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					I would like to cover 3 basic topics about DUBturbo in this article. First I want to
explain what interest I have in this music producing software. Second my experience
in music production. And lastly my review of the software.
 I have been a hobbyist musician since I have been twelve years old. I have been
obsessed with every type of music you can imagine from country to pop. I have taught
myself to play many instruments including guitar, piano, drums, and even the sax.
However you really do not need any prior experience to learn this software. It is very
straightforward and simple to use.
 At first I was skeptical about any sort of music software that you download on the
internet, but I was read the whole entire website and watched the demo's and I was
extremely impressed. So I decided to purchase it. I had it downloaded to my computer
and running in under ten minutes, which was great considering how impatient I am.
 Within the first thirty minutes of playing with this program, I was amazed. It really is
extremely, and when I say extremely, I mean extremely simple to create your own
beats. You always listen to the major producers beats in all the hit songs from 50 cent,
Nas, Eminem and wonder how they did it. Well I am guessing they dont use this
software, but they should!
 I was seriously able to make some very impressive sounding songs the first night of
playing around with this. I sent the songs I made to a few friends and they were blown
away, they honestly didnt believe me that I had made those tracks.
 Overall I am very happy with my purchase, and I would definitely recommend
DUBturbo to any musician looking to create some hip hop sounding beats.
 You can check out DUBturbo here.