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T3 Capabilities Statement


									                                                                  T3 PRODUCT
                                                        & SERVICE SOLUTIONS
                                                              1117 Germany Dr.
                                                            Cedar Hill, TX 75104
            T3                                             Phone: 469-360-8792

                                                             Corporate Capability
T3 PRODUCT & SERVICE                          The Management
SOLUTIONS (T3) is a 100%                      Consulting Division of T3
African-American owned entity. T3             works with private and public agencies
offers General Services Administration        in the evaluation of issues related to
(GSA) services including                      the management of the organization,
Management, Organizational and                staffing issues, and specific program
Business Improvement Services                 objectives designated for the
(MOBIS) for Federal Supply Group              organization. On the public side, our
874. T3 was established with a                staff has extensive experience with
management consulting, information            federal management reviews,
technology and product research and           particularly those involving OMB
development divisions to provide              Circular A-76 and Manpower
„turnkey planning, implementation and         Requirements Determinations.
sustainment for public and private            Management consulting services with
MEOs. T3 staff members are Subject            governmental agencies often
Matter Experts (SMEs) in Organization         incorporate program design and
Development, Document Imaging                 evaluation assistance, staff and
Technology and the Energy Industry.           community input, and general
This unique combination gives T3 the          technical assistance to address
ability to offer private, municipal, state,   specific issues identified within the
and federal clients customized service        organization. T3 provides consulting
solutions that utilize the best practice      services to governmental entities to
business, technology and human                assist with their efforts to optimize
capital solutions of the 21st century in      operational efficiencies and better
the development of management,                serve their clients. Recently, T3
Human Capital, and technology                 principals participated in a U.S.
recommendations. Using results and            Department of Navy manning
data from a recent Navy Manpower              evaluation providing a total force
Shore Requirements initiative, T3 is          manpower requirements determination
currently researching alternatives for        of the civilian and military staff, and
the U.S. Navy to develop a Manpower           supporting industry partners. On the
Validation Tool to reduce costs and           public side, T3 has worked with the
maximize efficiencies associated with         City of Dallas, DFW Airport and others
Human Capital Strategic Planning              to improve business efficiency with
initiatives.                                  process changes and development.

T3 Product & Service Solutions                                                   2
A-76 & MEO Support Services (SIN           For the federal sector, T3 fully
874-6) – T3 has worked with a number       understands the in-depth planning,
of organizations to examine staffing       coordination and execution necessary
requirements for optimal efficiency, the   to accomplish a Commercial Activities
effectiveness of in-house processes,       (CA) Study. Our consultants have over
and benchmarking against recognized        10 years of practical experience in
industry leaders. These efforts lend       conducting such evaluations. As the
support to organizational restructuring    federal government seeks to achieve
with an eye toward making the most of      significant savings and efficiencies
available staff and striking an            from commercial activities studies, this
appropriate balance between project        proven expertise is essential.
effectiveness and cost efficiency.
                                           Workflow Analysis/ Business
T3 performs all activities necessary for   Process Reengineering
evaluating the Most Efficient              Business process reengineering is the
Organization and for making the            redesign of business processes and the
transition to a performance based          associated systems and organizational
contract. Our approach is multi-           structures to achieve a dramatic
disciplined and includes, but is not       improvement in business performance.
limited to, the following activities:      T3 specializes in applying process
                                           modeling and simulation to accurately
 Conduct Business Strategy                document and substantially improve
  Assessment (BSA) or review the           processes. We use a five (5)-phase
  present structure and develop a          approach, which has been proven as a
  roadmap for a „peak performing‟
                                           highly successful methodology.

 Review current performance against             Planning
  quality assurance methods used and             Data Collection
  metrics available, recommend                 Analysis
  improvements and/or changes,                 Transformation
 Conduct operations assessment                TQM

 Develop the best strategy for the peak    Initially, a workshop is held with
  performance and/or performance-          process owners to identify each step in
  based statement of work to include       the process. We then collect workload
  incentive strategies and source
                                           data and further refine the process
  selection criteria,
                                           models through individual interviews. In
 Recommend innovative approaches to       phase three, we validate the processes
  contract administration, QASP            with process owners to ensure accuracy
  development and its implementation,      and acceptance while encouraging
                                           dramatic process improvement idea
 Provide Cost/Benefit analysis, pros      generation. In phase four, we finalize
  and cons of recommendations and/or       the models and test improvement
  independent governmental cost            considerations for process owners and
  estimate (IGCE) for all functional       leadership consideration. Finally, a
  areas under review.

