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					              St John the Baptist
     At St John’s we aim to sell foods within the ‘healthy canteen’
guidelines and offer a variety of tasty snacks. The canteen is open for
lunch orders Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

      On these days children can place an order by writing their name,
class and food request on a brown paper lunch bag and placing the bag
with the correct money (where possible) in the green boxes located
outside the canteen. Orders must be in the boxes prior to morning tea
so that the volunteers can prepare the correct quantities. Sandwiches
and hot food cannot be purchased without an order. The canteen is
open during the lunch break only to sell snacks, drinks and frozen
treats etc. We do not open for morning tea.

      As we are a small school so too is our canteen. The canteen is
entirely run by volunteers and the continued support from parents is
the only way it can operate.

      If you are new to the school an easy way of becoming involved in
the school is to volunteer. It’s a great way to meet other parents and
the kids love to see your familiar face behind the counter. There are
many experienced volunteers to show you the ropes, so don’t be
daunted by the idea!! Most parents volunteer once or twice a term and
the hours are usually from 11am till 2pm.

     If you are interested in being a volunteer in 2011 or would like
more information please feel free to contact Theresa Opadchy on 9938
2664 or email