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					The KYK Harmony Water Ionizer Canada is the very first ionizing equipment to
introduce SMPS electrical system, creating it the coolest, quietest, most effective
ionizer on the industry. With a cost tag of just beneath $1300, you can see why these
machines are flying off the shelf! Not only does it come with an affordable value tag,
but the features and good quality of ionized water is top rated-notch, outdone only by
its large brother the KYK Genesis. In this post we're going to highlight some of the
primary characteristics of the KYK Harmony and display you exactly why its a
fantastic obtain for people who can not find the money for the Beginning.

Top rated 5 improvements of the KYK Harmony Water Ionizer Canada

1. The KYK harmony is a effective Water Ionizer Canada, which generates the
scientifically enhanced alkaline or acidic water. Both of these altered pH waters are
able of providing fantastic well being rewards when utilized appropriately. For
instance, the acidic water has been demonstrated to supply tighter pores and skin and
fuller hair, even though the alkaline water can be utilized to stop heartburn and

2. The KYK Harmony has an superior SMPS electrical method, which not only
helps make it cooler and quieter, but also permits you to run it for up to an hour at a
time. Most ionizers are only capable of working for about fifteen minutes.

3. The appliance comes with an activated carbon water filtration program, which
removes 99.99% of pollutants, which includes fluorides and hefty metals, from your
drinking water.

4. With the regular lifespan of the KYK Harmony Water Ionizer Canada, you are
searching at having to pay about 2 cents per liter of clean, ionized water. This not only
saves you a fortune more than purchasing bottled water, but the longer existence of
this appliance saves you a fortune more than other ionizers.

5. The more compact water clusters created by the KYK Harmony help the enzymes
in your physique to break down foods and soak up vitamins and minerals. This water
has been revealed to aid the physique take in as a lot as 30% much more vitamins
when in contrast with tap or bottled water.

General the KYK Harmony Water Ionizer Canada is a great purchase. It is affordable
and will get the work done. Nonetheless, it does not perform up to the normal of the
KYK Genesis. The lately launched 7-plated Genesis blows the Harmony out of the
water! (pun intended)

Cruz Pollard is definitely a professional relating to Water Ionizer Canada.