Dubai - Hotels in the Land of Black Gold

					Dubai is the perfect place where the oriental ecstasy of the east meets the industrial
giants of the west. Dubai along with six other emirates forms the United Arab
Emirates. Alongside industry, oil production and trade, tourism adds substantial
revenue to the emirates 鈥?economy. It is one of the main sources of the inflow of
foreign exchange. According to a survey in 2007, Dubai was the 8th most visited city
of the world. Dubai is also known as the 鈥榮 hopping capital of the Middle East
鈥?and the city alone houses over 70 shopping malls and several other supermarkets.
But most importantly, for a city to flourish on trade and tourism it is very important to
have hotels for all sections of the society.

 Dubai hotels range from luxury Persian Gulf facing resorts for the celebrities,
business tycoons and spend thrifty billionaires to cheap and affordable hotels and inns
for the average usual tourists and visitors. In 2007, according to the national survey,
there were around 325 working hotels in Dubai, compared to the 303 hotels in 2006.
And every year the count is going up. The range is wide extending from Dubai youth
hostel to the 7-star Burj Al Arab.

  The emirate of Dubai is also a centre of small business and trade and the traders of
less extravagant lifestyle do not find it a problem to stay up in Dubai even for an
extended period. There are several cheap Dubai hotels, which are pretty affordable for
the normal tourists. 3-star hotels like Al Batra Hotel, Mayfair Hotel Dubai and
Broadway Hotel etc alongside the Dubai Concorde Hotel & Residence, Traders Hotel
Dubai and Coral Oriental Hotel with 4-star accommodations provide the tourists and
visitors to this Arab city a pleasant and affordable stay.

  Luxury Dubai hotels are however the main point of attraction in the city of Dubai.
With their prolific and sometimes post-modern architecture, they too are a part of the
city 鈥檚 tourist attraction. The Burj Al Arab, a 321m tall hotel in Dubai is the fourth
largest hotel in the world. It is built on an artificial island off the Jumeirah beach. It
attracts a lot of tourists due to its shape which is constructed like a sail of a ship. The
Jumeirah Beach Hotel is built in a wave shape and it harmonizes well with the
sail-shaped Burj Al Arab. Atlantis, the Palm is a 7-star resort at Palm Jumeirah in
Dubai and it includes an Aquaventure theme park alongside 1539 rooms. However the
largest of them all is the Madinat Jumeirah, which spreads across an area over 40
hectares of landscapes and gardens. This resort was designed to bear a resemblance to
an archaic Arabian town. It has two boutique hotels, the Al Qasr and the Mina
A'Salam and a patio of summer residences called Dar Al Masyaf. All these along with
other seven star luxury Dubai hotels are mainly built and designed for the wealthier
section of the society to provide them a lavish and extravagant stay in Dubai.

 Dubai hotels ranges from cheap Dubai hotels to luxury Dubai hotels and are meant
for all sections of the society. They ensures that the tourists 鈥?who visit the city
enjoys their stay in 鈥榯 he city of gold 鈥? Dubai. is sharing information of Dubai hotels, find Luxury Dubai hotels
and cheap Dubai hotels.