DISH Network Brings to You America's Top 120+ Package

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					DISH Network, the leading Satellite TV Provider of the United States brings to you
the joy of digital satellite programming with America’s top 120+ Package. This is one
of the most subscribed packages of the English Packages. You can also add other
packages to your America’s Top 120+ package and select channels according to your
  This package is very similar to America’s Top 120. The best part of the story is that
now you can avail the package at a discounted price. The Special Price of the package
is $29.99/mo with an agreement of 1 year. What’s more? With more than 120
channels you can always feel assured that entertainment will be guaranteed round the
clock. In addition to these, you can also add other local channel as per your choice.
However, please note that the local channels will be available depending upon your
location and zip code.
  No matter which age group you belong to, America’s Top 120+ package has
something to cheer about for everyone. So whether you are a music freak or a sports
fan or even a movie buff, you will no longer spend boring weekends. The digital
satellite channels offered by DISH Network’s America’s Top 120+ package will
surely color your weeks.
  Enjoy the best of DISH TV programming with its crystal clear picture and
unparalled service. You will also get local Sports Network in addition to your 120
  DISH TV programming has been instrumental in providing excellent service to their
subscribers. With the increasing popularity of DISH channels, DISH TV packages are
giving a tough competition to its rivals. Digital programming cannot get better than
DISH Network’s technologically enhanced broadcasting.
  Find below a brief outline of the other packages that you can add to your America’s
Top 120+ Package.
  Sportsman Channel: This channel is entirely meant for sports and provides you latest
events and news updates related to sports. If you are a complete sports freak then this
is undoubtedly the best choice for you. The channel also covers hunting, shooting,
fishing activities that are well known in their respective places in America. The
Sportsman Channel is a total package related to all types of sports that might be
popular to an American. The charges for subscribing to this channel are $3.00/mo.
  Outdoor Channel: The Outdoor Channel is also dedicated to sports. In fact, it is the
best in America’s Outdoor TV. It shows the best hunting, fishing and shooting sports.
It also gives vital information and tips to people who have an affinity for outdoor
sporting activities. In order to subscribe this channel in your Other Packages, you
need to pay just $3/mo.
  Veria Television: Veria TV is a health channel that aims at living naturally and
staying healthy. It also provides useful facts and details about entertainment
programming. Apart from this, the channel also showcases classic comedy movies
every evening. Price: $5/mo.
  You can also check out the following channels:
  1. Baby First TV
  2. Bloomberg Television
 3. EPIX 3
 4. Fox Soccer Plus
 5. RFD-TV
 Subscribe to America’s Top 120+ pack from DISH Network and enjoy watching the
magic of digital programming. Besides this, you also have a number of other exciting
DISH Network packages to choose from.