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									         CAW  TCA

         CAW  TCA
          CANADA                Building our Union – Strengthening Our Communities        CEP


                                                                                                         LABEL   962-M

NO. 398                                               WINDSOR, ONTARIO                      JUNE, 2007

Our Jobs! Our Communities! Our Future!
   Manufacturing Matters
President, CAW Local 444

             HAT can I possibly say?

W            The citizens of Windsor-
             Essex led in many fronts
by CAW members, have shown
once again their passion, commit-
ment and concern for the economic
and social conditions of our com-
     It was estimated 38,000 people
strong from all walks of life
marched, shoulder to shoulder, as a
community through the historic
heartland of the manufacturing sec-
tor, demanding that the Federal
government take meaningful and
concrete action in enhancing and
preserving this most important
industry to the Canadian economy.
    The message delivered was clear
and direct: Stop the hemorrhaging
of job loss!
     Windsor-Essex was one of sev-
eral communities throughout
Canada that planned and orchestrat-
ed a ‘Fight Back Campaign’ that
consistently put the Harper govern-
ment on notice that ‘enough is
    The Fight Back Campaign is far
from over. The May 27th March
and Rally was the initial start of
raising public consciousness and
awareness. It was about educating
Canadians from one end of the
c o u n t r y t o t h e o t h e r, o n t h e
                             . . . cont’d on page 3
444 News

    Manufacturing Matters . . .
    Perfect Storm Analogy . . .
                   Ken Lewenza, pg. 1 & 3-5
    Community Rally a Success . . .
                             Gary Parent, pg. 6
    New Parts Plants . . .
                      Tom Lesperance, pg. 7
    Retirements/DSEP . . .
                        Rick Laporte, pg. 8-9
    Casino Report . . .
                      Pam Leach, pgs. 10-11
    Windsor Assembly Report . . .
                      Dave Larue, pgs. 12-13      Union in Politics (UPC) members Rob McGuffin, Local 444, and Frank
    Skilled Trades Report . . .                   McAnally, Local 200, are seen above handing out information leaflets at the
                        Dave Cassidy, pg. 14      Devonshire Mall, educating the community on the crisis in the Manufacturing
    Casino Report . . Charie Virga, pg. 15        Sector, recognizing Windsor-Essex economic and social conditions will fall
                                                  further into decline correlating with significant value added job losses. ‘Our
    Johnson Controls . . .                        Jobs, Our Communities, Our Future’ Coalition would like to acknowledge the
                      Kevin Beltrano, pg. 16
                                                  management of Devonshire Mall for allowing access to the community by
    Integram Report . . .                         providing the space needed.
                        Paul Jacques, pg. 17
    Innovatech Report . . .
                             Ken Smith, pg. 18
    Recreation Report . . .
                       Mike Lovric, pg. 19-22
    Benteler Automotive . . .
                          Ken Howard, pg. 23
    TransAlta . . .   Rick Lalonde, pg. 24
    Benefits Report. . . .
                  Joe Domarchuk, pg. 25-26
    WAP In-Plant Safety Report . . .
                                        pg. 26
    Working Towards Wellness . . .
                          Pat Cushing, pg. 27
    Golf Tournament Sponsors . . .
                                        pg. 27
    Employment Equity . . .
                    Sandra Dominato, pg. 28       Local 444 members and their families are seen participating in the May 27th Rally
                                                  and March, and because of their overwhelming activism and presence, govern-
    Veterans’ Committee . . .                     ment must stand up and take notice in dealing with the unprecedented
                              Ken Rose, pg. 28    manufacturing job losses.
    Education Report . . .
                       Sandor Kapasi, pg. 29
    Environment Committee . . .
                     Richard Labonte, pg. 30
    Retirees’ Report . . .
                     George Johnson, pg. 31
    Retiring Members . . .           pg. 32-35
    Human Rights . . .
                        Dewey Knight, pg. 36
    Obituaries . . .                  pg. 36
    Substance Abuse . . .
                           Pat Keenan, pg. 37
    Community Services . . .
                           Sue Najem, pg. 38
    Johnson Controls . . .
    United Way . . . . . .     pg. 39
    Workers Across the Country pg. 40

                                                                                                             444 News
                                        members, both active and retired,            Bertrand, Matt Vince, John Kerr,
President’s Report                      on the many public policy initia-            Earl Dugal, Rene Gorrisen, Bruce
                        . . . cont’d    tives that we have put forward in            Malcolm and Mike Turnbull (Local
                                        representing the best interest of our        200) who took on the added
importance of the manufacturing         membership, our communities and              responsibilities of co-ordinating
sector to the Canadian economy. It      our nation.                                  activities relating to the Rally and
was about insisting and making a             We are going to establish an            March.
statement that Prime Minister           even stronger activist base that will              I also want to recognize the
Harper and his minority govern-         be responsible for sharing that              Executive Board and Workplace
ment must stand up and be counted       information with the community as            Representatives who worked
in governing in the best interest of    a whole. Through those efforts and           incredibly hard in getting the mes-
Canada and the Canadian people.         many others, we will demand more             sage out and engaging the member-
    It was also about demanding the     accountability of our elected politi-        ship on the need to participate, to
opposition parties of all political     cians at the municipal, provincial           care, and for showing leadership.
stripes to stand up and be counted      and federal levels of government.            Local 444 CAW applauds each and
by focusing their attention on the           So, let’s go back to where I            every one of you!
manufacturing sector and the jobs       started this article.                            The massive turnout was report-
and taxes paid as a result of decent          What can I say? Thank you, –           ed throughout Canada as media
wages, pensions and benefits won        thank you so much to those mem-              outlet after media outlet was starv-
through collective bargaining.          bers and their families who partici-         ing for news where complacency
    Political parties, each and every   pated in the March and Rally.                took a back seat to activism.
politician, must stand up and be            Thank you, thank you so much                  Finally, let me conclude by
counted. It is as simple as that!       for inspiring your leadership to             thanking       Our     Jobs,    Our
      Canadians deserve the kind of     keep up the fight in preserving the          Communities,        Our      Future
representation that provides a sense    manufacturing sector.                        Coalition that started with a com-
of hope and higher expectations              Thank you, thank you so much            mittee made up of 15 or 20 volun-
versus hopelessness and growing         for standing up and being counted.           teers but quickly grew to almost
insecurities. We must utilize the       Because of our collective effort and         100 people with the majority of
collective energy and commitment        participation, the job loss in the           those being CAW members.
that was shown for one another in       manufacturing sector is finally gen-               This community coalition is
demanding public accountability on      erating some public debate.                  determined to stay intact as we
that very successful Sunday of May           On behalf of our Local Union, I         force progressive change on a gov-
27th.                                   wanted to give a special acknowl-            ernment that, for too long, has lost
     The CAW, your Union, has not       edgment and words of appreciation            its way, taking Canadians for grant-
only voiced our opposition to gov-      to Gord Gray, Gary Bernard, Rob              ed.
ernment policy. We have in fact,        Spring, Rob McGuffin, Ron                        The struggle continues! . . .
along with the Canadian Labour
Congress, researched a number of
public policy initiatives and pre-
pared alternatives that are based on
sound economic and social policy.
We are not just protesting; we are
providing meaningful alternatives.
    The outstanding question for us
is, whether government has the
political will to change course, and
the very first course of action is to
introduce fair and managed trade
versus unfair and exploitative trade.
     The Local 444 CAW Executive
Board, Workplace Representatives,       CAW National President Buzz Hargrove and Secretary-Treasurer Jim O’Neil join with Staff
Standing Committees and activist        Representatives Jerry Dias, Bob Orr and Chrysler Bargaining Chairperson Ken Lewenza in
base is committed to engaging our       addressing questions from the media, relative to the sale of DCX to Cerberus

444 News
                                                                             without consultation. The
    Perfect Storm analogy                                                    announcement of the sale was
                                                                             provided to the Union just min-
                                                                             utes prior to going public.
    updated to Tornado Warning                                               Challenging the decision would
                                                                             have been irrelevant and not in
       rothers and Sisters, – we     ing Local 200 in a position where       our best interest at the time.

B      are at a crossroad, – make
       no mistake about it. Two
years ago, through The Guardian
                                     they have lost better than half of
                                     their membership base. I can tell
                                     you, without hesitation our friends
                                                                                 So, let’s be blunt, because any
                                                                             other response would sugarcoat a
                                                                             very serious problem involving
newsletter, I asked the readership   and neighbours at Local 200 are         our jobs, our livelihood and our
a simple question. What would        fighting like hell for future prod-     future.
our community look like without      uct allocation just to keep a long-
                                                                                    The CAW has done an
General Motors, Ford / Nemak         term presence in Windsor-Essex .
                                                                             absolutely incredible job in nego-
and Chrysler?                             DaimlerChrysler is no differ-      tiating programs designed to mini-
   The headlines and the lead into   ent! Restructuring, downsizing          mize the impact of unprecedented
that same report described our       and cost reductions have taken on       job loss. But the facts are, the jobs
economic climate as a Perfect        a whole new meaning and                 are gone. The future of our com-
Storm. I raised, at that time, the   Daimler has been celebrating the        munities look much different
declining market conditions of the   sale of Chrysler to Cerberus (a         today than those of the past.
Big Three and the correlation        private equity company), where
                                                                                  We cannot survive without
between those conditions and job     some of their shareholders are
                                                                             government intervention. You can
loss. I left little doubt that we    describing this transaction as
                                                                             only put so many bandages on the
were at a crossroad in the most      removing the noose from the neck
                                                                             patient. The treatment to date has
important industry to Canada.        of the German company.
                                                                             been done through collective bar-
People questioned the perfect           The jury is still deliberating the   gaining and that strategy is just
storm analogy.                       effects of the sale, but I would be     not sustainable.
   Citizens questioned my skepti-    less than honest and forthright if I
                                                                                 The Union, as a workers’ insti-
cism of the industry. Those same     suggested this business transac-        tution and voice, has done every-
critics are now beginning to         tion was a good thing, moving           thing within its arsenal, to defend
understand the perfect storm anal-   forward.                                our members, their families and
ogy. In certain circumstances they       The CAW challenged the              our communities. We cannot work
are using a similar message when     Executive Team of Cerberus,             any harder, and to the general
describing the crisis facing the     insisting they meet their contrac-      public out there who find great
manufacturing sector, and most       tual and moral obligations they         comfort in blaming our Union and
notably, the auto industry!          have to our membership and to           its membership for the demise of
    Since the Perfect Storm          our growing retiree base.               the industry, I ask you to wake up
analogy, G e n e r a l M o t o r s                                           and smell the roses before it is too
                                          On the surface, they said the      late.
announced the Windsor operation      right things but the proof will be
was not awarded the next genera-     in their actions. Words are cheap           We could work for nothing or,
tion of transmissions, leaving the   and we understand that, based on        let me be more moderate in my
1500 Local 1973 members with a       past experiences. We have no            approach. We could take a signifi-
horrible feeling of uncertainties    choice but to give them the benefit     cant cut in wages, benefits and
and betrayal.                        of the doubt. It is not like we         pensions, but that response sug-
                                     could have stopped the sale or          gested by some in our community
      Ford/Nemak closed the                                                  would not save one single job
Windsor Casting Plant and the        even influenced it.
Essex Engine Plant is next, leav-        The decision to sell was done                          . . . cont’d on next page

                                                                                                     444 News
                                       remain paranoid that our message        and adversaries to drive us back.
Reaching                               is not getting through in some cir-
                                                                                   There is no room for compla-
                                       cles. Therefore, my job is to lead,
higher is not                          to challenge, and accept the fact
                                                                               cency and there is an urgent and
                                                                               desperate need to challenge one
a crime!                               that we must collectively work
                                       harder to achieve the goals we set
                                                                               another as we use our collective
                                                                               strength to advance the causes of
     The May 27th Day of Action        out for ourselves and our families.
was a success. I do not wish to            Sisters and brothers, we are at
undermine the efforts or the par-                                                 We do have our share of adver-
                                       war to save our jobs and preserve
ticipation that went into this day                                             saries within our community and
                                       the Manufacturing Sector (auto
of solidarity, camaradeship and                                                within our country. That is not
                                       industry) in Canada. To succeed,
friendship. But, from my perspec-                                              likely to change any time soon.
                                       we are going to need the full sup-
tive we could have done even bet-                                              We must be even more aggressive
                                       port of our members to tackle the
ter. Now, why would I say that                                                 in defending our jobs, our wage
                                       many challenges we are forced to
after suggesting earlier the results                                           and benefit packages, because we
                                       endure moving forward.
were tremendous? Let me explain.                                               are under attack like never before.
                                           I believe in my heart of hearts
      Reaching higher is not a                                                     The Perfect Storm has been
                                       that we are up for the challenge.
                                                                               upgraded to Tornado Warnings
crime. It is what drives our Local
                                          I believe in my heart of hearts      and pretending it will just blow
Union and that culture of repre-
                                       that we can succeed. But make no        over would be a disservice to our
sentation has positioned us to be
                                       mistake, it is going to require         Union, to our communities and to
one of the most respected Local
                                       growing activism. Any crack in          our country! Join with us in
Unions in the country. We should                                               demanding better.!
                                       the armor would allow our critics
accept and respect that well
earned reputation with a sense of
pride that pushes us to do better.
    Local 444 CAW, even with its
great turnout, still had too many
no-shows. We could have easily
had 30,000 members participate.
We have 15,000 members includ-
ing retirees in our Local Union.
Now, add our spouses, add our
families and add our neighbours
who also have a stake in enhanc-
ing and preserving manufacturing
jobs in our community. Wow! The
numbers are unbelievable. So
there is room for constructive crit-
icism directed at those who
thought the May 27th Rally was
not important.
                                       Executive Director of Hospice, Carol Derbyshire, recognizes the connection
   I can appreciate the legitimate     between a strong and vibrant economy and its ability to provide the services
no-shows and the expectations of       that Hospice has respectfully provided the Windsor-Essex communities.
achieving 100% participation is        Organizations like Hospice, the United Way and the Unemployed Help Centre
                                       joined with the ‘Our jobs, Our Communities, Our Future’ Coalition in defense
over-zealous at best. But as the       of the Manufacturing Sector and the jobs and taxes this industry provides our
president of this great Union, I       region, province and country.

444 News


    Community Rally a                                                                                GARY L.
                                                                                                Financial Sec.,
                                                                                              C.A.W. Local 444

    Huge Success                                                                                            E-mail:

         LL of you who participat-                                                         forward for new workers.

                                             and Business to show solidarity
         ed i n o u r M a y 2 7 t h          for a common cause, to fight for                  I believe very strongly with all
         Community Rally had to              jobs for our county and we will be            players at the same table, we as a
feel the same as I did that day,             holding them accountable.                     community, can once again be
particularly as the three groups                   Since that rally there have             able to strategize how we can best
came together at the corner of               been several things happening.                overcome the challenges that lay
Seminole and Drouillard, and that            We have been meeting with as                  before us because there isn’t one
feeling was one of tremendous                many different groups as will lis-            sector that is oblivious to what is
pride. Our community as a                    ten to us. The United Way put on              happening here in Windsor/Essex
whole, coming together to fight              a public forum with our service               County.
against the loss of manufacturing            agencies to identify barriers and                  So, it is up to every one of us
jobs and to push, in particular the          human needs so we can work to                 to push as hard as we can on all
Federal government for policies              overcome these, which I believe is            three levels of government for
that will assist the manufacturing           a very important first step. Then,            positive changes that will include
industry, not policies that will             come August, there has finally                us in the boom that is being felt in
destroy it.                                  been an Economic Summit called,               other areas of the country by first
      As we all saw that day, on             which I hope will identify the                acknowledging there is a problem.
centre stage, most of our elected            need of the employers in our com-             So we ask you to contact your
politicians, regardless of their             munity in both the short term and             elected MP and MPP and munici-
political stripes, from all three            long term, that will retain their             pal councillor and ask them what
levels of government, standing               current workers as well as the                they are doing to promote positive
shoulder to shoulder with Labour             ability to provide new jobs going             change.

