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					Coloured contact lenses have triggered a new wave of fashion among youngsters.
Today, a wide variety of coloured contact lenses are available in the market. You can
choose the one that best suits your skin and hair tones. Disposable contact lenses refer
to contacts that are worn just once, and then discarded and replaced with a new pair.
Disposable contact lenses have various replacement schedules i.e.Daily, Weekly,
Monthly and Quarterly.
 Basically, there are four types of disposable contact lenses namely; Daily wear, Flex
wear, Extended wear and Continuous wear.
 鈥?Daily wear lenses are worn only during waking hours.
 鈥?Flex wear lenses can be worn for a night or two, over a weekend.
 鈥?Extended wear lenses can be worn during waking hours for up to six consecutive
 鈥?Continuous wear lenses can be used during waking and sleeping hours for up to
30 consecutive nights.
 Daily Disposable contact lenses are lenses which are used just for a day and then
disposed off. You can use such lenses once in a while, such as for a special ocassion
or event. They are also worn by people who have eye infections or are suffering from
eye disorders such as astigmatism, myopia and hyperopia. Always consult your
optometrist before purchasing a particular brand of daily disposable lenses.
 Given below are some of the advantages of using Daily Disposable Contact Lenses :
 鈥?You don 鈥檛 have to worry about cleaning and disinfecting the lenses.
Moreover, you can also save a good deal of money which is otherwise spent on
buying cleaning solution and cases for contact lenses.
 鈥?Daily disposable contact lenses reduce or avoid the chances of accumulation of
harmful pathogens in the lens, which could lead to severe eye infections or other eye
disorders. The potential risks of calcium or protein build-up in your contact lenses is
also eliminated.
 鈥?Daily disposable contact lenses of branded varieties are available online at
cheaper prices.
 鈥?Always follow the contact lens wear schedule recommended by your doctor.
 鈥?Always buy daily disposable contact lenses of highest quality from a reliable