; Diamond Rings And Diamond Shapes
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Diamond Rings And Diamond Shapes


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									Diamond rings have come into their own. While always a choice for engagement
rings and wedding bands, today they are also a choice as a right finger ring, and there
are all kinds of diamond shapes to choose from. Let's have a look at a few.
  Round Brilliant - The round brilliant is the modern day version of the round with a
lot more sparkle and shine. It is the most popular choice in diamond rings. Oval - The
oval isn't used often in solitaires but it is a popular choice in rings that have three
stones, such as anniversary rings. Three ovals the same size or a larger center
diamond with a smaller stone on each side are popular.
  Asscher - The Asscher is a diamond that is cut square. It is similar to the emerald
with clipped corners and step facets. It's become very popular in the last little while.
  Emerald - The emerald is a traditional shape that has step facets and clipped corners.
It may be old world but its popularity increased when Tiffany first set it in an open
setting about a century ago. That way light could pass through and it took what was
once a drab cut to a new level.
  Princess - This square cut diamond has almost the brilliance of the round brilliant
diamond and is more popular than the Asscher and Radiant.
  Radiant - The radiant was popular before the princess. Today it has lost its
  Marquise - The marquise is a popular choice still today even though it is a traditional
  Heart - While once popular it has lost its popularity and may be harder to find these
  Pear - You'll find the pear shape continues to be popular, especially in pendants. It
reflects light nicely and has good proportions. Stay on the edge of fashion accessories
with diamond rings.
  Diamond rings can be found with diamonds of any of these shapes. Shopping for
diamond rings online can save you a bundle and offer you wider selection than you've
ever dreamed.

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