    Local 444 representatives are seen above participating in the CAW Hour in support of the Easter Seals Telethon. The telethon
             itself was a great success and the donors who contributed deserve a message of appreciation and thanks.

                                                                                                               444 News

  New Parts Plants                                                                            By
  Bargaining Update                                                                       1st Vice-Pres.
                                                                                       C.A.W. Local 444

      n 2005, Big Three bargaining,

                                           bly), have bargained four times, lan-
      several Letters of Understand-       guage of agreement in place again
      ing were signed with the anti-       with no monetary offer. This supplier      25 cent increase after a probation
cipation of launching the highest          has had its official opening on June       period. There are no scheduled bar-
quality Mini-Van in our history. This      15. It will be a three shift, just-in-     gaining dates.
letter also guaranteed that Windsor        time plant with approximately 100              OAKLEY – builds and sequences
Assembly Plant would be the lead           workers.                                   tires and rims. This is a new company
producer of this Mini-Van. The other           CLOSURES – This company is             on the scene; it is a replacement for
part, – a maximum of 476 Windsor           part of the Magna enterprise. It builds    CFX who was the original winner of
Assembly Plant jobs would become a         and sequences, door mechanisms             the tire work. We have not met or
Modular Supplier Group. One of the         (window regulator, door locks, speak-      given our proposals to this company
conditions is that they must be CAW        ers). We met with the company May          as yet. We believe this to be a three
members with comparative benefits          9th and handed over our proposals.         shift operation with 60 to 80 workers.
in that suppliers industry. The suppli-    The company clearly stated that this             TRW – builds and sequences
ers would build and schedule, wheel        was not the direction that they wanted     front and rear suspensions. We have
assemblies, instrument panels, front       to travel. They talked about a docu-       not met or given our proposals to this
and rear suspensions, front end, and       ment being crafted in Toronto that is      company. The phone messages I have
door mechanisms. New buildings             a “Framework to Fairness”.                 received are telling me that they are
went up, lines have been installed,                                                   paying $12 per hour
                                               This company has told us that this           When a Dennis Desrosiers or a
and hopes have been raised for sever-      plant is stand alone and will have it’s
al hundred workers that they finally                                                  Mayor Francis say unions hinder
                                           own seniority list (no bumping from        investment, I question if they really
have a steady job with fair pay and        Integram or Innovatech). They have
benefits.                                                                             know the entire story. These are not
                                           also told us that they expect a no         new jobs coming to our city. These
   We put together a proposed agree-       strike clause for all their plants. This
ment, taking into account that these                                                  are jobs that were in WAP. If the
                                           is a three shift operation with approx-    union was as inflexible as members
workers would not be getting the           imately 200 workers. They are cur-
wages and benefits of the Windsor                                                     of the media insist, these new plants
                                           rently being paid $12 per hour with a      would not be opening.
     We are just a week away from
July 3rd, the first day of the RT build.
Let me tell you where the suppliers
are in terms of labour agreements
with Local 444.
       DAKKOTA – builds and
sequences, instrument panels, we
have met four times, language of
agreement is in place but there is no
monetary offer. This supplier has
hired Dan Hillock as Plant Manager
who was a member of the former
Windsor Assembly Plant, for this
three shift 110 worker plant. This
plant has just a three hour just-in-
time window with WAP, currently
paying 12 to 13 dollars per hour.          Paul Jacques,Ken Smith, Kevin Beltrano, Laurie O’Neil and Vice President
     HBPO – builds and sequences,          Tom Lesperance seen above listening to the debate generated through
front end (rad and headlight assem-        the CAW Council – the Parliament of the Union.

444 News

    Retirements / DSEP                                                                    By
    Buy Outs                                                                        2nd Vice Pres.
                                                                                  C.A.W. Local 444

         s of this writing, 625 pro-

                                             We have a total of 329 members
         duction members have           signed up for the DSEP (buy-out)        will have had a total of 1,040 mem-
         retired and this does not      program and all have been               bers exit the workplace in calendar
include skilled trades. That will       approved. As of this report the         year 2007. This is not what we
leave 85 production members left to     company has released 146 of these       want to see as a Union. We would
retire with the vast majority of them   members, some were on WSIB,             take the jobs without question but
leaving by the end of July. Out of      some on S&A and the rest were           in these times of uncertainty and
those 85 members, 14 of them are        never returning to DCX. That            manufacturing job loss, this was
grow-ins; we will do everything we      leaves us with 183 DSEP people          seen as a way to soften the blow.
can to keep these members as long       still working in the plant as of this         Since 2001 this Local Union
as we can.                              report. The company has no plans        has lost over 3,000 jobs which
     I would like to take this oppor-   of releasing them until the RT          included the closing of the Pillette
tunity to congratulate all those who    launch is over. At that point the       Road Plant.
                                                                                WOM Training
have recently retired and wish all of   company will have started the job
you the very best. It was emotional     elimination period and as the com-
for most of us down here at the         pany cuts jobs they will let people          As of this report, 2,200 mem-
Local to see all these members                                                  bers have gone through the WOM
                                        leave on DSEP. We suspect most, if
                                                                                training that is related to the Smart
leaving to start a new page in their    not all, will be gone by the end of
                                                                                Manufacturing. For those of you
lives. These same brothers and sis-     September.                              who don’t know what WOM stands
ters were the members who first                To sum it all up, as of this     for let me explain, “Workplace
elected us 20 years ago to represent    report we have had 771 members          Organization Module”.
them as their in-plant steward.         exit the workplace, either on retire-       The vast majority of these mem-
Thanks for your many years of sup-      ment or DSEP. There are 268 peo-        bers have been from T/C/F and
port and dedication to this Union.      ple still left to be released by the    Paint. The Body shop members will
Good luck my friends.                   company. By the end of the year we                                 . . . cont’d on next page

  Rick Laporte
     joins with
      the WAP
 Committee in
     the Smart
process at the

                                                                                                       444 News
                                        not be solved at the bargaining         President of the consulting firm
 Rick Laporte Report                    table; this is an issue that has huge   said,”GM Oshawa historically has
                                        ramifications in the United States.     had one of the best workforces of
                       . . . cont’d         We can also expect to see things    any assembly plant in the industry
                                        like the transportation department      and the data proves it”.
be scheduled at a later date. If you    being discussed along with a num-             Other Canadian plants that
have not been scheduled to go to        ber of issues related to outsourcing    ranked among the top performers
classes, please tell your supervisor.   of work. You can rest assured what      were CAMI Automotive in
UAW/Big Three
                                        happens there will be coming to         Ingersoll, Ontario, DaimlerChrysler
Bargaining Set to Begin
                                        your bargaining table in 2008. We       Minivan plant in Windsor, Ontario
                                        will be watching closely over the       and Honda in Alliston, Ontario.
    The UAW and the Big Three are       next few months to see what devel-      Although the Oshawa plant was
preparing for negotiations set to       ops out of these negotiations. A
begin in early July. We are already                                             number one in efficiency it is still
                                        strike by any of the Big Three
starting to read about upcoming                                                 being considered for closure next
                                        would be devastating to that partic-
bargaining with the Big Three and                                               year. CAW Local 222 continues to
                                        ular company, so I’m not sure how
the talk is about how much the          much they want to push back.            work hard in an effort to have a

                                        Oshawa’s GM plant
UAW is prepared to give up. The                                                 new product announcement for this

                                        leads Industry
Big Three will seek to close a                                                  plant. Workers deserve to be
labour cost gap with foreign owned                                              rewarded in the form of a new
auto plants referred to as trans-          The annual Harbour Report pub-       product.
plants. Average all in hourly cost      lished by Harbour Consulting of              The obvious message is clearly
for a Big Three worker is $75.86        Troy, Mich. was released at the         underlined no matter how good you
U.S., average all-in cost at a trans-   beginning of June. Two General          are, you are not good enough. No
plant is $44.00 U.S.                    Motors plants located in Oshawa,        matter how many hoops we jump
     Health care cost is a big factor   Ontario are again ranked one and        through, the threat of plant closure
in driving these wages up. The          two as the most efficient plants in     still remains an option for the com-
UAW is already considering giving       North America.                          pany. The good news is the gap
the same retiree health care conces-        Again several Canadian assem-
                                                                                between the Big Three and the
sions to Chrysler that it already       bly plants lead the way in their seg-
                                                                                Japan based companies has nar-
gave to GM and Ford. This is a big      ments in efficiency, four ranked
                                        among the top ten. Ron Harbour,         rowed dramatically in just four
issue in the U.S. and one that will                                             years. The difference is now down
                                                                                to two hours compared to twelve
                                                                                hours in 2002. All the automotive
                                                                                companies are constantly changing,
                                                                                so you are really never finished
                                                                                improving on things. This is the
                                                                                ever changing times of an automo-
                                                                                tive industry and our future within
                                                                                May 27th Rally
                                                                                    I would like to take this time to
                                                                                congratulate all those who worked
                                                                                so hard to make this day a success.
                                                                                I also want to thank all those who
                                                                                took the time out to come down and
                                                                                take part in the rally. I believe
                                                                                together we got the message out, it
                                                                                was reported in every major news-
                                                                                paper across the Country. It is only
                                                                                the beginning; we need to keep the
CAW Skilled Trade representatives representing Local 444 and Local 1285 are     momentum going in order to make
seen above actively participating in the annual technology conference held in   a difference. See you at the next
Port Elgin.                                                                     one.

444 News


     CASINO REPORT                                                                            PAM
                                                                                    3rd Vice Pres.
                                                                                   CAW Local 444
     Our Jobs! Our Communities!                                         

            Our Future!
      want to personally thank all                                                Workers Union would be a mistake.

                                         down solely due to the ban on
      those who participated in the      smoking, or whether it was a com-        He stated, “A union comes between
      rally which was held on            bination of that, the perceived bor-     the employer, which is me, and
Sunday, May 27th, over the loss of       der issues, and of course, the           you. It complicates our relation-
manufacturing jobs. With a turnout       Canadian dollar which is at an all       ship, our future as a family which is
of approximately 38,000 people, it       time high. These things definitely       based on us being together.”
clearly showed that there is concern     have had an impact on us. Even                One day, after a vast majority of
in Windsor and Essex County.             still, we remain optimistic with the     its casino dealing force cast ballots
      I do not believe that there is a   introduction of the new Total            in favour of union representation,
person out there who can say that        Rewards Program. We are confi-           Wynn Las Vegas Executives
they do not know someone who has         dent we will be one step ahead of        seemed resigned to negotiate a col-
been affected by a layoff or have        our competition, – MGM, Motor            lective agreement with the
lost their job due to the downside in    City and Greektown Casinos. And          Transport Workers Union, that will
the automotive industry. And one         like I have always said, our cus-        speak for the workers.
certainly cannot believe that it is      tomer service is second to none.             Frank McCann Jr., who directed
not having an impact on our indus-                                                the organizing drive for the union,
try which is the hospitality and         Update on Wynn                           said the property’s roughly 700
gaming industry.                              In the past, I have written arti-   dealers expect to see the Casino
     As Ken has said at many mem-        cles in regard to the Wynn Las           eliminate the tip pooling program
bership meetings, “Can you just          Vegas Casino, and how they imple-        that led to the union vote. In addi-
imagine what this city would be          mented a policy to force the dealers     tion, McCann said dealers want to
like without Chrysler, Ford and          to share their tips with their super-    have the right to divide their own
General Motors?” and, remember,          visors and managers. The dealers         tips and want job security initia-
for every job lost at the Big Three,     were outraged and rightfully so.         tives. At the Wynn Las Vegas,
there are seven spinoff jobs that are    The dealers at Wynn Las Vegas            another 4,000 workers are union-
affected as well.                        voted by almost a 3 to 1 margin in       ized with the Culinary Union,
      As for us, our patron count is     favour of union representation,          Local 226.
down, our revenue is down.               despite an impassioned eleventh              I wish them luck in the bargain-
Considering this, the Union has          hour plea by the company chairman        ing process, and no one said it bet-
worked hard to keep layoffs at a         Steve Wynn, who told his workers         ter than a statement that was made
minimum. In areas where a reduc-         on the eve of the election, it had       by Chairman Terry Lanni from the
tion of staff was necessary, many        made a mistake to implement a            MGM Mirage, who was quoted as
employees opted to take a buyout         controversial change in the tip pool-    saying, “While we have stated as
and leave the Casino, thus reducing      ing program that led to the employ-      much publicly and have been quot-
the number of layoffs that would         ee unrest, (yet he did not retract the   ed in press reports, I want to make
have occurred.                           policy)!                                 the position of MGM Mirage on
      It has been a year since the          The overwhelming majority vote        this topic, clear and unequivocal,
smoking ban was initiated, and not       for union representation came            Dealers’ tips are their income. The
long ago, the question was asked on      despite the personal appeal from         money they earn belongs to them.
the radio, “Has this had an impact       Wynn, who asked the dealers not to       Our company will not implement
on Casino Windsor?” The Casino’s         bring in an outside organization as      any type of tip sharing program at
response was that it was hard to         their representative. He told dealers    any of our resorts. This commit-
determine whether business was           that representation by the Transport
                                                                                                           . . . cont’d on next page

                                                                                                         444 News
                                          working days without satisfactory       will verify with the doctor the origi-
                                          reason.” You may be terminated.         nal note and . . . you will be termi-
    CASINO REPOR T                                                                nated.
                                               If you CONSUME or TAKE
                          . . . cont’d                                                 These are just a few examples
                                          anything, which is Casino Windsor
                                          property, . . you will be terminated.   of some of the things that we see
ment extends to all our casinos and           If you change or alter anything     our members being terminated for,
will be policy at the City Center         on a doctor’s note, the company         so please, keen them in mind.
when it opens in 2009.”
     This tip pooling program has
not found its way into any other
casinos in Vegas, (nor will it ever at
Casino Windsor)!
     At the time of this writing, we
have one arbitration case which is
ongoing, and we will be waiting for
a decision on another. For the first
time in ages, there are no new cases
     However, there are still many
terminations that are occurring on a
weekly basis. Even though we have
seen a decline in those numbers
compared to previous years, it’s far      Our Shining Chef – I want to thank Don Kumara-singhe, one of our
from being what we’d like to see.         Chef de Partie who, once again displayed his talents at the Wellness Fair
     Based on some of reasons we          held here at the Local on May 16th. I know he was asked by many for his
have seen in terminations, keep this      recipes! So, once again Don, thank you, – You did us proud!
in mind. . .
   For instance: A person who calls
in sick June 1st, 2nd, 3rd and sees        LABOURERS SETTLE . . .
the doctor on June 4th and gets a
                                                 Local 444 CAW has been           Service and Tourist Industry are
note stating “Unfit for work, June          advised by the Labourers              experiencing a significant decline
1st to 4th” . . . this note will not be     International Union that they         in business and revenue. It is not
accepted.                                   have reached a tentative agree-       a coincidence that our customer
     If you decide to walk down to          ment with their employers fol-        base located in the state of
the river, go to your car across the        lowing a two and a half week          Michigan is feeling the squeeze
street, go to the store down the            strike. Local 444 extends con-        as their unemployment levels are
street, or walk over to ‘Timmy’s’           gratulations to the striking mem-     comparable to the communities
without permission of a supervisor,         bers for bargaining a resolve to      of Windsor/Essex.
you may be terminated for leaving           the impasse and we are now anx-          The job losses in the manufac-
the premises without permission.            ious to see the work on the new       turing sector is also impacting
    If you are on a medical leave of        Casino Site get started in full       this important industry to our
absence and are to return on a cer-         again.                                region adding to the perfect
tain date and you do not, nor do                The long term job security of     storm analogy.
you provide any information to the          our members is reliant on the             Chairperson Charie Virga and
company, you may be terminated              expansion and the added enter-        the Workplace Representatives
                                            tainment opportunities that will      have done a credible job in mini-
under Article 9, no. 3 – “If an
                                            be available to the customers. So     mizing the layoffs, recognizing
employee overstays a leave of
                                            we are relieved they are back on      that the changes to scheduling
absence, or remains away from               track.                                work has not been pain free.
work without permission for a peri-             The Gaming, Hospitality,                            –KEN LEWENZA
od of more than three consecutive

