Difference Between Real Leather And Synthetic Furniture

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					Furniture is essence of any home. It defines the beauty of the room where it is
installed. While buying furniture you have to be extra cautious about its quality, styles
and designs. When you go out to buy it, you would find both 鈥?real quality and
synthetic imitation. Hence, you have to determine which is real and which is imitated.
Consider the following points
  鈥?Perhaps the best test is the material covered by leather. Usually the inside of
leather furniture will appear suede whereas that of synthetic imitation has woven
material that is usually fuzzy and often white. 鈥?You have to look at the cross
section of the surface. Synthetic is a joint of plastic surface to fabric outside; whereas
leather is one material. 鈥?In thickness, leather is thicker and vinyl is thinner.
鈥?The way your furniture shows imperfections also determines whether it is real or
synthetic. Leather hides are not perfect across the surface, whereas vinyl has no
surface characteristics. 鈥?Analyze a repeating pattern. Vinyl is manufactured with a
particular pattern that repeats itself. Leather has no such specific pattern. 鈥?Since
leather is actually animal skin, it has dimensional limitations; however, vinyl is
produced on a roll with no limits to size. 鈥?Vinyl surfaces have grain patterns that
are totally uniform; whereas leather furniture lacks it as nature does not produce
complete uniformity. 鈥?Vinyl, bonded leather, ultra suede PU leather, Bicast leather
are not real leather deals. Bonded, PU leather and bicast leather are pressed wood or
fiberboard. These are made from leather waste material that has a heavy urethane
coating on the surface. The typical color of this type of is a glossy brown. They lack
durability and present all kinds of problems. 鈥?Another type is a Split-hide.
Although it is real, it lacks the durability that is expected from the furniture once you
buy it. It is the remainder of a leather hide after the epidermis or top-grain is split
  When buying leather furniture, seek answers to the following questions:
  a. Is the leather top grain? In top grain leather, the epidermis of the skin is intact.
This is essential in extending the life of leather furniture. b. Is it whole leather?
Many manufacturers try to cut the cost by mixing leather with vinyl. Although it is not
as bad as complete vinyl furniture, you can not neglect the subsequent problems of
mixed material. c.      Ask for the swatch of the material used. You should look at its
front and black. The color consistency of both the side should match. Most leather
manufacturers give their customers samples of the leather they use for exactly this
reason. Be aware of those who can't produce the one for your examination. d. Ask
about the manufacturer. Do your research and check who built the pieces. There are
hundreds of manufacturers in the furniture industry. Make sure you select an
established and reputed one.
  Do stress on your questions and if you are not satisfied by the answers find another
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