Driving Miss Daisy in a classic Packard by hkksew3563rd


									James Earl Jones marked his arrival at the Monday's cast party that had been held for
the 鈥淒 riving Miss Daisy" in high style. The red carpet had been rolled down for at
the venue of the Plaza Hotel where he arrived in a classic Packard -- the very same car
that is used by his character named Hoke Coleburn for Vanessa Redgrave's Daisy
Werthan. When questioned regarding the kind of car Hoke would be interested in
driving today, Jones didn't miss a beat when he said that it would definitely be a
Cadillac as not only is it a well made car but is also a good running car." Almost two
hours before curtains at the venue of the John Golden Theatre, where the very first
Broadway production of the respective play that is cheap driving Miss Daisy
鈥?which by the way is also a Pulitzer Prize-winning play and has been transformed
into an Oscar-winning film 鈥?is being previewed. The male lead has been played by
James Earl Jones' and he is currently in his modest-sized dressing room, where
numerous men are sharing space with a very special and distinguished ghost. This
play had been introduced on the stage and played by Morgan Freeman. The character
Hoke is shown as a black man who has been hired in post-World War II Atlanta for
the services of a guy who has to be the chauffeur to an elderly Jewish woman, with
whom he comes to form not only a close but also a very unlikely bond. In the latest
production, Vanessa Redgrave plays the man female lead driving miss daisy new York
(the role that has been played by Jessica Tandy in the movie), whereas a famous and
acknowledged theater and film veteran named Boyd Gaines, is playing the role of
Boolie, the concerned son.

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