444 News
                                                                                agreed and rotation is on hold tem-

     W indsor                                     By
                                                                                porarily until after the launch of
                                                                                R/T. This will allow time to resolve
                                                                                the many issues we have raised.
     Assembly                              Chairperson
                                                                                     If you work in assembly, you
                                                                                have noticed that there has been a
                                                                                lot of change. We have not had
                                                                                investment like this since 1995
                                                                                when assembly was gutted for the
       n behalf of the representa-      can see, team concept is not new to

O      tives and Plant Committee, I
       would like to welcome
everyone back to work.
                                        Windsor Assembly.
                                            Since the plant has been down
                                        for R/T tooling and prep, the com-
                                                                                launch of N/S. The leadership made
                                                                                it clear to the company that they
                                                                                needed to commit to the member-
                                                                                ship to be successful. The condition
                                        pany has sent approximately 2,200       in regards to assembly were
Smart Manufacturing                     people through Smart Training           deplorable and needed to be
Workplace Organizational Model          Management and Union. Schedules         addressed.
(W.O.M.)                                for the remaining workforce are
                                                                                   The funding was secured and the
      These are the three definitions   being developed. The company’s
                                        expectations are to have team lead-     transformation of assembly began
the company uses to describe team                                               when the plant went down for R/T/
concept. With the plant moving into     ers in place for team members.
                                                                                in May.
team concept, my shop reports will           As far as absentee, SPA, and
mainly deal with Smart Manufac-         NTC goes, the structure we have in          They must also change the cul-
turing teams.                           place stays the same. Other facili-     ture of management and live up to
                                        ties were not able to maintain their    the commitments made in regards
      While the plant was down in
preparation for R/T/ launch, a lot of   structure and new practices were        to listening and allowing worker
changes have taken place. The dri-      introduced.                             input. We also must change and
ving force that has brought about            Rotation is another issue that     adapt to the times we are in with
the change is the crisis we are expe-   generated lots of discussion. We        the goal of long term viability. The
riencing in the North American          were able to convince the company       leadership has made the decision to
automotive industry and I think we      that you can not just introduce rota-   not stick their heads in the sand and
can all agree that there is a crisis.   tion, – you need to study it and        ignore the problems in our industry.
The company made the decision           come up with solutions to the prob-     We will shape this new program
they had to change to deal with the     lems that will arise. The company                          . . . cont’d on next page
industry and compete.
     In 2005 bargaining, the compa-
ny was adamant, Smart Manufac-
turing had to be part of the recovery
plan. This is what has brought us
to where we are today. Team con-
cept is not new to Windsor
Assembly. Our first experience was
C.O.S. The production leaders were
established under team concept in
the pilot area 9370 and functioned
for about ten years.
     This program stopped in its
track when the people who were
driving team concept left the com-
pany. Leaders were left in place and
the rest of the program was
dropped. We also presently have
teams functioning in Paint on the       Chairperson Dave Larue is seen welcoming the members back to work as
Sealer Line and have been function-     they prepare the launch and the build of the redesigned Chrysler Town
ing for two years now. So, as you       and Country Minivan.

                                                                                                         444 News

     W indsor
  Assembly Plant
                       . . . cont’d

and make it fit the needs of our
     The industry is driving the
change and there is no stopping it.
We all need to make sure Windsor
Assembly is here for the next gen-
eration of auto workers. The leader-
                                        District 2 Committeeperson Dino Chiodo seen above engaging the membership
ship is committed to protecting the     on the significant changes made in the Windsor Assembly Plant where Smart
interest of you, the membership, as     Manufacturing will be introduced to the assembly and build of vehicles.
we move to the future.
     Over the last few months, there
has been a large amount of move-
ment in regards to retirements and
807s. This has required thousands
of posting moves and work is ongo-
ing. Our goal is to complete all
movement as soon as possible.
   I would like to recognize the pre-
sentatives for the incredible amount
of work it took to pull something
like this off.
      In closing, I would ask the
membership to please give gener-
                                        Local 444 member Frank Giles addresses the General Membership emphasizing
ously to the United Way when you        his next Community Awareness event titled “Camping with Compassion” where
are canvassed over the next few         both him and his brother Ron hope to inspire and encourage the members to par-
weeks. Your generous donation is        ticipate in the Bone Marrow Registry. The event is scheduled for July 13, 14 and
appreciated by those less fortunate.    15 and it is open to the members and their families. Further information can be
                                        found at

                CAMP 4 COMPASSION
                           708 County Rd. 34 – July 13, 14, 15, 2007
        Better World Today Association is hosting a         Burrows, Meaghan Agosta, Mayor John Adams,
  free camping weekend. Bringing awareness to the           and many more special guests. Free admission. All
  Bone Marrow Registry to fulfill a dream that no           guests must register and be self contained. For
  man, woman, or child would ever be without a              more information and a complete list of events or
  donor. Come hear how two guys ignited a fire in           to register please visit our website:
  the hearts of people in two nations. Enjoy volley-
  ball, karaoke, live music, the Mad Science show,
  Trixie the Clown, Katelyn Bedard children's play             If you have talents or want to volunteer please
  area, walks in the bush, skits and stand-up comedy        contact us. Let everybody know about this week-
  by St. Clair College Theatre Arts students. Register      end. Bringing Dreams To Life – 519-818-6467
  your team in our tournament. Come meet Jeff                                                       Frank Giles

444 News
                                                                                 to the complexity of the new tech-
     SKILLED                                        By
                                                                                 nology. The robots which were
                                                                                 damaging the metal have been re-
     TRADES                                 Skilled Trades
                                                                                 taught and quality is improving
                                                                                 steadily. Thanks to the augmenta-

     REPOR T                                        E-mail:
                                                                                 tion of electricians from the Paint
                                                                                 and TCF divisions, the existing
                                                                                 lines, which received new “kits” to
                                                                                 upgrade to the new RT metal, are
       n behalf of the Skilled          Divisions are moving vehicles            making great progress with quality

O      Trades Committee, I would
       like to welcome back those
returning from vacation and hope
                                        through conveyor T7 (column
                                        83G). The relocation of the pedal
                                        push area equipment north and the
                                                                                 improving to scheduled levels.
                                                                                     The training department contin-
                                                                                 ues to work diligently to co-ordi-
you had a safe and well earned rest.    corresponding installation of com-       nate training for all trades, to meet
To those still awaiting their vaca-     plete new ergo arms and new tool-        the needs of the new technology
tion period, I would like to thank      ing, have created slight problems        coming with the new equipment.
you for your efforts in making this     for production operations.
                                                                                 This includes the new “ARC Flash
launch a successful transition to the       Adjustments are being made as        training for our electricians, to
new RT Minivan.                         the operators work with the new          comply with the new safety regula-
    Although the initial launch win-    technology to lessen the learning        tions being introduced.
dow was reduced from six weeks to       curve.
four, we are on schedule in the                                                      As we are all aware, production
                                             The KUKA system reports no          will be implementing a new
majority of the areas in all divi-      major difficulties and ready for pro-
sions, with the usual debugging and                                              “SMART” or “Work Organizational
                                        duction. Although two of the initial     Model (WOM)” manufacturing
settling in adjustments required.       jobs through the new glass cell pre-
Our work was performed to our                                                    system involving a team approach
                                        sented some technical hitches, the
customary high standards and no                                                  and the introduction of “team lead-
                                        third ran through in full automatic
critical injuries were reported by                                               ers.” The trades will also be part of
                                        mode. TCF is holding these vehi-
our members. I would like to begin                                               this new system and we will be
                                        cles to ensure all problems are rec-
this report with an update on the       tified.                                  receiving similar “SMART
status, as of this writing, on the                                               Manufacturing” training.
launch per division.                         The Body Shop represents the
                                        greatest change in technology and            These team leaders will be call-
     The Paint division is fired up     automation systems in the plant.         ing the trades directly to support
and ready for vehicles. The Pre-        BIW management reports progress          their issues on the plant floor, and
Start Health and Safety Reviews         in all areas and they are on sched-      the trades will be visiting the new
(PSRs) from the professional engi-      ule to ship cars to paint. Quality is    “problem boards” throughout the
neers, as required by the Ministry      improving with each vehicle assem-       plant to proactively address prob-
of Labour have been received on         bled, as the initial ten minute repair   lems.
ninety percent of all the equipment.    time registered at the inspection
The beneficial buyoffs of conveyor                                                    Plant management has informed
                                        area in the north body shop is being
systems in the new paint shop are       dramatically reduced with each           us this system will be implemented
close to one hundred percent,           shift.                                   on schedule and all areas will com-
meaning we can now take “owner-                                                  ply.
ship” for these systems from the            Currently, the most problematic
                                        areas are the new Net Form and               Once again, thank you for your
vendors. The powder system con-
                                        Pierce, due to the change to a           continued efforts to ensure we have
veyor still presents some issues
                                        robotic system from a hydraulic          a successful launch and another
which may require additional debug
as vehicles are shipped from the        system, the EMS lines, due to the        high quality product for our cus-
body shop.                              size and redesign of the aperture        tomers.
                                        systems, and the Pallet system due          Yours in Solidarity!
     The Trim, Chassis and Final Car
                                                                                                          444 News
                                                                                   July 19th when their recall right to

                    CASINO                     CHARIE
                                                                                   their positions expire. The company
                                                                                   has refused to replace a maternity
                                                                                   leave and the number of medical

                    REPORT                       Casino
                                                                                   leaves in the department. Resorts is
                                                                                   filling these leaves with cashiers
                                                                                   and a supervisor is relieving on
                                                                                   midnights on occasion.

TABLE GAMES                              machine to leave a message on, but        LAUNDRY
     The Company has introduced a        this did not give you a confirmation           Our laundry attendants have
new variation of Hold’em Poker           number causing some concern.              been in training for two weeks for
last week. The union’s view is, this          Rob Bratt, our Steward in Zone       the new machine that will service
should fall under Article 23 of the      4 has decided to resign and leave         both hotels. It will be operational as
                                         Casino Windsor. Nominations for this      of July 1st.

Collective Agreement and not be
lumped in with Pai Gow dealers           position are on June 27/07 and the
and the ever-ending numbers of           elections are the 12th of July.

games under this umbrella. Article                                                      Starting in September, we will
23 states: “In the event that a Poker                                              be having meetings to try and put
Room is introduced, the games of              The new restaurant opened last       together our proposal for our new
Hold’em Poker, 7 card stud, Hi Lo        week and has been a great success.        collective agreement which will
                                         Our patrons gave it great reviews.        expire next April.

                                                                                   UNITED WAY
and all variation of this type of
poker will be considered a separate      We have had issues in there regard-
game.” If the Company wants our          ing our lieu and commitment allot-
Pai Gow dealers to deal this, they       ments. Hopefully, this will be                We are holding a golf tourna-
should be paying the extra twenty        resolved as of this printing.             ment on July 18th at Lakewood

                                         RESORT CASHIERS
five cents. We are also meeting to                                                 Golf Course. All proceeds will be
try and get our laid off dealers back                                              going to our in-house campaign.
to work. There are holes in the             Grievance was filed to try to get      On June 21-22, we held a snow
schedules which our dealers are          our part time resort cashiers             cone day to raise money for our
telling us is causing them to close      recalled to full time status before       campaign.
tables or offer overtime.

      With the new Total Rewards
Program, we have seen long delays
and a very high call volume taking
place. Our Reservations Clerk has
done a great job trying to keep up.
In saying this, the sick call line
which the Company decided should
be the lowest priority in the queue
saw our members having to wait up
to two hours to get through. This of
course affects our customer service
when the department doesn’t know
someone is not coming in, they can
not call someone in to replace them
                                         Local 444 CAW Casino Representatives led by Chairperson Charie Virga seen
and also frustrates our member who
                                         above, discussing worker related issues with Jean Major, CEO of the Alcohol
is ill, waiting on hold for two hours.   and Gaming Commission of Ontario. Mr. Major emphasized over and over
        The Company is looking at        that the Gaming Industry is highly regulated and the question of trust, hon-
ways to improve this. At one point       esty and integrity are the three pillars that guide the regulatory and operating
they installed an answering              requirements of all Ontario Casinos.

444 News

     JOHNSON CONTROLS                                                                      By
        lant population is 87 mem-                                                       Johnson

                                        numbers get a little more stable and              Controls
        bers working including          recalls take place.
        Skilled Trades with 72 on           The one time shift-pick stands
layoff. There have been several         and will not be completed again.
resignations due to members find-       The shift you chose is the shift you      shall have the right to more than
ing alternative employment in the       will be on if your seniority allows       one such refusal. Further, such
new supplier plants.                    it. Anyone interested in transfer-        members will remain on layoff and
     On May 21st, an indefinite lay-    ring shifts will have to do it by shift   will be governed by all appropriate
off began for 80 members. This          switches or future job postings.          contract provisions.
drastic reduction in the workforce          There will be no recalls until            In addition to this section, mem-
is a result of a loss of part of the    production gets up to speed. The          bers should know that they willl be
headliner business. No new busi-        company anticipates starting some         placed at the bottom of the recall
ness has been secured at JCI but        recalls after summer shutdown.            list in the event that recall is
that is not to say that the company         Members who have found other          refused.
is not looking at fully utilizing the   employment should refer to the
facility in Lakeshore.                  Collective Agreement or call the          Cost of Living Allowance
    Eighteen members were trained       union office for clarification on any           We will see an adjustment
on the new RT line the weeks of         of your questions regarding layoff,       increase of $0.34 on July 1st, bring-
June 11th and 18th. These mem-          recall rights, severance or any other     ing our C.O.L.A. to $0.64.
bers did a great job of learning the    issue.
new process and contributing ideas                                                     I’d like to recognize and thank
to have a seamless transition to the     Article 11 – Layoff & Recall             all of the members at JCI who came
new system. Skilled Trades have                                                   out for the May 27th Community
                                        Recall from Layoff                        Rally. Our members know how
had no time off and have done
                                            Members who are recalled after        important our jobs are to our com-
extensive work to get ready for the
                                        having been on layoff for ten (10)        munity and this was evident by the
RT. These members worked under
                                        consecutive work days may refuse          excellent participation of our mem-
extreme pressure and timelines and
                                        if they are working as a full time        bers.
pulled it all together.
                                        employee for another company and               Lastly, on behalf of the commit-
    Issues will arise on the new line   can document such in writing with-
as our members begin to learn all of                                              tee and members at JCI, I’d like to
                                        in three days of the date they are to     wish everyone a safe and happy
the jobs. Some ergonomic issues         return to work for JCI. No member

                                           RECOGNITION and APPRECIATION
have already been addressed and                                                   summer!
the company is committed to mak-
ing improvements as we move
along. If you have any concerns,
please report it to one of the repre-            The Local 444 CAW                legacy of representation is very
sentatives. If you report an issue to     Executive Board and Retirees’           much entrenched in the founda-
a supervisor, please follow up with       Chapter would like to recognize         tion of our Union.
your shift rep or myself.
                                          and thank Bill Percy, Roy Leng              We would also like to extend
    On June 25th members are back
to work on all three shifts.              and Allan Holmes because,               our best wishes to Roy Leng who
Everyone will be trained on the           between the three of them, they         recently went through a triple
new work and required to run              have served our retired workers         bypass operation and is recover-
“real” parts. Trainers will be split      for well over fifty years as            ing comfortably at home with
over the three shifts and remain on       Executive Members.                      his lovely wife Mary.
those shifts for several weeks to             Their longevity and commit-
complete the RT training. There                                                      With respect and friendship,
will be movement between the              ment in serving our members is
                                                                                                     Ken Lewenza
three shifts until our production         respected and appreciated. Their

                                                                                                            444 News


   INTEGR A M REPORT                                                                     PAUL
        t the writing of this report    bers to be in and getting their own


        plant population is 280         areas organized. We continue to
        with 338 members on lay-        work on issues in a progressive        and sequence seats just in time
off. The plant is in launch mode.       manner and understand a launch         from foam to Assembly.

