Discover Simple Ways To Reduce Your fuel costs

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					Taking the time to apply even a little tender loving care to your car could save you
quite a bit of money. This is not just in repairs by the way but even on your fuel bill
  It certainly is worth the effort to tune up your engine. Having a spark plug that is
misfiring can affect the fuel efficiency of your car by up to 30%. This simply
translates as a drain on your wallet. It pays to adhere to the schedule for servicing
your car as shown in your driver's manual. It is highly recommended that you
endeavour to change filters and replace fluids at specified intervals
  I am very much aware that most of this does not nicely fit into your daily routine;
however you should look for a way to get it done. Where you think your repair shop is
charging over the top fees for a simple tune up, you should ask for a second opinion
from a car repair garage with a better reputation. This can save you money and they
will ultimately be carrying out the same service anyway but at a cost that leaves some
change in your wallet.
  Besides the fact that tune ups will ensure your car runs without hiccups they will
also come in handy when it’s time to buy a new car. Your already smooth running car
will command a better selling price.
  Make sure your tires are correctly inflated. You will be wasting fuel if your car tires
happen to be under inflated. In this condition, your car engine will have to work a
little harder to push ahead. Out of line wheels also make your car work harder. This is
usually indicated by uneven thread wear and vehicle pulling. Keeping your tyres
properly inflated will save you money when you come to fill up your fuel tank.
  You can get extra mileage from your car by simply driving gently. Sudden take offs
and stop and go type of driving should be best avoided (please pass the puke bag!). Its
best to engage cruise control on highways as this will help your car maintain steady
  Another thing to avoid is excessive idling. If you are waiting to pick friends or
family up it makes sense to turn off the engine. Vehicles in our present day are
programmed to "warm up" quite quickly so there really is no need to leave your car
idling first thing in the morning just so it can warm up on a very cold day.
  Make sure your air conditioner is in good working condition.
  Any items that are simply extras and don't need to be in the car should be taken out.
This frees the car from dragging extra weight which in turn consumes more fuel.
Place your load in the trunk and not on the car roof in order to lower air drag. Taken
together, all these little bits of do's add up to give you more mileage.
  In order to get rid of avoidable driving you could plan your errands and drive when
the traffic is light. This way you can eliminate those sudden and quick movements
when in slow moving traffic for instance.
  You may also want to consider joining a car pool. Find out if someone would like to
share rides with you. This works best if you are just driving to one place and back
again via the same route.
  Bear in mind that the way you drive your vehicle, as well as how its fluids are
distributed in conjunction with its various parts and tyres does have an impact on the
environment. It makes sense then to see that you take care of this prized possession!
Actually you should go that extra mile for your car and it will return the favour by
running a lot of extra mileage for you.
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