Double Exposure in Thailand by hkksew3563rd


									A majestic adventure to fulfil all the senses awaits visitors to Thailand. After all, there
aren 鈥檛 many places where you can combine a vibrant city break and a beach spa
holiday together. However, visitors to the country can gain a glimpse into the hustle,
bustle and unstoppable action of Bangkok and then go on to unwind amidst the
tranquillity of Koh Samui.

 Bangkok is vivacious, exciting and pleading to be explored. Hot, frantic and loaded
with new experiences, where acquiring a taste for kerbside fried insects sits alongside
visits to monumental landmarks and temples, luxury shopping malls and an exotic
nightlife that almost defies belief. Bangkok is a city of happy contrasts where
modernity meeting tradition. It 鈥檚 easy to feel overwhelmed in a city with so much
to do, but there are some activities that can be considered essential.

  The Grand Palace, with its spectacular exterior and intricate design is the most
sacred of Bangkok 鈥檚 landmarks. Inside the complex lies Wat Phra Kaew, the
Temple of the Emerald Buddha, which dates all the way back to the 14th century and
is the key temple in Thailand. Also popular is the Erawan Shrine, devoted to the
Hindu God Brahma, where you can experience traditional Thai dancers. At this
unique religious landmark worshippers pay dancers in return for having their prayers
answered. Delve further into traditional dance,and journey to The Rose Garden to
watch the Thai Village Cultural Show, a fascinating 60 minute show incorporating
Thai martial arts, sword fighting-combat skills, tribal dances and the famous
Fingernail and Bamboo dances. Next stop is Chinatown (Yaowarat) to follow the
sweet smell of delicious food and gain an insight into the Chinese immigrants that
have settled in Bangkok. Restaurants open late, so prepare yourself for a feast. Also
explore the multi-coloured waterways of Bangkok, where y ou can take a cruise along
the waters that locals use as their 鈥榬 oads 鈥? experiencing first hand the daily life
of children, monks and commuters, alongside long tail boats and barges loaded with
rice. This is an intriguing glimpse into the charm of traditional Thai life and you can
visit floating markets and ornate temples by doing so too.

 Holidays to Thailand however, wouldn 鈥檛 be complete without lying on the more
holistic and serene palm-fringed white beaches of Koh Samui where luxurious
accommodation blends with sophisticated spas, offering a wealth of both eastern and
western treatments and a few unique ones on the menu too!. Thailand has a culture
deep rooted in well-being and tradition, and after discovering diverse and demanding
Bangkok, relaxing in Koh Samui is a well deserved way to unwind. Abundant in spas,
yoga retreats and detox complexes with choices ranging from traditional Thai
massage in open sided pavilions, to reflexology and aromatherapy. And for the more
serious there are cleansing detoxes, meditation and spa cuisine focusing on correct

 So surely the best way to see both sides of the country on holidays to Thailand is to
combine the rich layers of Bangkok, with its fascinating culture and heady fun, with
an island break on Koh Samui where you can soak up an altogether more laid back
and soothing pace of life.

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