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									Are you looking for that perfect vacuum? It's like trying to find the perfect husband
right? Well many people will go out and buy just a cheap vacuum and not be happy
with it. Others will think if they spend the money then they will end up with a good
vacuum and that is very true.
  Dyson is one of the top rated vacuums in the world. With Dyson there is never any
belts, bags, or filters to buy so that saves hundreds of dollars a year. There are many
different styles of Dyson to choose from. You can choose from if you have pets
anywhere to vacuuming on any type of floor.
  The first type of Dyson vacuums is the Dyson ball vacuums. These have a ball in
them for better maneurverability. The first model to talk about in the Dyson ball line
is the DC25 Blueprint Limited Edition. This vacuum has a flat out head to clean under
low furniture and appliances. This is the vacuum that celebrates engineers and will
only be for a limited time. This is also a Dyson ball vacuum and is upright. Next there
is the DC25 animal, which is a Dyson ball upright vacuum that is made especially for
pet owners. It is made specifically to catch all that pet hair that nobody likes. Lastly in
the Dyson ball vacuums is the DC25 All Floors. This vacuum is made to clean every
floor type and is also an upright vacuum. This is the must have vacuum when you
don't want to sweep all the floors. They also have the DC24 All Floors Dyson ball
vacuum that is more compact and cleans all types of floors.
  The next of the Dyson vacuums is the DC28 Animal upright vacuum. This vacuum
is designed with Airmuscle technology to remove all types of pet hair. Dyson also
make the DC17 All Floors upright vacuum. This vacuum is made with level three root
cyclone technology to clean all floor types. Dyson made a vaccum that helps those
people who have stairs. The Dyson DC14 Telescope Reach All Floors is an upright
vacuum designed for all types of floors, stairs, and high places.
  Dyson also makes canister vacuums, which most other manufacturers do not make
anymore. The DC22 Turbinehead and DC22 Motorhead are canister vacuums
designed with the Dyson digital motor and are 1/3 smaller than the upright Dyson
vacuums. These vacuums sure do the job with picking stuff up even though it is
smaller. There is also the DC23 Turbinehead which is a canister vacuum that has level
three root cyclone technology and a turbine head for an all around performance. The
DC23 motorhead is for pet hair and dirt.
  Dyson sells so many different types of vacuums and are well worth the money.
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