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                Modern purpose built workshop
                               Experienced team

Capability to design, manufacture, repair, test and
overhaul power transformers for all applications.
Transformer Capability
Ampcontrol specialises in the design and
manufacture of custom built power transformers,
providing engineered solutions for equipment
requirements ranging from the intricate to the
complex. The company’s capabilities cater for a wide
range of applications across the industrial, mining
and power utility sectors.

The custom built Transformers facility, located at
Tomago NSW, provides for the manufacture of
transformers up to 80MVA at 132kV and can service
and repair units weighing up to 80 tonnes.

Ampcontrol can also provide on-site testing and
maintenance regimes through our extensive service
support network.

New Transformer Workshop
•	 6400m2 of work space
•	 80 tonne lifting capacity
•	 Oil treatment plant capable of processing 4000
   litres per hour, filtering and degassing
   (in-factory and on-site)
•	 Vacuum drying of core assembly and coils
•	 Coil winding up to 3 metres in length and 2
   metres in diameter
•	 Dust controlled dedicated HV winding facility

Winding Capability
•	 Horizontal winding machines with capacity up to 7,500kg weight
•	 Installed capacity for 2 vertical winding machines up to 10,000kg weight

Core Design
•	 High efficiency cores using Mitre, Steplap & ‘V’ notch
•	 Robust Butt Lap designs

                               POWER THROUG
 In house Core Cutting & Slitting Capability
 •	   Ability to manufacture up to 80MVA transformer cores
 •	   Ability to slit core steel on demand

 High Voltage Test Bay Capability
 •	 1000kV/75kJ impulse testing
 •	 The routine test bay is equipped to perform tests up to 80MVA
    132kV using regulators, alternators and related measuring
 •	 11kV mains connected test supply
 •	 Power frequency withstand voltage testing up to 350kV
 •	 FRA, DLA, oil testing
 •	 Temperature rise
 •	 Sound level
 •	 Partial discharge testing
 •	 150Hz frequency induced over voltage testing

 Design Capability
 •	 In-house engineering capability employing design engineers and drafters utilising state of
    the art “Solidworks” 3D design facilities and software to embrace electrical, magnetic and
    mechanical design concepts
 •	 SAPR-TON electrical design verification software
 •	 Ampcontrol employs engineering personnel with experience in the design, manufacturing and
    testing of transformers of up to 400MVA 400kV

 Transformer types manufactured
 •	   Oil immersed transformers up to 80MVA, 132kV
 •	   Gas insulated dry type up to 8MVA, 11kV
 •	   Regulating transformers
 •	   Special transformers
 •	   Oil filled reactors
 •	   Rectifier and furnace transformers

 Transformer Capability

 Customers Include
 •	          Eraring Energy
 •	          BHP Billiton
 •	          Energy Australia
 •	          Xstrata
 •	          WorleyParsons
 •	          Integral Energy
 •	          Voest-alpine
 •	          Ergon Energy
 •	          Alcoa
 •	          Hatch Thiess
 •	          Energy Developments Limited (EDL)
 •	          Norski
 •	          Rio Tinto
 •	          Tomago Aluminium
 •	          CRL

 Overhauls and Rebuilds Capability
 •	          Coil winding
 •	          Redesign
 •	          Uprating of existing units
 •	          Engineering design

 Existing winding specifications can be
 duplicated or coils custom made to suit
 alternative needs. Coils are wound and
 precompressed (oven dried to reduce
 moisture levels) and then shipped in a
 sealed container.

 Additional Services
 •	 High voltage testing of transformers, switchgear, insulators, etc for clients
 •	 Electrical steel slitting & cutting

 On-site Service
 Ampcontrol also offer on-site service which includes consulting, transformer assembly,
 testing and commissioning as well as oil treatment utilising mobile vacuum dehydration units.


             Ampcontrol Transformers ABN 68 099 836 281
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             TOMAGO NSW 2322 AUSTRALIA
             Phone:    +61 2 4961 9061
             Fax:      +61 2 4961 9066
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