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									Tips for ECommerce Application Development for Non Professionals From the older
day of barter system to eCommerce applications the escalation of technology has
brought advancement in selling and buying habits of the people. Living styles,
computing styles and the way of conducting business have changed and changing at
great pace with regular development in the technology. Latest way of conducting
business in most developed society is eCommerce. It is the age of internet, in which
business is going under its latest form and regular demands for new or fresh designs,
development techniques, smooth communication for error- free commercial &non
commercial transactions, platforms, tools, etc. ECommerce Application Development
is the process of providing solution to conduct online business for product & services.
Development of eCommerce applications is the sensible process of integrating various
IT technologies and technical processes for performing online commercial practices.
Developing the eCommerce web application is critical without professional and
technical expertise. Prior to anything a developer should have knowledge of business
nature and complete know-how about the products and services to make rough idea
about the application. Another important issue is the nature of customer base,
developers must study the consumer behavior before starting any technical process.
Contemporary eCommerce customers are smart and active and expect quick
navigation system to get the overview of the site in less time, so designing of the
eCommerce website should be able to make all the products visual in very initial
round of navigation. Feature of 鈥渙 rder history 鈥?is a best way to implement for
helping the customers, 鈥渟 toring the favorite products 鈥?on one page for further
ease in purchasing, easy processes are always help customers such as no need of
repeat registration for purchasing new product, shopping cart should be user-friendly
to welcome customer again, simple billing & shipping processes and application
should allow customers for maintaining multiple billing address. Moreover, simple
鈥渃 heckout process 鈥?& decent customer services are best practices to please
customers for more visits. Strong administration is the basic requirement of any
eCommerce application which offers to control and manage all the commercial as
well as non commercial functions. Through admin panel administrator can change or
update the product catalog, maintain orders, work of printing necessary things such as
packing slips, creation of sales reports and inventory reports, catalog settings,
uploading images, content addition, marketing & promotional activities through
integrated mailing system and providing solutions to customers queries. ECommerce
application development is critical for the non professionals as it demands for a
variety of features to satisfy the customers as well as sellers. Contemporary online
business requires professional approach for the desired success.

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