportunities and
create more wealth.
 E-commerce business entered our daily life, new economic model based on net
economy is changing economic development trend and virtualization, digitization and
globalization are becoming mega trend in economic growth.
 A survey showed that enterprises had more knowledge on e-commerce and practiced
better than before in china. Many company chairmen deemed that e-commerce has
been penetrating into the internal organizations of the enterprises and e-commerce has
been expanding to market management, logistics and other enterprise management
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