Dofollow tag vs Nofollow tag and SEO Benefits

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					When it comes to getting backlinks from other websites to increase your SERPs
ranking, you must first talk about whether you 鈥檙 e getting dofollow or nofollow
backlinks. This will make you sure that you know thatyour time won 鈥檛 be wasted
with valueless backlinks that won 鈥檛 do any ranking boost. Nofollow attribute This
attribute prevents backlink value from being passed to links in specific webpage. This
means that if you want to leave a link in a blog or forum but the blog 鈥檚 or forum
鈥檚 owner decided to make it nofollow, you won 鈥檛 be able to increase your
ranking through this specific blog and you should go somewhere else. This is the
basic purpose set by Google to prevent spamming blogs, forums, and other social
media websites. Dofollow Commenting on Dofollow blogs (blogs that doesn 鈥檛
include nofollow attribute) is the best way to get backlink and boost your SERPs
ranking. The problem with this type of action as a result is that most bloggers get
鈥?spammy 鈥?comments in their blogs. Unlike nofollow tag that has a specified
format, dofollow attribute works that way: if the blog doesn 鈥檛 include nofollow
tag so this blog is a dofollow and you 鈥檒 l get a backlink value if you inserted your
link on it. The best thing is that Google still rewards people who contribute to blogs in
a positive way. So if the blog owner wants to make it open for genuine contributors to
benefit from their comments or just encourage them, so they it 鈥檚 possible. So
naturally all webpages support the dofollow and the backlink, but unless the
webmaster changes his mind and insert the nofollow tag, the effect won 鈥檛 take
place. Wordpress, one of the mainstream blogging platforms, supports nofollow
attribute by default, so all links as a result won 鈥檛 get any SEO benefit in relation
to Google unless you change it. Now here is a point, those tags are only used for SEO
purpose, and they are supported by Google in their own algorithm. If you want to gain
full advantage of this useful tag 鈥攖 he dofollow tag 鈥攋 ust start to seek out
dofollow blogs to contribute in.
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