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					Have you ever wished you had the ability to make real music hits? Do you have a
dream to be a music producer or DJ but just don’t know how or where to start? If you
have answered yes to these questions than DUBturbo is the program for you! It is
easy enough for beginners and professional enough for advanced beat makers! You
can make the same quality rap and hip-hop beats that your favorite artists and
producers are making, in minutes. Oh and our beat making software costs you LESS
than what you'd pay for ONE generic beat today. Not to mention finally killing your
curiosity and desire to MAKE SICK BEATS! Express yourself with a clean,
convenient and dependable music maker that will have you sounding like a pro faster
than you can write your first hook! Just imagine an interface and navigation elements
that let you create beats like the pros in just minutes. Just picture yourself using the
same quality samples and kits as the billboard producers! The only thing different
from you and the billboard producers is that you will only be paying a fraction of the
cost but have the same quality!! You will be able to import any new sounds that you
want which is the true art of sampling. This is not anything like any other online beat
machines because they can be extremely limited when you get low end gear and tons
of other flaws such as there standard in quality or in sound. Most of them have crappy
samples, you max out the gear quick and have to get more, or it’s too complex to
master. DUBturbo comes with tons of great features I am sure you will enjoy such as
the DT Sequencer. This feature has keyboard shortcuts everywhere so you can
maneuver around the app and produce FAST! You can easily draw in or trigger
sounds with keyboard shortcuts. You can also draw in bars and build in 2 clicks so
you can change sounds and patterns that fast! Did I mention you can record live to the
metronome or draw or tap in your beats, edit volumes, go solo, mute, save, edit tempo
plus much more!! Familiar panel layout and production tools make this EASY to use
and easy to transition into other software later in your career. You can even use the
actual keys on the keyboard that you type on to make crazy beats and melodies! Yes
you read that correctly, you can play your melodies using keys, NO NEED FOR MIDI
CONTROLLERS! You get everything here from pianos, Saxes, stabs, hip-hop hits,
quirks, bass, bells, and top of the line samples to ensure authenticity in every single
beat!!! We also link you to our contests and submission section from this screen to
keep you fresh. It also has a badass drum machine panel, wicked sampling keyboard
and everything else you need to be the next big name in the music industry. I
guarantee your going to love it! Who knows, one of these days instead of buying
music, you can be selling your very own bangers for big money! Can you imagine
selling beats to your favorite artists, or hearing your beats on the radio, or even having
your beats make a number 1 hit in the country? It is very possible for you to achieve
these goals and clicking the link below is your first step to getting there! Good luck
with your music career!! :

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