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Dr. Tohme Tohme Had Big Plans for Michael Jackson's Comeback


									Dr. Tohme R. Tohme was a very close friend of Michael Jackson, besides being the
pop star 鈥檚 manager. In the last year and a half of Michael Jackson 鈥檚 life, Dr.
Tohme Tohme had been working tirelessly with several corporate houses, resulting in
lucrative business deals that brought the pop star back into the public eye and from
the brink of financial ruin.
  As Jackson 鈥檚 manager, Dr. Tohme Ramez Tohme played an instrumental role in
ironing out Jackson 鈥檚 planned comeback run at O2 arena in London, known as
THIS IS IT. Among other initiatives, Dr. Tohme Ramez Tohme played a pivotal role
in negotiating the Nederlander 鈥淭 hriller 鈥?Broadway show deal, which Jackson
signed in late 2008. Dr. Tohme had also been working with Jackson and his legal
advisors, guiding Jackson though negotiations for an animated series based on 鈥淭
hriller 鈥? For several months, Tohme and Jackson had been corroborating with
fashion designers on a clothing line based on Michael Jackson 鈥檚 style which
would include 鈥渕 oonwalk shoes 鈥? Dr. Tohme was also handling many of
Michael Jackson 鈥檚 financial affairs, most importantly, he was working very hard
to renegotiate the terms of Jackson 鈥檚 main assets that included the Sony-ATV
Music Publishing Catalog.
  Michael Jackson 鈥檚 sudden passing deeply saddened Dr. Tohme, as they were
close and dear friends who had great plans for the future. Michael Jackson 鈥檚
massive comeback would have set Jackson ruling the pop world again. While working
for Michael Jackson, Dr. Tohme Tohme also gave advice to the star on important
financial decisions, like saving Jackson 鈥檚 Neverland ranch from foreclosure. Dr.
Tohme R Tohme 鈥檚 expert opinions helped Jackson to secure his family 鈥檚
future and avoid financial ruin.
  Dr. Tohme fondly remembers that Michael was very excited to set foot on stage and
to be performing again. This would have been a special event for him since this would
be the first time Michael Jackson 鈥檚 children would witness him performing on a
grand scale. Dr. Tohme mentions that Michael Jackson was an excellent father whose
love for his children knew no bounds.

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