Differences between Men's Purses and Women's Purses by hkksew3563rd


									A purse can be said as a small bag for people to put money in. It is more convenient
for people to shopping with such a small item as they have places to put money well.
There are purses for men and women. It is obvious to tell whether a purse is for men
or for women because they are different from some aspects such as pattern, colors,
materials and designs. Pattern The patterns of a purse for women are various. Some of
the patterns look beautiful with flowers. Some look lovely with some cartoon
characters. Whatever patterns you like, you can find what you want from a women's
purse. Men are not as happy as women when it comes to it. A purse for men always
looks simple without patterns. It looks plain. The only pattern is always the logo of
the brand in it. Color It seems women are happier than men as the fashion accessories
for them are more colorful. They can find different colors in a purse such as pink, red,
yellow, green, purple black and so on. There are always different colors for them to
choose for the same one. They look attractive! For men, black and brown or grey are
the most common colors. They don't have many options as women do. Some bright
colors such as yellow, pink are seldom to see from a men's purse. It looks strange for
him to have the one with these colors. Material There are various materials that can be
used to produce a purse for women such as leather, synthetic leather, cloth, or even
silk. It always looks great no matter what kind of material is used. What materials can
be used for men's purses? Well, what we see most is always leather. It seems leather is
the only material! Design Women always have more things to carry with when they
are going out. They need mirrors, combs and other small items. These items are
necessary for them. There is always a mirror in a purse for women. And there are
more interior pockets in it for women to put things well-organized. Some of the
designs look unique. A purse for men seems comes with the same design all the time.
Open it and you see several interior pockets and nothing more. What needs to pay
Attention to when purchasing them? There are many aspects for people to pay
attention when they are purchasing a purse for both men and women. Firstly, be
careful about the sizes of it. It cannot be too large or too small. If it is large, it is easy
for other to see it clearly. Thus, the money in it is not safe. If it is too small, you
cannot put all the things you need in it. Secondly, pay attention to the style. It must be
the one that suits your other accessories well. In other words, it should suit your style
and your personality. Then, the quality of it should be cared. The one of high quality
must be durable and made from fine material. If it is a qualified one, it can hold
everything well. If not, it is easy for it to have some holes after using for a short time.
Your money go away from you once you don't care! A purse is a very functional
accessory. Even though they are different from styles and designs, they have the same
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