                                        can be incredibly stressful, espe-        The company has approached us
                                        cially with the present condition of   again about trying to stagnate crews
     The dramatic increase in stock     the industry.                          on lines and we are resisting as
volume is proving to be incredibly           We remind management to           always with logical arguments. This
challenging, however, we will see       remain calm and communicate pro-       happens as DCX is now moving
an increase in material handlers        fessionally because we all know        toward more rotation, we know
which is a good thing. The launch       what is at stake. We pay our bills     rotation is healthier and gives
is without question, the most com-      from this facility as well, and want   everyone a chance to learn more
plex we have seen at Integram and       to succeed so we can continue to       skills. We can as always achieve
the members are rising to the chal-     provide for our families.              world class standards in the seating

lenge day in and day out. The child                                            industry because we always have.
seat volumes are increasing which
at present will add, up to six new           Foam continues to supply the
jobs to be posted full time when        CAMI operation with quality and             The recent demonstration was
everyone returns.                       just-in-time product during the        outstanding and I want to thank all
    The members have been able to       downtime at DCX, all while prepar-     who were involved and all who
have great input and help with job      ing and training for the RT launch.    showed up to voice our opinions
station layout and develop our own      Great job everyone!                    and try to save manufacturing jobs
work stations so we can achieve a            We as a Union for about one       in this nation. It has been said that
healthier work environment with         year, have been asking Tim             if the tide does not turn that the
the help of the ergo reps. The new      Hossack to bring back the skinning     next generation in Canada may be
general manager has made Fives a        jobs from On-Sort. At present a        the first generation not to enjoy a
huge part of the launch due to limit-   three month trial will occur and if    better standard of living.
ed floor space.                         an economic case is sound we will          We as workers and Canadians
      This has enabled many mem-        see 12 fulltime jobs posted to kit     must continue to push on until
                                                                               unfair trade policies are abolished
                                                                               or we must elect a new party to leg-
                                                                               islate change. Talk to everyone you
                                                                               are related to. This is not just about
                                                                               our jobs and future, this about our
                                                                               children’s future.
                                                                                   I urge everyone to attend meet-
                                                                               ings and come to the 444 picnic.
                                                                                     We will inform everyone of
                                                                               upcoming meetings to elect an
                                                                               Election Committee as well as get-
                                                                               ting together before bargaining.
                                                                                    Everyone have safe and healthy
                                                                               holidays and spend some quality
                                                                               time with family. Then, let’s return,
                                                                               knowing we must face all these
    President Ken Lewenza seen above having a plenary session with             challenges together to forge a better
       students from St. Clair College studying Human Resources.               future.

444 News


Plant Population                         low seniority.Luckily at this point
                                         Integram was able to absorb every-      moved on to Windsor modules (clo-
     Plant population as of this writ-
                                         one due to the RT launch.               sures). I would like to wish those
ing is 10 working and 108 on lay-
                                               The Fives committee was in        members the best in their new
                                         during the shutdown to relocate         endeavours.
PRODUCTION                               parts and adjust all work stations to   Bargaining
    Effective July 9th, there will be    accommodate the operators,and               I anticipate bargaining will start
one full shift of production for the     make the jobs as easy as possible.      up sometime in September. Sheets
week.Upon return after the sched-        The company has agreed to do a          will be handed out to all members
uled vacation period on July 30th        complete ergonomics study of the        to prioritize the needs and wants of
Innovatech's production will be at       new stations sometime after we          the membership as our current col-
the one in five mix which equates        return from shutdown. If time stud-     lective agreement expires on
to approximateley 285 seat sets          ies need to be done on any area that    November 7th .
daily. With the reduction of produc-     has changed, we can arrange them
tion from one in four to one in five     as well.                                Food drive
                                                                                     The food drive that was held the
membership at Innovatech declined        CLOSURES                                last week of April went exception-
by 22. We had five members post              We had four members who left
over to Integram and reduced 17 by                                               ally well. We managed to raise over
                                         our Magna Seating Division and          $800.00 and over 3,000 items
                                                                                 between the parts plants for the
                                                                                 Unemployed Help Center. As
                                                                                 always, I want to thank everyone
                                                                                 who participated and helped with
                                                                                 this annual event. I also want to
                                                                                 thank all the members of
                                                                                 Innovatech who came out to the
                                                                                 Community Rally and showed their
                                                                                 support on May 27th for our com-
                                                                                 munity, our future, and our chil-
                                                                                 Annual family picnic
     Our Jobs, Our Communities, Our Future Coalition, grew from 15 to 20             The annual 444 Family Picnic
             participants to well over one hundred in one month!                 will be held at Mic-Mac Park on
                                                                                 Sunday, July 29th from 10 a.m. to 4
                                                                                 p.m. and wrist bands will be avail-
                                                                                 able at a cost of $5.00 per family.
                                                                                 Contact your in plant reps if you
                                                                                 require the wrist bands.
                                                                                      We are currently looking for
                                                                                 volunteers to help out at the picnic
                                                                                 for a few hours. If interested, see
                                                                                 your in-plant rep.
                                                                                      In closing, I want to wish the
                                                                                 membership a safe and healthful

                                                                                                      444 News
                                                                                programs in our community.
                                                  By                                Here are the Winners:
                                                MIKE                            Men’s
                                              LOVRIC                              Pat Dubois & Matt Zerbin
                                             Recreation                         Co-ed
                                            Chairperson                           Laurie Grondin & Ray Rodgers
                                                                                  Tom Bowes & Chic Thompson
                                                                                  Kathryn Macrow & Melody Mifflin
444 TEXAS HOLD’EM                       BROOKS GOLF                             Guests
POKER TOURNAMENT                        TOURNAMENT                                Frank Bauer & Ivan Bauer
         We had a very successful                                                 Phil Brown, winner of
                                            The weather was perfect for our
                                                                                     Nike Sumo Square Driver
tournament which was held on            30th anniversary of this event in
Sunday, April 22nd with 105 poker                                               Longest Most Accurate Drive
                                        honouring our founding president
                                                                                  #1 Hole – Tony Greco
players. Of the participants, almost    of Local 444, Charles Brooks.            #10 Hole – Danny Courtland
half of them rebought back in to            Five hundred and eight golfers      Closest to Pin
give it another shot to be one of the   attempted to be “Tiger Woods” as a        #4 – Todd Laliberte
“Lucky One’s”, for the top 24           twosome. There is no other tourna-        #8 – Matt Zerbin
money positions. We can’t begin to      ment this big, in this region. Many      #13 – Gerry Andrade
thank enough, the volunteers who        volunteers are needed to make this       #16 – Bob Friend
made this day an enjoyable one for      happen and they all should be
everyone. Look for the next tourna-     appreciated for volunteering their      CAW MOTORCYCLE
ment to be held in the fall.            time for the weekend.                   POKER RUN
     The top 5 “Lucky” winners              We ask our members to remem-             On Sunday, June 24th, the
were:                                   ber those who help us by promoting      weather was perfect for an open air
     1st – Richard Miljan               and patronizing our sponsors’ prod-     ride. Over 75 bikes and their pas-
     2nd – Gabriel Eftimescu            ucts and/or services whenever pos-      sengers had a great time. The ride
     3rd – Mike Veldhuizen              sible. It’s these sponsors who create   took about four hours to complete
     4th – Brenda Couch                 enough revenue to help Sports Club      which started at the Local 444
     5th – Robert Chauvin               444 to continue to assist our youth     parking lot. They toured around
                                                                                Windsor-Essex County until they
                                                                                ended back at Fogular Furlan Club.
                                                                                    During the ride, there were four
                                                                                stops (Spooter’s, Fat Pat’s, Meadows
                                                                                by the Lake and Shooter’s) where
                                                                                the riders received stamps and dis-
                                                                                counts on food and drinks. At the
                                                                                end of the day, each participant
                                                                                received five cards which made up
                                                                                their poker hand and the winner for
                                                                                the best hand was Paul Laporte;
                                                                                2nd best hand was Dale Laporte
                                                                                and the worst hand was Christine
                                                                                     Also, congratulations to all of
                                                                                the winners of the Show and Shine
                                                                                    Thanks to Dino Chiodo, event
                                                                                co-ordinator, and the volunteers in
Recreation Chairperson Mike Lovric and President Ken Lewenza are seen
above congratulating the winners of the annual Charlie Brooks Memorial
                                                                                making this a successful event.
Golf Tournament.                                                                    Looking forward to next year.

444 News

444 Annual
Family Picnic
    Write this date on your calendar,
Sunday, July 29th. This is our
Annual Family Picnic Day at Mic
Mac Park where you can spend
some time with your family on
rides, in the pool or just enjoying
the day at the park.
    The cost to our members is only
$5.00 per family. Family means
members living in the same house-
hold, usually an average of 2 to 4
children plus parents. Proof of
additional family members may be
required. Members requesting addi-      Pinnacle Chrysler is represented by CAW Unionized Salesperson Rick
tional wristbands can purchase          McKinney at the Annual Charlie Brooks Tournament. Pinnacle Chrysler is a
                                        major sponsor of the event and they have worked in partnership with Local
them for $3.00. You must purchase       444 on several worthwhile Community initiatives. Local 444 CAW members
wristbands in advance. No wrist-        are encouraged to buy vehicles from the only fully unionized car dealership in
bands will be available at the park.    Windsor/Essex.
     Please take note: when pur-
chasing children’s wristbands, there
are three different age groups (0-3,
                                           Marineland & African Lion Safari
4-7, 8-12) and these age groups will         New this year: the Recreation       the Hall is closed for the weeks of
be specified on the wristbands.          Committee is offering discounted        July 16th and July 23rd.
                                         tickets for Marineland and                   Tickets are good for any day
    Wristbands go on sale Monday,        African Lion Safari. These are
July 9th at the Casino, Integram                                                 until October and you can save
                                         both excellent family outings.          from $5 to $11 on each ticket.
and Windsor Assembly Plant. All
other workplaces can purchase their         Tickets can be purchased at our           Watch your Union bulletin
wristbands through their Chairper-       Local 444 Hall on 1855 Turner           boards for more details on these
son from July 3rd to July 9th. Final     Rd. from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.,              events and others or visit our
sales will be at Local 444 (1855         Monday to Friday. Take note that        website:
Turner Rd) on Thursday, July 26th
and Friday, July 27th from 8 am to
4 pm.
     We need volunteers! – It takes
over 150 volunteers to make this
event a success. For anyone who is
interested, or if you know someone
who is, contact your Union

                                        Local 444 Recreation Committee sponsored the above Motorcycle Poker Run
                                        which drew 75 participants. This event is growing in popularity as the
                                        Recreation Committee adds new events to its arsenal of activities.

                                                                                                         444 News

Daniel (right), the great-grandson of the legendary,         Brooks Memorial Golf Tournament. His project covered
founding President of Local 444, Charlie Brooks, is joined   the life story of Charlie and as a result of his efforts, he
by the Brooks family where he proudly displayed his          was recognized and given an award by the Ontario
Grade 8 history project at the 30th Annual Charles           Genealogy Society.

       President Ken Lewenza
   acknowledges the family of
 his predecessor Larry Bauer,
        during the 30th Annual
           Charlie Brooks Golf
     Tournament. From left to
 right, sons Frank & Ivan, wife
   Peggy and son-in-law Tom.
  Larry Bauer made a tremen-
    dous contribution to Local
  444 and his memory lives on
           in the life and times
                     of the CAW.

                                                                                          CAW founding president and
                                                                                         former CLC president Bob
                                                                                         White is seen with
                                                                                         former Sec.-Treas. Bob
                                                                                         Nickerson, retired staff repre-
                                                                                         sentatives Al Seymour and
                                                                                         Earl Dugal, participating in
                                                                                         the 30th Annual Charlie
                                                                                         Brooks Golf Tournament.
                                                                                         Bob White, a legendary and
                                                                                         visionary leader himself, has
                                                                                         always spoken highly of Local
                                                                                         444 CAW, recognizing the
                                                                                         leadership of Brooks,
                                                                                         LaSorda, Gerard and Bauer,
                                                                                         has been extraordinary.

                  CAW  TCA

      ANNUAL                                                             at      MIC-MAC PARK

                                                                                      Prince Rd. - Windsor, Ont.

