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Different Computer Security Threats


									One of the most embarrassing and stressful moments when it comes to computers is
when we lose data due to computer security attacks such as virus attacks and hacker
or cracker intrusion.
  For you not to be a victim of such threats, you should first be able to familiarize
yourself with the actual threats. Knowing who your invisible enemies are will give
you an advantage when battling computer security threats. To do this, you can consult
the internet and use your favorite search engine by typing the appropriate keywords.
After you submit your query, you just have to choose among the results. Search for
computer security related information and you will find loads of sites offering help.
  One thing that you can do to avoid the loss of data is to create a back-up of the
important files that you have on your computer. You can either burn them on a CD or
DVD or store them in a safe place or save them on portable storage devices such as
USB Flash Drives or external Hard Disks. Alternatively, you can also use online
storage sites for creating a back-up of your important files.
  It is also recommended that you install dependable anti-virus software to help you
protect your system against viruses, worms, and Trojans. It is further recommended
that you install tough firewall software especially if you are always using the internet
so that you will have a protection against unauthorized access to your system.
  When it comes to surfing the internet, you just shouldn’t download anything! In all
honesty you need to make sure that the website where you download a file from is
legitimate. If you have wrongfully downloaded a malicious file, you are exposing
your computer to a lot of security threats. If a pop-up box appears on your screen, you
should not click it. This will help your computer stay virus free.
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