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					When you combine direct response marketing with compelling content you have a
winning recipe with almost any internet ad campaign. Focused ads that attract only
highly qualified leads or customers, coupled with satisfying content boosts
conversions and loyalty.
  Fast and Direct
  Paid advertising is without a doubt the fastest form of direct response marketing and
the internet has a growing number of options available to online home business
owners, entrepreneurs and even traditional business owners.
  My traditional business clients are primarily interested in local business but they still
need an ad campaign that:
  1. Indicates how many people are being reached 2.         Measures the response rate 3.
     Calculates the conversion rate (responses to buyers) 4. Builds a database for
direct mail or email 5.     And has a measurable ROI (return on investment)
  Local Listings
  There are a growing number of popular 鈥榣 ocal business listing sites 鈥?online, in
addition to the major search engines and they all include premium listings. The cost of
these listings varies as does the business owners ability to accurately gauge how well
the listing is serving them.
  Most traditional business owners can relate to these listings because they mimic the
old 鈥榊 ellow Page 鈥?ads that had large commercial listings that took up to an
entire page. Even though that full page ad cost more than the regular listing it was a
onetime fee as opposed to the online counter parts which can incur monthly costs.
  The real question to ask is whether the listing takes advantage of the Internet 鈥檚
greatest function 鈥?does the ad target only those people who want to support your
business or a general audience.
  Aiming at Your Target
  Every business wants to target only those people who have an honest desire to
acquire their products or services. The internet makes that targeting an exact science.
  Most listings will narrow the reach by category but using your business description
correctly can potentially screen out more wasted time dealing with the general
  You may come up in the search alongside other companies that aren 鈥檛 as focused
as you or have a completely different service relating to the same keyword or category
  Lessons from PPC (pay per click)
  When PPC showed up the internet acquired the most powerful form of direct
response marketing in existence. Although the ad space was somewhat limited,
marketers were able to carefully craft ads that only appealed to very specific groups
which meant ROI was always high.
  While most business owners have little need for PPC it does paint a clear picture of
the Internet 鈥檚 potential for targeting only people who are ready to buy.
  Using PPC incorrectly yields the same results as any poorly planned advertising
campaign; little to no return and the potential for great loss.
  Compelling Content
 Regardless of how you advertise your business online you 鈥檒 l want to know that
when you 鈥檙 e discovered the visitor is blown away by what they find.
 This doesn 鈥檛 always entail a visual experience that gives them shivers. More
people are looking to make immediate purchases from handheld devices every day
and most detailed graphics are lost to them.
 When a visitor finds exactly what they are looking for on your site they 鈥檒 l be
compelled to take the next step. Therefore you don 鈥檛 want to bring people to a site
that doesn 鈥檛 have what they 鈥檙 e looking for which means the ad does the
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