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									Unfortunately, all properties no matter how old they are lose heat through their
windows 鈥?and this can be up to 18% in a typical uninsulated house. But installing
energy efficient double glazing is a great way to combat this whilst reducing your
energy bills at the same time as keeping your property warmer and quieter. Double
glazing windows also offer extra security because they 鈥檙 e stronger than single
glazed windows. These glass and glazing experts are experienced glaziers, which is
why they supply a fantastic range of double glazing Bedford to homes and businesses.
 Double Glazed Units (or Double Glazing) provide an energy efficient solution,
because two panes of parallel glass are assembled with a gap in between them. This
gap is typically filled with Argon gas, which traps heat and reduces the amount of
noise coming into and out of the building.
 The team at these specialists have the experience and knowledge to provide their
customers with a comprehensive double glazing service of the highest quality. And
they are able to offer their double glazing windows through a variety of glass,
including toughened glass (also known as tempered glass), safety glass and fire
resistant glass. All of these have their own benefits which run alongside the everyday
benefits of double glazing.
 Along with supplying the finest double glazing units and glass, the glaziers with this
company are on hand to make sure your glass and double glazed units are delivered
and fitted with the upmost skill, care and with the greatest precision. Not only are the
glaziers at these glass and glazing specialists able to carry out standard glass and
double glazing Bedford requests but they also offer a 鈥渃 ut glass to size 鈥?service
and window repairs, throughout the counties of Herefordshire, Bedfordshire and
 If you want to have double glazing Bedford to make your home or business more
energy efficient, warmer and safer, why not contact one of their friendly team online
via our contact form, or by calling one of the local numbers on their website. They 鈥
檒 l be happy to discuss any glass and glazing needs you have and we 鈥檙 e confident
that they will be able to help.
 Written by Joel Tarplin on behalf of Three Counties Glass, providers of double
glazing Bedford.

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