                                                                         Pool • Rides • Prizes • Pop
                                                                          Hot Dogs • Entertainment

                                                                                    All Local 444 Members,
                                                                      DaimlerChrysler, Casino Windsor, TransAlta Energy,
                                                                     Integram Seating, Innovatech, Benteler Automotive,

        Sunday, July 29 – 10 am to 4 pm
        Sunday, July 29 – 10 am to 4 pm
                                                                              Johnson Controls Inc., Presteve and
                                                                          All-Temp Foods Workers and their Families

                                                                                                   # The cost is $5.00 PER FAMILY
       A D VA N C E W R I S T B A N D S A L E S                                                        (Family means members living
                                                                                                       in the same household).
     Time, Dates and Location of Wrist Band Sales are as follows:
                                                                                                       Proof of additional family
     Location                                                                                          members may be required.
                                                                                                       (Example: members covered
     WINDSOR ASSEMBLY – Monday, July 9th, 2007                                                         under your Green Shield card
     Middle Cafeteria 11:00 pm - 6:30 am            7:00 am - 2:30 pm        3:00 pm-10:30 pm          are no charge.)
     WINDSOR CASINO – Monday, July 9th, 2007                                                       # Members requesting
     Staff Cafeteria    12:01 am - 8:00 am           8:00 am - 4:00 pm       4:00 pm-12:00 pm
                                                                                                       additional wrist bands can
     INTEGRAM SEATING – Monday, July 9th, 2007                                                         purchase them for $3.00 ea.
     Assembly Cafeteria        5:00 am - 1:30 pm         5:00 pm - 1:30 am
                                                                                                   # You must purchase a wrist
                                                                                                       band to be eligible to
        For the following workplaces:                                                                  participate in all the activities

                                                             Contact your Unit
                                                                                                       and free giveaways.
                                                              Chairperson for
       BENTELER AUTOMOTIVE                                 Advanced Sales from
                                                                                                   # Each family ticket purchase
                                                                                                       will entitle you to our
       JOHNSON CONTROLS                                    July 3/07 to July 9/07                      membership draw.
                                                                                                                                     CEP   SCEP

                                                                                                                                 UNION       LABEL   962-M

     FINAL SALES – Thursday & Friday, July 26th-27th, 2007
              Local 444 Hall, 1855 Turner Rd. – from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
                                                                                                           444 News

                                                                                    the CAW are still working endless-

                                                   By                               ly to find a new product to put in
                                                  KEN                               our Windsor plant when the
                                               HOWARD                               Pacifica build is complete in 2010.
                                                    Plant                           Benteler is moving their prototype
                                                                                    build shop from Auburn hills to the
                                           howard                     Windsor plant. This will help keep
                                                                                    a few employees from layoff.
Plant population                                                                         Local 444’s Annual Picnic is
       Plant population as of July 3rd   like to thank all those who have           July 29th. Wrist bands can be pur-
will be 51 active employees.             shown their support on the day of          chased in the plant union office at
Benteler will only be running a one      the Community Rally. This was a            $5.00 per Family. Additional wrist
shift operation during the hours of                                                 bands are $3.00 ea. Bring your fam-
                                         great success, thanks to each and
6.30 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. Benteler                                                     ily and friends out and have a great
                                         everyone of you who took the time.
will have two employees on the                                                      day.
                                              As of this report Benteler and
afternoon shift working out of the
Materials department.
     Benteler has made some major
changes to the front line. There are
new lift assists that have been
installed at the end of the Front and
the new workstation to assist
employees with the installation of
the new Rotors and Calipers. This
will help in the prevention of any
ERGO issues pertaining to the
weight of the components.
     Benteler had their plant-wide
job posting just before the layoff. It
went very well with very few
changes. There are a few employ-
ees who will need to learn new
                                         Matt Vince, employed at Benteler Automotive, addresses the media in articu-
jobs. Benteler has called approxi-       lating how the crisis in the Manufacturing Sector of the economy is affecting
mately 18 employees back to work         young people, as good paying jobs are being eroded and totally wiped out in
on June 25/07. This will allow the       some regions of the country. Matt challenged the Federal government to
                                         stand up and be counted in representing the interest of Canadians.
employees one week to learn the
new jobs on the front line due to the
changes to the front axle build.
     DCX is going to pull 280 parts
daily from Benteler. The employ-
ees will be working with a tag
relief program, to optimize produc-
tion during what would have been
two 15 minute breaks increasing
day totals by 40 pcs. The half hour
lunch will not be included with the
tag relief program.
     I am glad to report very few
issues with E.I. during the last         CAW Chrysler Health and Safety National Co-ordinator, Larry Tremblay, is joined
round of layoffs.                        with his family as he accepts the Annual Clifton Grant Recognition Award for his
                                         tireless efforts in advocating the rights of workers to work in a safe and healthy
    On behalf of Local 444, I would      work environment. Local 444 CAW salutes and congratulates Larry!

444 News
                                                                                 scrutiny of all incidents is the driver
                                                  By RICK                        to these changes and put in place to

  TR A N S A LTA                                 LALONDE
                                                                                 increase the level of safety on these
                                                                                      Until the ratings are complete
   RE P O RT                                                E-mail:
                                             the cogeneration plant falls under
                                                                                 only one rating, while the Chrysler
                                                                                 site has two. These ratings have so
                                                                                 far and will continue to make for
Plant Population                        to co-ordinate work on the long          changes in procedures, precautions
    Plant population is at 19, we       punch list to address any deficien-      and PPE, even for the simple task
have no one on layoff and junior        cies,                                    (one that operations performs many
employee has probationary status.             At the brink of the launch,        times daily) for such things as issu-
Internal company postings are up        Management has yet to give us any        ing work clearances and lockouts
for a millwright opening at month       indication on a plan to cover the        that now will require fire resistant
end before posting outside, as one      additional responsibilities and the      work wear, safety visor, insulating
mechanic leaves us to take position     training. The hold up stems from         gloves, flash resistant covering as
at the new Calpine plant in Sarnia.     lack of an operating agreement in        well as a trained stand by worker.
                                        ongoing talks between Chrysler and            This whole exercise has also
Generation                              TransAlta for the new equipment          called for modifications to some
     Warmer weather and lower gas       and expected increased loads.            multi voltage panels where the
pricing has generation now running
                                        Arc Flash                                practice was to access switches and
some weeks through the weekend.
                                            Our Joint Health and Safety          timers with entire panel energized.
Volatility in both gas and power
                                        Committee, in conjunction with the       Future switchgear design will likely
prices make predictions on week-
                                        other Ontario plants, has been           have to take into consideration
end running difficult. The past few
                                        working on new procedures that           remote operation and the capability
weeks seem to point to many more
                                        will apply to all sites as a result of   to fully de-energize equipment
opportunities to over generate. The
                                        regulations surrounding arc flash in     before work can take place.
July long weekend is scheduled as
downtime for our annual turn-           electrical distribution systems.         Summer Vacation
around maintenance. All of our               A full audit of our equipment             All but a few time off requests
major work is done here involving       has been done and class ratings          are covered for but will be accom-
numerous outside contractors work-      from one to four will dictate the        modated and summer months have
ing along with our staff and is a       necessary precautions to be taken        precious few openings left for new
huge task co-ordinating permits,        as prescribed by the Electrical          requests.
lockouts and work scope, – all in an    Safety Authority and the                    With warm weather finally here,
effort to safely get the job done. To   Occupational Safety Act when             I’d like to wish everyone a safe and
that end, this outage, an ops mem-      doing any electrical work. ESA           happy summer.
ber has been assigned as permit co-
ordinator to manage the numerous
confined space, hot work, control of
work and clearance permits needed
for each job.
Chrysler Powerhouse
     All major work on chiller and
air plant upgrades are done and
ready for the new model launch.
Some minor cooling tower prep,
logic checks and communication
link work for mechanical rooms
back to the powerhouse remain.
The commissioning position is slat-       Local 444 Human Rights activists led by Chairperson Dewey Knight are
ed to continue to the end of August                seen above following a monthly committee meeting.

        Benefits Report
                                                                                                                444 News

                         Windsor Assembly Plant

         uring the past few months

                                           ees are taking advantage of is the
         many senior Chrysler              opportunity to contribute a percent-
         employees have retired in an      age of our weekly pay before tax           pare a basic will and powers of attor-
attempt to allow junior employees          directly to an RRSP with Fidelity.         ney for property and personal care
the opportunity to return to work          This is a great vehicle not only to        for you and your spouse. (For com-
from an indefinite lay-off. Before the     save money but also to get us think-       panies other than Chrysler, please
end of the 2007 calendar year,             ing about retirement and how much          contact your benefit representative to
approximately 700 production               money will be needed based on our          confirm your coverage regarding
employees will have retired with a         individual needs.                          Wills) A good guide line is to make
defined pension and benefit package            There are currently three different    changes to your will whenever you
second to none in the manufacturing        ways to retire with a fixed pension        experience major life changes; for
industry.                                  paid every month.                          example, a birth in the family, a
     However, I would be remiss if I             1) If you retire with 30 or more     death, divorce, separation etc. It is
did not mention that if it were not for    years of service,                          also advisable to review your will
the restructuring benefit packages               2) If your age and years worked      every three to five years to make sure
negotiated by the Local 444                combined equal at least 85,                it meets your current needs.
Bargaining Committee, many of the               3) If you are age 60 (55 in some           Some information you may want
retirees indicated they would not          cases) with 10 or more years of ser-       to gather before seeing a lawyer is:
have been able to retire.                  vice.                                      1) Know the individuals you want as
     Restructuring benefits are not a             If you start thinking and setting       beneficiaries.
desired solution since the end result      goals about your retirement needs          2) Know Bank and RRSP account
is that the company is shrinking, and      today, it will not be a surprise or dis-       number information.
good paying jobs in the company and        appointment when you are eligible to       3) Who you want as an executor of
the community are being lost. These        retire; you will be well prepared and          your will, and
current restructuring packages only        able to make a confident decision          4) Who you want as powers of attor-
emphasize the desperate measures           about retiring.
                                           Legal Services:
                                                                                          ney for personal care and for
taken to try and find ways to return                                                      property.
                                           Preparing a Will
junior employees back to work from                                                    5) Legal Services phone #: 519-944-
an indefinite lay-off situation.                                                          5222
     It would seem that with all the            One of the most important steps            Please take the time and make a
current changes in the automotive          you can take to protect your family’s      current will. If anything for the sim-
industry, it might be wise to start        future is making a will. However, it       ple luxury of knowing that the gov-
planning your retirement assuming          was a shame that during the past few       ernment will not have the final say in
there will be no restructuring benefit     months we dealt with members who           distributing your hard earned assets
in the future; and if there is a pack-     passed away without having a proper        and also to help reduce the amount of
age, it should be considered an addi-      will.                                      taxes your estate will eventually pay.
tion to your well planned out retire-             It would seem well worth the              Remember: Keep your will in a
ment strategy.                             effort to ensure that your hard earned     safe place, and notify the executor of
Focusing on Retirement:
                                           savings, property and assets are           your will where this information is
                                           transferred quickly and easily to the      located; hopefully, it will not be
    It is never too early to start plan-   individuals whom you choose.               needed for a very long time.
                                                                                      Employment Insurance
ning for retirement and it is strongly     However, if you do not have a will,
recommended to visit a financial           provincial laws dictate how your
planner or bank representative and         assets will be divided and in some              Service Canada has an updated
start planning for retirement today.       instances allowing the government to       website that will allow you to access
Our negotiated defined pension plan        decide who your children’s guardians       your employment insurance informa-
allows our members a great start           will be if there is no surviving           tion on-line. You will need your four
toward retirement by paying a fixed        spouse.                                    digit access code from E.I. as well as
amount of retirement income every                Our current Chrysler legal ser-      some personal information to access
month, however, another retirement         vices plan allows members to visit         your information on-line.
vehicle that many Chrysler employ-         any co-operating CAW lawyer to pre-                              . . . cont’d on next page

444 News
                                                                                      reached an agreement to install an
        In-Plant Safety                                                               enabler system similar to other areas of
                                                                                      the plant. Because of the lack of avail-
                                                                                      able time the enabler will not be
        REPORT – W.A.P.                                                               installed until after the launch.
                                                                                           The procedure until the new equip-
         he Safety Department has been

                                           tion. The robot power will only come       ment is installed will be to lock out on
         extremely busy lately as the      on after you clear the zone and hit the    the E Stop and no one is to perform any
         new equipment for RT is being     operator cycle start button. A Safety      testing and troubleshooting on this sys-
installed. As you know the Phase 2 of      talk was developed and given out to all    tem.
the Paint shop is nearing completion.      the affected operators by Management            There will be a special Safety Talk
     In the Body Shop, there are a few     on this issue.                             on areas specific to the New Paint
distinct differences that the membership         In the New Paint Shop there are      Shop, which will be developed and
should be made aware of.                   several changes:                           delivered to the Trades Groups prior to
      Trades Groups – Should have               Spray Booths – There is a huge        us taking over the tools.
awareness training on the fact all the     difference as the air is now recycled.         Most of the Electricians know that a
new equipment is 24 live volts This will   What this means is, there will be a        course on Arc Flash has been devel-
allow the new Safety PLCs to monitor       purge time determined before you can       oped and is being delivered.
all the Safety Devices in the equipment.   enter these areas. To determine the
      On Multi-Teaching Robots, the                                                         We just want to remind everyone
                                           actual purge time the Company has          the new Arc Flash regulation doesn't
capability will be removed. The work       hired Stantec Engineering and an out-
will start this weekend, June 23rd and                                                kick in until January 2008. A question
                                           side consulting company by the name
continue until all the new tools are                                                  came up, “If I don't wear my equip-
                                           of Fulton Hawes to do this testing.
completed.        In the meantime                                                     ment, could I get a ticket from the
                                                At this time they have determined
Management is developing a safety talk     that the temporary purge time is 30        Ministry of Labour?” The answer to
and signage to reinforce that no multi-    minutes. They believe that time limits     that is you could, if the Company had
teaching should be done by our electri-    will only be temporary until they do       made it a policy in the plant prior to
cians.                                     further testing. The consultants believe   January 2008. But so far they haven't as
                                           it could be lowered to a five minute       they are still training and all the tools
     Production Workers – You will                                                    and PPE haven't been handed out.
see a distinct difference in how you       range, but need to collect the testing
load your parts In the past, you loaded    data before changing the time limits.          Now, last but certainly not least, we
to a fixture, then the robot came in and       Before the testing data is completed   were quite pleased to see that the
grabbed the part. Now, you will load it    nobody should be entering the spray        Company finally agreed to have an
directly to the robot end effectors.       booths until the 30 minute purge time is   Evacuation Drill. This will help in the
    As most of you should know, all the    complete.                                  event of a real emergency. We encour-
power for the robot is dropped out so          ASRS System – is the new stack-        age you to participate.
you can safely load your parts. All the    ing banking system. There have been              Please have a safe and enjoyable
safety devices such as light screens and   issues raised in regards to doing teach-   vacation.
safety mats remain live for your protec-   ing and troubleshooting. We have                          In-plant Safety Committee

                                                “My Employment Insurance              downtown Windsor.
 Benefits Report                           Information” will allow you to deter-           If you have an opportunity, it is
      . . . cont’d from previous page      mine: if a cheque has been issued,         recommended that you take some
                                           the start dates of your claim, waiting     time and browse through the Service
      To access the Service Canada         periods etc. You will also be able to      Canada web site. This is an excellent
website go to     change your personal information           tool not only for E.I. but it also gives
After selecting “Employment                such as your mailing address, phone        important information regarding
Insurance on-line Services” you will       number and banking information for         access to other government programs
currently find four different options:     direct deposit of your E.I. monies.        such as CPP and OAS which are also
1) Application for employment insur-            If you do not have access to a        important considerations for retire-
    ance benefits on-line.                 computer, you can call E.I. at 1-800-      ment planning.
2) Internet reporting service.             206-7218 to speak with a representa-           Any questions regarding this
3) My employment insurance infor-          tive, or you can visit your local E.I.     report please contact the benefits
    mation on-line, and                    office. The local Windsor E.I. office      office at 519-973-2845 or 519-973-
4) Tax information slips on-line T4E.      is located at 400 City Hall Square, in     2664.

                                                                                                                                                444 News
     Working Toward Wellness                                                                                                    PAT
          REPORT                                                                                                         CAW Wellness
                                                                                                                            & Benefits
         HE current initiative of the Wellness program is

         focusing on Eating Well your way. The purpose of

                                                                                                Life Insurance
         this initiative was to introduce Canada’s New Food

                                                                                                Beneficiary Designation
Guide where everyone can achieve overall health and
vitality. Some of the topics covered include whole grains,
losing weight with the Food Guide, healthy snacking, tips                                             I just want to remind our members that during the
on eating out and what are healthy fats.                                                        summer, a mail-out will be sent showing your current ben-
Health Survey                                                                                   eficiaries on file. This is an opportunity to update your
                                                                                                records and to be sure that the correct beneficiaries are on
     Sometime during the month of August, some mem-                                             file. Instructions for making changes will be provided
bers will receive a survey from the Windsor-Essex County                                        in the mailing. The designation is for your Basic Life,
Health Unit. There will be approximately 3,000 sent out                                         Accidental, and Optional Life Insurance benefits.
to DaimlerChrysler employees throughout Canada. All
information from the survey will be kept confidential and
responses will be handled by the Health Unit. I would ask
all members who receive a survey to take the time to fill it                                        Charlie Brooks 30th Annual
out. This information will be used to provide program
direction for the future, so again please take the time to
                                                                                                     Golf Tournament Sponsors
                                                                                                                  PLEASE PATRONIZE THEM!
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Family Day
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     The Programs’ Committee members are currently                                                • Border Press Inc.              • Motor City Community
planning another Family Day at the Children’s Safety                                              • Caboto Club                      Credit Unon
Village. This event is planned for Sunday, August 19/07.                                          • Club Alouette                  • Zellers
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                                                      grab bag
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 All proceeds made from the sale of food and beverages will be donated to the Safety Village.     • Local 1498 CAW                 • Windsor Spitfires
            w w w. w o r k i n g t o w a r d w e l l n e s s . c a

444 News
                                                                                  Women in Leadership
        Employment Equity and                                                     Health & Safety Training Fund

                                                                               October 14-19
          Women’s Advocate                                                        Week Two PEL

                                                                               November 4-9
     Sexual Harassment                                 By                         Week Three PEL
                                                       SANDRA                     Building Activism
      Awareness Week                                   DOMINATO                   Grievance Handling
                                                       Employment Equity &        Women in Collective Bargaining
        he first week of June has                      Women’s Advocate Rep.

