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									As great as it sounds, the fountain of youth remains a tale. In its pursuit, man ventures
all over the world to search for the elixir. Climbing to the highest and descending to
the deepest has yet to reap the cure all. Thanks to advances in the field of science,
medicine and technology, a vast array of possibilities is discovered whereby
pharmaceutical firms adopt to manufacture best-selling products. For those who are in
less favor of laboratory-produced solutions, natural remedies abound in medicine
cabinets and kitchen shelves within their households.
  These folk cures came about from knowledge handed down through the generations
as well as borrowing formulas from surrounding cultures. Possibly many who
conducted this practice were often labeled as medicine men or women within their
community. Others may have lost their lives when things took a turn for the worse and
they were declared as witches and tied to burning stakes. As time continues to
progress, mindsets change as this practice of curing takes on a positive image.
  Due to increasing awareness on the effects of chemicals to general health, many
embrace the concept of natural remedies as the better alternative. Many a time,
partakers of commonly available chemical cures develop side effects and secondary
problems due to unexpected reactions to certain components within. Hefty price tags
also seem to accompany many of these cures possibly due to costs related to patents.
Hence, it is not surprising to see many turn to their backyard gardens and gather some
herbs for a home brew instead of gulping down a tablespoon of cherry-flavored
  Even though this form of alternative healing is catching on, there is still a need for
greater study. Although folk cures claim to use ingredients from nature, certain
combinations may prove detrimental if in-depth research is not carried out. All in all,
one is obliged to question and decide which method caters best to the needs.

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