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					Getting married on a tropical island is every girls dream 鈥?imagine yourself in a
beautiful white dress against a background of blue skies, sparkling ocean, powder
white sand and swaying coconut trees. Koh Samui is one such exotic destination and
the perfect place to start your married life 鈥?choose to have your wedding and
honeymoon in one of the most beautiful settings in the world.
  If you want a particular style of wedding, whether it's Christian, non-secular or
Buddhist, details can be tailored to ensure you have a truly unforgettable day. You can
even share the special day with your friends and loved ones by inviting them over for
the wedding, and they'll get a holiday whilst they're here! Or simply have a
celebration just for the two of you.
  The main advantage to having your wedding day abroad is the amount of money you
can save. Generally a fraction of the cost compared to any event in your home country
you can have everything you wish for to make the day wonderful. Each wedding
package is different, however for a set price you should expect accommodation and a
ceremony, decorations including flowers of your own choosing, bouquets and
buttonholes, a floral arch and refreshments. Everything needed to fashion a magical,
romantic wedding setting.
  If you decide to invite guests then those who accompany you are sure to be close
friends and family, this means you only have to put aside a small part of your budget
for food, drinks and entertainment, leaving more money for your honeymoon treats.
  Research online and you'll find Samui resorts and hotels offering many different
options so it shouldn't be difficult to find something that fits with your style and
budget. You could get the whole works with wedding cake, professional photography,
make-up and hair, 5 course dinner, fireworks and fire lanterns, musicians and even spa
treatments. It's your wedding day so have some fun making plans with your future
  Resorts that arrange wedding packages have a special team of people who work
closely with you to arrange everything down to the smallest of details, and be in touch
constantly answering your queries and putting your mind at rest that arrangements are
  Accommodation can range from a honeymoon suite in a hotel to a beach villa Samui
set in its own grounds with pool and sun deck. Some wedding planners can even
arrange for you to have your own personal chef who prepares delicious meals only for
you next to the pool or on the beach! How much more special can your day get?
  If you do decide to plan your wedding on this beautiful exotic island then ensure you
aren't disappointed and plan well in advance to guarantee you have the ideal day,
particularly if you have guests coming. Booking well ahead of time will also save you
money in flights. There are other aspects you need to consider carefully too when
making plans such as if your guests can get the time off and the weather in Samui.
Not everybody likes the sun and the afternoon heat can be vicious on you and your
guests, especially older folks and young children, consider having the ceremony either
in the morning or in the evening when it is not so hot and ensure you provide shade.
Also check out it's not the rainy season and your wedding day won't be spoilt by
heavy torrential rain.
 If you do want family and friends to come think about how much money it will cost
them and if they can really afford it. Do these people have the money to take time off
work and pay for flights, accommodation and more? You could check into getting
group discount for flights and accommodation and even think about helping to
subsidise it yourself. Otherwise the option may be to have a celebration at home
before honeymooning in Koh Samui, or go it alone!
 Look up weddings Koh Samui for their wedding and honeymoon packages for a
romantic and spectacular day, guaranteed to be the most memorable trip of your life.
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