T       been declared Sexual
        Harassment Week. It has
been 11 years since Theresa Vince
                                                                               December 2-7
                                                                                  Week Four PEL
                                                                                  Health and Safety
was murdered in a sexual harass-        Sept. 23 - 28                             Grievance Handling
ment case. All recommendations             Week One PEL                           WSIB Medical Orientation
from the coroner's inquest still have      Women Activist                            (Ontario Only)

not been implemented. The govern-
ment has not put language into the

Occupational Health and Safety
Act in regard to sexual harassment.
      The Act clearly states that
everyone has a responsibility for
safety in the workplace. As work-
ers, we do our part, we cannot do
this alone. The government has a         By KEN ROSE
responsibility to protect workers,
against workplace violence and has         Members of the Veterans             women.
dropped the ball. If they had imple-     Committee were involved in                 In June our committee
mented this recommendation 11            a couple of special events            assisted members of the
years prior, maybe we could have         over the past couple                  Royal Canadian Legion with
prevented the similar tragedy that       months.                               their annual Track and Field
happened in our community.                   In May, our members               Meet held at the University

Port Elgin on Site
                                         took part in the Navy Club’s          of Windsor. This event saw

Child Care
                                         Battle of The Atlantic                athletes from all over
                                         Parade. The committee                 Windsor and Essex County
      On a trial basis this fall, the    helped to decorate a                  compete. Special thanks go
Centre will be offering on-site          parade float that was spon-           to Chris Vachon who not
childcare free of charge. There          sored in part by Local 444.           only organized the entire
must be sufficient interest in order
                                         We then assisted the                  event, but continues to
to run the program. Childcare sub-
                                         dozens of Veterans who                work tirelessly on behalf of
sidiaries will still be available to
                                         came out to take part. The            the Legions in this area.
members who do not wish to bring
their children to Port Elgin but         parade route took them                    On behalf of the entire
incur additional child care cost         from the HMCS Hunter,                 Veterans Committee, we
while attending the program. All         down Ouellette Ave. to the            wish all of you and your
children must be pre-registered          river where tribute was paid          families a safe and happy
three weeks prior to the course start    to these brave men and                summer holiday.

                                                                                                      444 News

                                                                                goods from four months ago and
                                                                                11% more difficult for them to

                                                 By                             compete with imported goods?
                                                                                      Why should workers in the
                                                                                manufacturing heartland have to
                                            Committee                           pay such a steep price because the
                                           Chairperson                          Bank of Canada refuses to cut
                                                         interest rates to counter the upward
                                                                                pressure on the dollar from high
      The Surging Loonie,–another enemy                                         commodity prices, particularly for
                                                                                Alberta oil and gas? Choking off
           of Manufacturing Sector                                              Central Canada’s engine of growth
            uch has been discussed                                              to reduce the risk that Alberta will

                                        groups and an American dollar that
            and debated about the       is weakening against many foreign       overheat is hardly a recipe for a
            effect Free Trade           currencies. The stronger Canadian       strong and vibrant Canada.
Agreements have had on the manu-        dollar makes Canadian exports                I believe there are three impor-
facturing sector and in particular      more costly and less competitive,       tant steps that must be taken by
the auto industry, but another con-     but makes imports cheaper and           government to correct the wrongs
tributing factor has been the elevat-   more competitive.                       with the high dollar and help make
ing dollar. Each time our dollar             Some economists call what’s        Canadian manufacturers more com-
creeps closer to the American dol-      going on in our country the “Dutch      petitive:
lar, it puts Canadian workers at a      Disease” to describe what hap-          1) Ottawa must take the steam out
cost disadvantage. We only need to      pened after natural gas was discov-        of the explosive rise in the dol-
look in our own backyard at the         ered in the Dutch North Sea in the         lar which is now 11% higher
Casino to see that customer levels      1960s. The Dutch currency took             than in February and almost
as well as revenue are both down        off, driven by incoming petroleum          50% higher than 2002.
due to the exchange rate. This rapid    investment and outgoing gas
appreciation in the value of our dol-   exports but this squeezed out the       2) Ottawa must quickly introduce
lar in the past four years, along       Netherlands’ long standing value-          measures that will boost
with unpredictable energy costs and     added exports (electronics, machin-        enhancing investment into
strong economies such as China has      ing and chemicals). The Dutch              Research & Development.
had a negative impact on profitabil-    economy was arguably worse off          3) Ottawa must pressure foreign
ity in many parts of the Canadian       after the gas was discovered than          governments to open markets
manufacturing industry.                 before!                                    that are now virtually closed to
       And we are not alone; other           With this crisis going on in the      Canadian goods and at the same
sectors such as forestry, textiles,     largest sector in Canada there             time opposition leaders must do
shipbuilding, tractor equipment,        seems to be a lack of urgency from         more than just criticize Prime
apparel and chemicals have been hit     Prime Minister Harper and his gov-         Minister Harper. They must
hard by the economic shocks affili-     ernment. Canada lost 35,000 man-           offer him concrete advice on
ated with a high exposure to inter-     ufacturing jobs between January            what government can do quick-
national competition.                   and February alone. This stagger-          ly to bolster Canada’s manufac-
                                        ing one month decline pushes the           turing sector.
      Analysts offer several reasons
for the loonie’s strength. The main     cumulative loss to 250,000 since            “If there is a Central Bank in
reason has to do with the Bank of       November 2002,–a total that             the world that should be acutely
Canada and interest rates. Other        exceeds the entire population of        concerned with the appreciation
reasons for the dollar’s strength       Windsor. How can Canadian man-          of it’s currency against the U.S
include persistently high commodi-      ufacturers be expected to compete
                                                                                dollar, it should be Canada’s.”
ty prices, the spate of takeovers of    when the rise in the dollar makes it
                                                                                   –Jim Stanford, CAW Economist
Canadian companies by foreign           11% harder for them to export their

444 News
                                                                                      our postcard campaign or want a

      ENVIRONMENT                                                                     schedule of our next Environment
                                                                                      meetings, e-mail us at 444environ-
                                                                                      Essex Children’s
                          By RICHARD LABONTE                                          Water Festival
                  Environment Committee Chairperson                                       The 2007 Essex Children’s Water
                                                                                      Festival was a great success as more
                                                                                      than 4,200 children and chaperones
                                             need the support of Canada’s lead-       attended this environmental initia-
                                             ership. Our government will be           tive. It owes its success to the many
    During the past six months, your
                                             remiss in its responsibility if they     community partners who volunteer
Environment Committee has been
                                             fail to provide an auto policy which     their time and resources. Our Local
extremely active. We began with a
                                             would sustain our domestic manu-         sponsored the bus transportation
Postcard Campaign. Our committee
                                             facturing base.                          with many of our committee mem-
drafted a postcard petition designed
                                                   Also, recent polls clearly indi-   bers participating.
                                                                                      CAW Environment
to lobby the Prime Minister to pre-
                                             cate that most Canadians are con-
serve our troubled domestic auto
industry with a ‘green car’ strategy.        cerned about Canada’s lack of
Understanding that another Federal           effort to reduce greenhouse gases.
                                                                                           The 2007 CAW Environment
election is looming, we decided to           It is vital that our government
                                                                                      Conference held in Port Elgin was
push the issue of jobs and the envi-         invest in Canada’s future through
                                                                                      another great networking opportuni-
ronment to take advantage of the             implementation of a green car
                                                                                      ty for committee members to learn
Harper government’s need to appear           strategy which will provide incen-
                                                                                      and inspire others through sharing
environmentally responsible.                 tives for green production, incen-
                                                                                      our past accomplishments, experi-
     After I have passed this concept        tives to get older vehicles off the
                                                                                      ences and information. Guest speak-
with the approval of the local leader-       road and expanded research and
                                                                                      ers provided insight into what needs
ship, I sent the first draft of the peti-    development for domestic vehicle
                                                                                      to be done and some suggestions as
tion to my friend, Ken Bondy, CAW            builders.
                                                                                      to how to best accomplish our goals.
National Co-ordinator in Toronto.                Ken and I have been networking       This was our second environment
He loved the idea and asked if he           with other CAW activists across           conference using both official lan-
could make copies of the postcards          Canada to participate in the National     guages to accommodate our sisters
for the upcoming Kyoto Conference           campaign in their communities. The        and brothers from Quebec.
                                            postcard is also being translated to
                                                                                      Ministry of Environment
that he was attending and I said “Go
                                            French to ensure that all Canadians
                                                                                      Office needed
for it!”
    During our discussion, Ken and I        have an opportunity to voice their
agreed to push this as a National           opinion.                                        We have joined the CAW
campaign since this petition is                 We can all be proud of our effort
                                                                                      Windsor Regional Environment
addressing our members’ jobs in the         to wake up the Harper government.
                                                                                      Council to demand funding for an
Big Three and their suppliers across        It is obvious that once we lose our
                                            auto industry, it will be difficult to    Ontario Environment Ministry office
the country.                                                                          in Windsor.
   Our petition was embraced by our         get it back. It’s tough to compete
                                            with countries willing to sacrifice           A recent fire at an unlicensed
national office. In fact, Buzz
                                            wages, safety and benefits in             business highlighted the need for
Hargrove added friendly amendment
                                            exchange for work even though             immediate response which the min-
to it. (It is underlined below.)
                                            these workers will not be able to         istry failed to provide. The Sarnia
 Dear Prime Minister,                                                                 office cannot adequately serve the
     Presently, we are experiencing a
                                            purchase the products they build nor
                                            will they be spending money on            Windsor area.
 growing economic crisis as a result
                                            much other than life’s necessities.           In closing, I’d like to thank all
 of job losses in our domestic auto
                                                  I would like to thank brothers      committee members for working so
                                            Buzz, Ken Lewenza and Ken Bondy           hard on behalf of our membership
     DaimlerChrysler, Ford and
 General Motors have played a
                                            for their support and guidance in         and their communities.
 major role in the economic develop-
                                            highlighting a critical issue for auto        Your Environment Committee
 ment of Canada for nearly a centu-
                                            workers and the Canadian economy.         wishes you and your families a safe
 ry. Now, they and their employees
                                                 If you are interested in assisting   and enjoyable summer.

                                                                                                          444 News
                                                   By                              ous markets that would in turn

                                               GEORGE                              abolish poverty and change dicta-
                                              JOHNSON                              torships into democracy. Little has
                                             Chairperson,                          transpired as predicted.
                                                  Chapter                               There are a large number of
                                                                                   young retirees now in the Chapter.
                                                                                   You are being encouraged to attend
                                                                                   Chapter Meetings and participate.
      want to begin by commending         would determine the course of

                                                                                   We are not old fogeys as some
      our retirees for participating in   human events, that growth in inter-      think we are. Come and test the
      the May 27 Rally. As is the         national trade would foster prosper-     waters. You may be surprised!
saying, we have not abandoned our
participation in our Union. Today
more than at any time, we must
defend our gains from the
onslaught of the corporations and
the government. As witnessed
recently, the greedy corporations
have foresaken employees who
have worked loyally for many years
being dumped on the streets and
moving to countries where the peo-
ple have no laws that protect them.
      June 13 marks the end of our
year. The chapter does not hold
meetings in July or August. We
begin again in September. Have a
good summer.
                                          Financial Secretary Gary Parent is seen above swearing in the newly
     Elections were held at the May
                                          elected Executive of the Local 444 Retirees’ Chapter. Left to right, Mike
meeting. Those elected were:              Longmoore, Tony Bucsu, Peter Pellerito, Mary Jane Bechard, George
George Johnson, Chairperson               Johnson, Rick Reaume, Frank LaSorda and Gerry Graham.
Gerry Graham, Vice-Chairperson
Mary Jane Bechard, Secretary
Peter Pellerito, Treasurer
Tony Bucsu, Sergeant-At-Arms
Trustees: Richard Reaume
           Mike Longmoore
           Frank Lasorda.
    That is your executive for the
next three years.
     On a recent bus trip, some
women discussed the idea of form-
ing a Women’s Committee. A well
sustained chapter is having the par-
ticipation of its members. Any one
wishing to be a member of this
committee, give your name to the
                                          Local 444 CAW Retirees continue their activism and interest in the Union
secretary.                                where they filled the halls of two facilities at their annual Summer Dinner and
     We live in a world economy. It       an equal amount of them marched shouider to shoulder with the active mem-
was predicted that global markets         bership in preserving jobs in the Manufacturing Sector / Auto Industry.

                         Retiring Members
        ACKNOWLEDGEMENT:                                           Paulick, Greg Gilles, Riley McKeller, Jerry Hoy,
                                                                   Brian Kelly, Dave Redmile, Ray Redmile, David
             On behalf of Local 444 CAW, I want to extend          Mailloux, Dave Robinson, Jeff Hayes, Randy
        my congratulations and best wishes to those hun-           Homenick and Rob Sheehan. Each of them has
        dreds of retirees who decided to take full advan-          made a contribution to our Union’s success and we
        tage of the Retirement Enhancement programs                remain grateful for their efforts in representing the
        bargained by the Union. It has been tough initially        values of Social Unionism. I a l s o w a n t t o
        to witness the transition of the Auto Industry. In         acknowledge their patience relative to the timing of
        one hand I feel just great that eligible retirees are      which each of them wish to retire, understanding it
        taking full advantage of the enhancement pro-              is not in the best interest of our members to have a
        grams and on the other hand, experiencing the job          mass exodus. Your co-operation is appreciated!
        loss has been painful. The Union itself is in transi-            CAW National Staff Representative Maureen
        tion and the more than 25,000 years of combined            Kirincic has also decided to take advantage of
        experience and knowledge will be missed as well            early retirement. Maureen was the first female of
        as the friendships that were established over those        Local 444 CAW to be assigned to the staff of our
        years.                                                     Union. Her commitment to organizing the unorga-
            It is equally gratifying to experience the recall of   nized was a passion she enjoyed. The roles she
        our laid off Chrysler membership who prior to this         played in bringing new members to our Union
        bargained enhancement program had little or no             strengthened our Union nationally. She made Local
        chance of returning to work. Therefore, Local 444          444 proud and we wish her well.
        CAW welcomes each of them back to work and we                    Larry Tremblay, responsible for Health and
        remain hopeful that full time employment becomes           Safety, representing all Chrysler Canada employ-
        a reality, moving forward.            I would like to      ees has also decided to pass the torch and move
        ac k n o w ledge the work of Vice-President Rick           into retirement. Larry was an experienced active
        Laporte, Restructuring Co-ordinators Dave                  member of the CAW/DCX Master Bargaining
        Robinson, Rene Gorrisen and Benefit
                                                                   Committee. His commitment to our members is felt
        Representatives Joe Domarchuk and Ken Kwiatkouski
                                                                   every day through the unprecedented training the
        for providing a wonderful service to our member-
                                                                   company is responsible in providing. The Health
        ship from the top of the seniority list to the bottom.
        Each of them has done an exceptional job in                and Safety of our members is a priority of our
        responding to countless questions and inquiries in         Union and the work ethic and commitment to suc-
        the past few months and we thank them.                     ceed was embedded in Larry’s culture of thinking.
                                                                   We sincerely thank him for his years of service rep-
             I would also like to thank the following repre-
                                                                   resenting our Local and National Union.
        sentatives of our Union who have given of them-
                                                                             KEN LEWENZA, President, Local 444 CAW
        selves for the betterment of our membership: Al

     MARCH 1, 2007                  John Bellaire                  Ottavio Chiodo                Frank Duquette
     Kevin Briand                   Wayne Bensette                 William Cox                   Risto Eloranta
     Bruce Iler                     Glen Benson                    Mark Crane                    David Falzon
     Manuel Madruga                 James Best                     Gregory Cunningham            Donald Farrand
     Greg Plante                    Kenneth Blain                  Jose Damaso                   Arnold Ferguson
     Beth Savoie                    Wesley Blake                   Gary Deavey                   Felice Ferrelli
                                    Paul Borghi                    Sharon Delisle                Linda Findlay
     APRIL 1, 2007                  Raymond Bourbonnais            Albert Derikx                 Edward Fleming
     Erik Anderson                  Thomas Bowes                   Paul Desmarais                John Fountain
     Dimas Andrade                  Eric Brown                     Lawrence Desmarais            Elias Francis
     Sandra Bachmeier               James Bryans                   Jai Dhiman                    James French
     Radomir Bakic                  Tom Burns                      John Dipietro                 Michael Gabor
     Norbert Barrette               Laura Calhoun                  Robert Doe                    Linda Gibb
     Dennis Batson                  David Carriere                 Lazo Dragicevic               Kevin Goudie
     Juliette Beaulne               Claudio Ceschin                Nelson Dumontier              Douglas Graham
     Joe Bell                       Malcolm Chase                  Wayne Dunford                 Tommaso Grillo

      Retiring Members . . . cont’d
George Hallett       Wayne O’Keefe              Mario Ventura         Larry Cabana
Claudio Herrera      Dennis Ouellette           Brian Waghorn         Garry Cabana
Randall Heydon       Serge Ouimet               Janet Walker          Pietro Cammalleri
Eric Holt            Clifford Paun              Clara White           Douglas Campeau
Daniel Houghton      John Perry                 Patricia Wilkins      Ralph Carreira
Norman Hunter        James Pfaff                Norman Wilson         Randy Cascadden
Frederick Jeavons    Grant Philpott             Charlene Womack       Angelo Castelli
Lee Jost             Barbara Pray               Charles Zammit        Gerald Caza
Claudette Karb       Josef Pretli                                     Lawrence Chatelain
Guy Kelch            Gilles Prevost             MAY 1, 2007           Paul Chouinard
Thomas Kelly         Thomas Quinlan             Carmel Abela          Robert Danychuck
Michael Kenney       Kultar Randhawa            Kwame Ampofo          Derek Davies
Glen Kime            Curtis Reid                Bryant Anderson       Alan Desrosiers
Richard Kolowicz     James Renaud               Walter Andre          Vincenzo Diponio
Ronald Koop          Clark Richardson           Larry Anger           George Dorner
Napoleon Koutelas    Brian Ritchie              Alfred Anstett        Richard Douglas
Donald Labonte       Elizabeth Robinson         Dimitrios Antzaras    Bruce Duck
Joyce Lachance                                                        Paul Dufresne
John Laramie                                                          David Durocher
Kenneth Lavender                                                      Robert Elsbrie
Daniel Laviolette                                                     Robert Ewing
Robert Leclaire                                                       Guy Fleury
Elaine Lee                                                            Jerry Foldesi
Richard Levesque                                                      Thomas Fountain
Jean-Paul Levesque                                                    Generoso Frattaroli
Glenn Lickman                                                         John Gardner
Charles Little                                                        Gary Garrod
John Lloyd                                                            Denis Gaudette
Antonio Lo Mascolo                                                    Wayne Gaudette
Daniel Logan         William Robinson           Todor Apostoloski     Raymond Gauthier
Estelle Loiselle     Richard Robitaille         Fred Atherton         Angela Graniero
Vittorio Lovrecich   Richard Rochon             John Bachtold         Michael Gray
Jean-Paul Marchand   Gerald Rougoor             Dennis Baillargeon    Mark Griffin
Ernest Marentette    Rita Russell               Maurice Baillargeon   Helmut Grusas
Harry Marentette     James Sagaert              Harriet Barker        Aggie Halford
Mary Anne Marion     Johnny Sagaert             Rene Beaule           Stanley Hall
Joseph Mayea         Glenn Sawyer               Lawrence Begin        Kenny Hanik
Patricia McAuley     Richard Shelley            Clarence Beneteau     David Harron
William McGean       Efthymios Siaplaouras      Gary Bering           James Harwood
Daniel McKenzie      Roger Skinner              Jan Bertram           Emilien Hebert
Robert McManemy      Gary Smith                 Larry Bezaire         Kenneth Homenick
Carlos Melo          Mike St. Pierre            Ronald Blain          John Homenuik
Robert Meloche       Ian Stevenson              Alain Boisvert        Michael Hunt
Denis Menard         Rudolf Stewin              Michael Bondy         Douglas Hyland
John Merrifield      Ivy Symons                 Russell Bondy         Ronnie Jobin
Gregory Moore        Joseph Tanguay             Steve Botica          Donald Johnson
Stuart Morgan        Frank Trupp                Julia Brown           Antonio Jraige
Naum Naumoski        John Vander Heyden         Paul Brush            Wilfred Kalyn
Randy Neels          Evangelo Vasilodimitraki   John Butler           Lionel Kearns

           Retiring Members . . . cont’d
     Ernest Kelso         Wayne Quinlan        Milan Andric        Christopher Clark
     Joseph Kisch         Mike Raffoul         Kenneth Annett      Michele Colucci
     David Knapp          Carmelo Randazzo     Avtar Ashat         Gloria Cuthbertson
     Mary Beth Knight     Partrick Redmond     Michael Atkinson    Edward Czilli
     Bernard Krebs        Mark Rivait          Mario Balsamo       Abdo Dakhil
     John Labadie         David Robinson       Stanley Baltzer     Barry Dalley
     Bryce Ladd           Reis Rodrigues       Donald Banks        Robert Daly
     Alejandro Lapuz      Mohsen Samaan        Randy Barrette      Clayton Dawdy
     Robert Laub          Archie Scott         Michael Bartlett    Jerry Day
     Larry Layson         David Sekerak        Zdravko Basarac     Michael Delisle
     Gabriel Lecoq        Jozo Senjanin        Roger Beaule        Duarte Demelo
     Michael Lehoux       Gino Sirizzotti      Richard Beaulieu    Robby Denomey
     Rudolf Leitzinger    Ronald Skov          Kevin Bechard       Kenneth Desbiens
     Marie Lennox         Randall Soulliere    Nolan Berlie        Rene Deschamps
     Lois Leonard         Curtis Speiran       Jimmy Bernabe       Lawrence Devos
     Paul Lesperance      Jim Steinke          Nick Bersuk         Leslie Dickens
     James Liddy                                                   Antonio Dicristofano
     Keith Lozon                                                   Domenico Dipadova
     Daniel MacDougall                                             Alex Diponio
     Tommaso Madia                                                 Domenico Disabato
     Gary Mass                                                     Carl Dobson
     Richard Matte                                                 Jure Dosen
     Francis J. Mayea                                              Marcel Doucet
     Sidney Meloche                                                Djuro Dragicevic
     John Meunier                                                  Sava Dragicevic
     Normand Michaud                                               Joe Draskovic
     Danial Mills                                                  Richard Drouillard
     David Minard                                                  Francis Drouillard
     Douglas Miskiewicz                                            Dan Drouillard
     Michael Morand       Ronald Sterling      Joseph Betlehem     Ronald Drouin
     Roy Morris           Patrick Stewart      Guy Blondin         Joseph Dubois
     Robert Myers         Dusan Supic          Kenneth Boismier    Kevin Dufour
     Richard Nantais      James Swann          Robert Bondy        Bonita Dunham
     Victor Nelson        Barbara Tanevski     Bruce Boose         Terry Dunster
     James Newby          Allen Thibert        Mijo Bosnjak        William Dupont
     Wayne Nikita         George Thorne        Michael Boyle       David Durocher
     John Oldnall         Dolores Todero       Guy Brian           Robert Eberwein
     Lawrence Ouellette   Gerry Trepanier      David Broderick     Ronald Ellig
     Vincenzo Palermo     Dwight Velichka      Stewart Brown       Wallace Ellsworth
     Gerald Peltier       Laimutis Vindasius   Gloria Campbell     Karl Erdmann
     Egon Peters          Edward Vollans       John Cantelo        Jeffrey Esping
     Peter Pettinato      Henry Vollans        Ronald Carr         Paul Faubert
     Homer Piche          Victor Wells         Thomas Carriere     Bruce Fenn
     Gary Pitre           Ernest Whitson       Natale Cascio       Clarence Ferriss
     Philip Pleli         Bakos Youssef        Joseph Casimiro     Greg Fevreau
     Janice Pollock       JUNE 1, 2007         Arduino Celletti    Kenneth Fields
     Milivoje Prljevic    Abdul Abdallah       Robert Charlebois   Roger Forsyth
     Enrico Prosperi      Romulo Allado        Daniel Chartrand    Wayne Frederick
     Gaetan Proulx        Dan Andersen         Michael Chauvin     Filippo Frisella

      Retiring Members . . . cont’d
James Fryer           Steve Krisan          Roger Ouellette        Barry Smith
Mark Gagnier          Ivan Krstin           Richard Paquin         Albert Soave
Leonard Gagnier       Lawrence Lachapelle   Gilles Parent          Vlado Sobol
Joe Galea             Ken Lachapelle        Roger Parent           Raffaele Soresi
Douglas Gammon        Christopher Lachine   Andrew Paulick         John Souchereau
Saulo Garganta        Baccus Lahoud         Orvel Paulin           Dennis Soucie
Chuck Garvey          Christopher Laing     Donald Pavka           Palmerino Spada
Keith Garvey          Eugene Lake           Ivan Pavlich           Ignazio Spagnuolo
Gordon Geauvreau      Larry Lamphier        John Pegg              Douglas Stevenson
George Gebara         Douglas Langlois      Frank Pellarin         Walter Swanson
Jacques Germain       Paul Langlois         Salvatore Pellitteri   Kei Szeto
Christine Gillis      Simon Lanteigne       Dragutin Petrinac      Denco Tanevski
Thomas Gledhill       Denis Lauzon          Wayne Pilgrim          Bruno Tavolieri
Slobodan Gledic       Paul Lebert           Josip Plavetic         Hewitt Taylor
Robert Glen           Cheryl Leblanc        Brian Poupard          Michael Terbenche
Kevin Goudie          Daniel Lebrun         Susanne Preney         Robert Theaker
Robert Goulard        Nicola Lemmo          Ivan Projic            Imad Thomas
Winnie Gowryluk       Paul Lesperance       Zlatko Puskaric        Howard Tilson
James Grice           Gary Lewis            Dennis Quinlan         Larry Timbers
Sewsunkur Groodoyal   Roger Lord            Nikola Radakovic       Alvin Timbers
Michael Guadeloupe    John Mack                                    Otello Todon
                                            Lawrence Reaume
Russell Guilbeault    Steve Maika                                  Luciano Todon
                                            Tony Rebelo
Randy Gunter          Wayne Manchester                             Thomas Tofflemire
                                            Michell Relf
Daniel Gurney         Sayed Mansour                                Steve Topalovic
                                            Thomas Renaud
Thomas Halliday       Jerome Marentette                            Siman Touma
Gerald Hanlan         Brian Market          Mark Renaud
                                                                   Norval Tourangeau
Ghassan Hanna         Patrick Marrie        Joe Resendes
                                                                   Marc Tourangeau
James Harwood         Gary Masters          Michael Rinaldi
                                                                   Marcel Tourangeau
Howard Hayes          Lawrence May          Marcel Robichaud
                                                                   Dorothy Tratechaud
Daniel Hewitt         Edward Mayrand        Gordon Rounding
                                                                   Carl Tremblay
Robert Hicks          Helena Mazuran        Ernest Rumi            Denis Trepanier
Jim Hicks             Michael Mazzali       Randall Russell        Chris Tsafos
Melvin Hodgins        Mark McLeod           Daniel Ryall           Savo Urukalo
James Hodgkins        Riley McKellar        Danny Ryan             Marcello Valeri
Reinhardt Hoffman     James McLean          Timothy Ryrie          David Venne
James Holek           Leonard Meloche       Franco Santarossa      Luka Vrkic
Jerry Hoy             Gary Meloche          Youssif Sarkis         Mark Wagner
Charles Hunter        Harold Menard         Douglas Saxby          Daryl Weaver
Petar Ivcec           Nicholas Michailoff   Beverly Scott          Brian White
David Jackson         Brian Miles           Barbara Scott          Joey Whittal
Earl Jansen           Zdravko Milosevski    Scot Seguin            Art Wilder
Thomas Kani           Robert Morgan         Kevin Shaften          Ricky Williams
Darcy Kennedy         Gerald Morris         Robert Sheehan         Paul Williams
Douglas Kent          Ron Mosco             Dragica Simic          Christine Wilson
Maureen Kirincic      Charles Neuert        Bronco Simpraga        Karl Winter
Palko Kohut           Duc Nguyen            Gurinder Singh         Daniel Worley
Joe Kovacevich        Al Nix                Inderbir Singh         Robert Wright
Romas Kozulis         Ghazi Obaida          Peter Slingerland      Robert Yeryk
Werner Kraus          Hasan Osman           David Slyzuk           Philip Youssef

           Human Rights &
444 News

          Affirmative Action

        he production of food is a       environment many have chronic                 labour worldwide, the demand for

T       must for us as human
        beings to exist. Many of
those who help produce our food
                                         coughs and pneumonia.
                                             Machinery accidents are com-
                                         mon, children falling off or under
                                                                                       child labour on farms and planta-
                                                                                       tions will probably stay strong.
                                                                                             From everyone on the commit-
are children. Facing social and          tractors or harvesting equipment,             tee, take in as many cultural events
economic problems these children         many times being seriously injured            this summer as possible. It’s amaz-
must toil in the fields. This agricul-   or killed.                                    ing what can be learned. Have a fun
tural form of child labour is often           With the use of more contract            and safe summer.
overlooked, because families grow-
ing up in rural areas are usually
poorer and assumed as part of
‘hired families’.
       The International Labour
                                            We are sorry to report the passing of the following members since the last issue.
Organization (ILO) surveys suggest             The Executive and Membership of CAW Local 444 extend their heartfelt
that there are at least 120 million
                                                                 condolences to the bereaved families.
children between the ages of 5 and
14 who are fully at work, and more         Joseph M. Khoury........... Retired         John Mills ....................... Retired
than twice as many (or about 250
                                           James Martin................... Retired     Donald H. Mills .............. Retired
million) of those for whom work is
a secondary activity are included.         Jorge E. Cruz ................... Casino    Bartholomew Attard ....... Retired
Of these, 61% were found in Asia,          Albert Vriesacker............ Retired       Dieter Peidl......................... 9330
32% in Africa and 7% in Latin              Robert J. Ferris................ Retired    George Peltier ................. Retired
America and at least 5% were               Susan K. Jenkins-Polk..... Casino           Raymond E. Reaume ...... Retired
found in developed countries.              William Impens............... Retired       Clifford Bastien............... Retired
    A recent ILO report says that in       Francis Campeau ............ Retired        Ignac Saliga .................... Retired
some developing countries, nearly a        Joseph Gaston Dubois..... Retired           Clarence A. Delisle......... Retired
third of the agricultural workforce        Richard Uruski.................... 9076     Roland Mailloux ............. Retired
is made up of children. Only rela-         Charles Durham.................. 9330
tively recently have specific ILO                                                      Milos Misic..................... Retired
                                           Melchiorre Ruggirello .... Retired
country studies shown how much                                                         Don M. Lazurek.............. Retired
                                           Robert F. Whitehead ....... Retired
children contribute to world food                                                      Leo Papineau .................. Retired
                                           Robert Elsbrie ................. Retired
production and agricultural com-                                                       Bryan Dietrich ................ Retired
                                           Joseph Bodnar................. Retired
modity production.                                                                     Jason A. Brundritt............ Casino
     There are many health condi-          Gottlieb Lockstadt .......... Retired
                                                                                       Mirko Francic ................. Retired
tions the children suffer from,            Robert Dragnaits............. Retired
                                           Steve Kasprick ................ Retired     Francis G. Jacques .......... Retired
because of the pesticides used on                                                      Thomas Caron Jr. ............ Retired
the crops. Some of the effects felt        Lawrence Marchand ....... Retired
                                           Thomas Mancini ............. Retired        Adrian A. Dupuis............ Retired
are eye, skin, and respiratory prob-
lems and death from poisoning.             Antonio Germani ............ Retired        Nicholas Labelle ............. Retired
    Some of the injuries are perma-        George Girardin .............. Retired      Gerald W. George ........... Retired
nent. Carrying heavy loads, work-          George J. Dupuis ............ Retired       Henry Donaldson ............ Retired
ing in awkward positions can affect        Laura L. Perron................ Casino      Silvio Benotto ................. Retired
the youngster’s bone structure.            Vladimir Kramar............. Retired        Dean Duggan .................. Retired
Rising early and being in a damp

                                                                                                           444 News

      SUBSTANCE ABUSE                                                                    KEENAN
                                                                                          ACAD, EAP

                The Change
                                        somebody doing something about          dropping a Perc? Maybe one is

      just had a birthday. No big
      deal, but now that I'm in my      it? Is that all they're doing? I want   good, five is better? And then it
      fifties, I hear friends talking   more, different; never mind him, I      hurts so much to stop, you can't.
about "The Change". "Yup, my            want and you do it!                     Maybe buying lottery tickets, or
wife's goin' through the change.                                                the track or Casino will make you
                                             Like never before, I see the
Hot flashes, night sweats, the                                                  some fast cash. Finding a new
                                        effects of our changing work-
works!" Now I'm sure most men                                                   relationship is the answer! Ya
                                        places, community and society.
don't grasp this condition and feel                                             maybe buying a new car, boat,
                                        As in a few other times, (The
anxious and helpless to render aid                                              house, YAA!
                                        Roman Empire), and a couple oth-
and comfort, but we try. I also         ers, has there been a stage set for         Please tell me that the above
believe that men have a form of         change on such a large scale; both      paragraph is absolute nonsense to
this too!                               nationally and internationally. Of      you. Tell me you know that
      My point is, when I got to        course, there are still wars going      change is inevitable and you can
thinking about it, our way of life      on, we never seem to unlearn that       feel the fear and do it anyway!
is suffering through a change of        one, but the shift in industry and      Say you know, and we can stand
life. It is having effects on every-    technology is staggering.               together to affect positive change
one around us and some are obliv-                                               for the betterment of all.
                                              I'm not the industrial genius,
ious, some are anxiety ridden,          but the magnitude is making peo-           I will never have anything
wanting to jump out a basement          ple crazy. I guess you could say        against the recreational benefits of
window. (No higher please!)             that's my genius, craziness. It is a    the above mentioned artificial
    It is dangerous and amazing to      fine line. People are reacting and      joys. By now, from my fifteen
watch people cope through the           responding to this build up of          years of ranting, all should know
change. Laugh, cry, bite your fin-      change pressures and it isn't           – use, don't abuse! And if you
gernails off, head in the sand,         always productive.                      can't, don't! Life is going to
protest, sleep, write letters and                                               scream the difference to you
                                            Anyone can say, make lemon-
emails; even pretend it's business                                              someday, if you don't come up
                                        ade out of lemons, but come on;
as usual. Be very clear - it's not.                                             with it on your own!
                                        this will take a little more leg
    Work lives, as we know them,        work. Those who believe in a                So, it will be easier on all of us
are changing. Most people fear          higher power can ask, but I'm           to work together for healthier
change. Not mega fear, but fear         pretty sure faith, without works, is    lives, it won't come overnight
none the less. We are being             dead.                                   either. So as we go along, remem-
pushed out of our comfort zone,              So here we go, travelling that     ber balance is the key. “How the
from our jobs, to our parking lots.     happy road to destiny. A brand          hell do you get that?” they ask.
Even our routes in and out of           new chapter in the history of             Need a hand, want to talk? 258-
work change, and we don't like it.      workplaces, community, the              3481 (519 first, even that's
How will this affect me? Can't be       world! What are you doing about         changed!)
good, won't be good. Why isn't          it? Having a beer, smoking a joint,

444 News

  Community                                      By
                                                                                     CAW LOCAL 444
                                                                                    EXECUTIVE BOARD

   Services                              SUE NAJEM,
                                                                                  KEN LEWENZA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . President
                                                                                  GARY PARENT . . . . . . . . . . . . Financial Secretary

                                                                                  TOM LESPERANCE . . . . . . . . . 1st Vice President
                                                                                  RICK LAPORTE . . . . . . . . . . . . 2nd Vice President
                                                                                  PAM LEACH . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3rd Vice President
                                                                                  SANDRA DOMINATO . . . . . . Recording Secretary
                                                                                  DINO CHIODO . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Trustee
      n April, the Community            bikes at Devonshire Mall. The

I     Services Committee held a
      pasta fundraiser for our “Bikes
for Kids” Campaign. We would
                                        money that was raised from the
                                        pasta fundraiser allowed us to
                                        refurbish and give these bikes to
                                                                                  MARK CHAMPAGNE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Trustee
                                                                                  PAT CUSHING . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Trustee
                                                                                  GARY BERNARD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Guide
                                                                                  FRANK HARSHAW . . . . . . . . . . Sergeant-At-Arms
                                                                                  DAVE FRENCH . . . . . . . . . . . . Executive-At-Large
like to thank the following local       kids in our community.                    DANA DUNPHY . . . . . . . . . . . Executive-At-Large
sponsors for their donations that            I would like to take this oppor-     JOHN GERARD . . . . . . . . . . . . Executive-At Large
helped us accomplish our goal.          tunity to thank the Optimist Club         SANDOR KAPASI. . . . . . . Chair, Education Comm.
                                                                                  DAVE CASSIDY . . . . . . . . . . Chair, Skilled Trades
  CAW Local 444                         for donating the helmets that             DAVE LARUE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Chair, W.A.P.
  Tecumseh Golf                         accompanied the bikes for the kids        CHARIE VIRGA . . . . . . . . . . Chair, Casino Windsor
                                        and Computers for Kids for donat-         PAUL JACQUES . . . . . . . Chair, Integram Seating
  Designer Depo                                                                   KEN SMITH . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Chair, Innovatech
  Green Shield                          ing space for us to store and work        RICK LALONDE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Chair, TransAlta
  Ray’s Rib House                       on the bikes.                             KEN HOWARD . . . . . . .Chair, Benteler Automotive
                                                                                  KEVIN BELTRANO . . . . . . Chair, Johnson Controls
  Pinnacle Chrysler                          The success of this Campaign         GEORGE JOHNSON . . . . . . . . . . . Chair, Retirees
                                        could not have happened without
  Tabeya Salon
  Shoppers Drug Mart (Dougall)          the dedication of the Committee           GORD GRAY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Public Relations
                                        members as well as the helping
  Saldary Chocolatier
                                        hands of Terry McLellan, Rob
  Home Hardware Belle River                                                     the United Way. One out of three
                                        Lemay, Ken Nantais, Wayne
  Integram Seating                      Goulard, Paul Fram and Stu              people in our area will utilize a
  Creative Looks Family Hair Care       MacNeil.                                United Way funded service. Your
  Café Crepe                                 The United Way Campaign is         generous donations are the driving
  Huron Automotive                      just around the corner. In Windsor      force behind the availability of
  Tecumseh Auto Spa                     and Essex County we are being hit       these agencies.
  Textures for Hair                     hard with massive job losses. This          Please participate in your work-
  Little Soles                          in turn causes a hardship in the        place campaign to help ensure the
  Memory Lane Hair Studio               community and increases the needs       services that are in great need con-
     In May, we collected over 100      of the agencies that are funded by      tinue to have the funding to survive.

                                                                                                             Local 444 CAW
                                                                                                             Committee is
                                                                                                             seen above
                                                                                                             preparing for a
                                                                                                             pasta fundraiser
                                                                                                             initiative in
                                                                                                             support of their
                                                                                                             “Bikes for Kids”

                                                                                                              444 News
                                                                                      a confrontation but we cannot afford
Johnson Control Members need our Support                                              to allow this insanity to persist
     The General State of the Auto        members at Johnson Controls deserve         because that, my friends would leave
Industry is worrisome and to deny or      better and they are going to need the       us all vulnerable. Daimler Chrysler
ignore the economic environment we        total and unconditional support of our      and Johnson Controls’ response will
are in would be suicidal. Our wages,      entire membership.                          determine our actions! It’s about trust,
benefits, and pensions are experienc-         Local 444 CAW is not looking for        integrity, honesty and credibility!
ing intense security as the Companies
take advantage of a difficult bargain-
ing climate. But let me tell you my
                                          United Way desperately needs CAW help
friends, bargaining is one thing,                   The United Way and the sev-       grams and life long contributors leav-
reneging and misleading the Union is      eral worthwhile community agencies          ing the workplace.
another.                                  in which it supports have felt the pain         These are certainly difficult times
     Johnson Controls is a classic        of job loss leaving them very vulnera-      for our region but CAW members
example of arrogance. Daimler             ble. The United Way volunteer               even with a shrinking membership
Chrysler committed they would             Board and Campaign Cabinet have             base have never turned their backs on
replace the jobs at Johnson Controls      tried to do everything within their         the needs of our communities.
because we were told during the           power to diversify their donor base              We have a proven track record of
course of Big Three Bargaining 2005       but the reliance is still incredibly con-   providing community support and on
that they lost the headliner business     centrated on CAW workplaces.                behalf of the Executive Board and
to a lower bid outside the communi-            The generosity and community           workplace representatives I want to
ties of Windsor-Essex.                    concern shown by our members has            encourage our members to dig deep
     This was a real dilemma for the      been historically outstanding and           and contribute to the United Way.
Union and its 180 members so as a         those citizens who have required the        Our neighbourhoods and communi-
result of collective bargaining and       assistance of those member agencies         ties are very much reliant on our col-
pursuing a resolve of this issue          have always felt a connection               lective donations.
through negotiations Daimler              between their needs, our Union and              We would like to thank the donors
Chrysler provided us with a letter to     our Employers.                              for their generosity because without
replace the work with comparable               The jobs lost at Ford-Nemak and        your support and helping hand the
jobs.                                     Local 200 by itself will result in a        communities of Windsor-Essex
     Last November we went into           million dollar shortfall because their      would look much different, leaving
negotiations with Johnson Controls        average donor base has topped the           the most vulnerable in society feeling
and after a brief eight hour strike       entire city contributing $500 per           hopeless. Please give and give gener-
forced upon the Union by the              member per year.                            ously. The need is greater! The
employer, a settlement was reached.          It is not possible that we can make      demand for services is higher!
Local 444 CAW members would               up the shortfall because our Local              The need to help is apparent!
retain the headliner work.                Union is also experiencing a donor          Thank you so much!
   There was a sense of relief, of sat-   shortfall due to the restructuring pro-         Sincerely,       Ken Lewenza
isfaction in the air and the member-
ship ratified the agreement by 100%
even though the economic gains were
minimal at best.
     Since then, Johnson Controls has
thrown half the workforce out of
work because the work we thought
we attained through negotiation was
chopped in half because they sublet it
out to lower bidders. These develop-
ments are absolutely crazy and they
border on bad faith bargaining.
     Local 444 CAW has put Johnson
Controls and DCX on notice that
their actions and their lack of respect   James Stewart, Windsor Assembly Plant Chassis Steward is seen above observ-
and integrity in the Bargaining           ing a moment of silence recognizing those injured or killed on the job. James
                                          accepts with pride, every year, the invitation to play the bagpipes and through his
process is totally unacceptable. Our
                                          music he introduces the Day of Mourning Celebrations. Thank you, James.

444 News
                                                                                                                            CAW  TCA

                                                                             PUBLICATION MAIL AGREEMENT NO.40930011

  Workers from Across
                                                                          RETURN UNDELIVERABLE CANADIAN ADDRESSES TO:
                                                                                        CIRCULATION DEPT.                   CAW  TCA
                                                                                CAW LOCAL 444, 1855 TURNER ROAD              CANADA

                                                                                       WINDSOR, ON N8W 3K2

  the Country gather                                                                                                         RECYCLED

  in Ottawa
Rally on the Hill demands Government action
           orkers from across the country      ate narrative on the uneven rules Canadian    policy and better trade deals that would

W          and Members of Parliament
           gathered at the West Block on
Parliament Hill May 29th, for an evening
                                               plants are forced to compete with. “We
                                               are going to fight to turn this reality
                                               around,” he said to the applause of all
                                                                                             grow national industry, instead of throw-
                                                                                             ing Canadians out of work.
                                                                                                “We need laws that say to the countries
forum filled with stories of plant closures,   who were in attendance.                       we trade with, we will buy your products,
lost jobs and the effects they have had on           Labour activists took to the hill in    but only if you buy ours in equal parts, ”
their communities.                             Ottawa on May 30, making their voices         said CAW National President Buzz
      CAW Local 200 member Carrie              heard both inside and outside the corri-      Hargrove. “What would be wrong with
Schroeder worked at a Ford plant in            dors of Parliament in an effort organized     that?”
Windsor for seven years until her job was      by the Canadian Labour Congress.                   The CAW march kicked off blocks
lost due to what she described as govern-          Members of the CAW were joined by         away at the Ottawa Congress Centre with
ment inaction and shareholder greed. “I        CUPE, USW and CEP in a rally 3,000            rallying speeches by Hargrove, Quebec
know I will never see the inside of that       strong, culminating three months of           Director Luc Desnoyers and CAW
Ford plant again,” said Schroeder.             forums and actions surrounding the mas-       Council President Ken Lewenza.
   Another retired worker spoke about his      sive loss of manufacturing jobs.                  The “Job Loss Cemetery”, erected on
pension being cut by 40 per cent, $447              Inside the Parliament buildings, CAW     the front lawn of Parliament Hill drew
less per month. He said that most pen-                                                       attention from curious members of the
                                               members and other labour representatives
sions are not funded at 100 per cent and                                                     public and politicians alike. Only hours
                                               spent the day lobbying Members of
that the government gave the company the                                                     after its construction began, the Prime
                                               Parliament, meeting with Conservative,
right to withhold those pension funds.                                                       Minister’s Office ordered the RCMP to
                                               Liberal, NDP and Bloc politicians.
                                                                                             have the graveyard dismantled although
    CLC Secretary-Treasurer Hassan                 Labour leaders and protesters demand-     RCMP clearance was previously granted.
Yussuff closed the forum with a passion-       ed government adopt a ‘Made in Canada’        The CAW refused.


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