T3 Product & Service Solutions                                                 3
comprehensive report with full              private and governmental entities. Our
documentation is presented.                 core competencies are as follows:
The essence of our services is to provide
process owners and leadership with vital        Systems Integration
information from which to make fact-            Legacy Software Design,
based decisions. The impacts of potential        Consulting & Applications
changes are tested and visible to all            Development
participants with the use of our process        Strategic Technology
modeling and simulation. The results of          Planning and Assessment
the process models provide leadership           Data Conversion and
additional information such as process           Migration
cycle times, the cost of current and            Enterprise Automation
improved processes, and staffing                E-Services
requirements to capture the impact of
varying workload volumes from which to      System Integration Services
make some of the most important resource    T3 offers a comprehensive systems
management decisions.                       integration approach:

                                             Strategic planning to ensure that
Change Management –T3 recognizes              information resources (existing and
that effective change management              planned) are selected and positioned to
practices are essential to sustain an         support the broader goals, objectives, and
MEO or peak performing organization.          strategies of the enterprise
Change Management is the process,            Mission needs assessment to define client
                                              requirements and validate requirements,
tools and techniques to effectively
                                             Business process reengineering to
manage people and the associated              ensure compliance with Government
human resource issues that surface            Performance and Results Act, and
when implementing business changes.          Information Technology Management
T3 offers the offers the following            Reform Act requirements,
                                             Rapid prototyping, proof-of-concept, and
features of an effective change
                                              pilot system development and
management solution:                          assessment,
                                             Internet/intranet and groupware design,
      Industry Changes                       planning, and implementation,
      Corporate Mindset Changes             Acquisition plans and strategies, including
                                              legacy system migration strategies, initial
      Technology Changes
                                              cost estimating, and privatization and
      Aging Workforce Initiatives            outsourcing analysis,
      Transformation Initiatives            Market analysis and surveys, vendor
      Company Movement                       identification, and identification and
      Human Capital Resource                 assessment of commercial off-the-shelf
                                              (COTS) and other applications,
                                             Program management, including technical
                                              acquisition and management expertise,
The Information Technology                   Performance measurement, including
Division of T3 provides premium               benchmarks, validation, modeling, and
technology planning and                      Development of unique or customized
implementation services throughout            applications, including database planning
Texas and the United States, to both          and design, executive information
                                              systems, and decision support systems,

T3 Product & Service Solutions                                                      4
 Integration support for COTS applications,    newer, more efficient code that makes
 Independent verification and validation,      use of new technology and
 Full life-cycle object-oriented development
  and coding,
                                                programming skills. Many companies
 Electronic grants management system           are migrating their legacy applications
  design, development, and implementation,      to new programming languages and
 Development and implementation of public      operating systems that follow open or
  health care management and review             standard programming interfaces. T3
 Open standard system development,
                                                is the hands-down choice for legacy
  Web-based systems implementation              data conversions and migrations. T3
                                                offers unparalleled expertise with:
Legacy Software Development
                                                 Data Conversions and Migration of
                                                  applications in the same platform
Legacy applications and data are                 Migration of databases and data servers
those that have been inherited from              Data Conversion and Migration of
languages, platforms, and techniques              applications across platforms and
earlier than current technologies, with           technologies
most applications being written for              Distributed systems using IBM, Unix, and
                                                  Windows Operating Systems, Cobol, C++,
specific manufacturers‟ operating                 Oracle, MS SQL, and CA products
systems. T3 provides expert                      Conversion from out-dated systems to
consulting and staffing support for               modern applications and relational
Legacy Software Development. T3                   databases
                                                T3 offers the best expertise in legacy
 Application Developers with strong project    system upgrades. If you need
  management skills and technical expertise     platform or operating system migration
 Specialists in CA application development,    support, we can assist. T3 has
  upgrades and database administration
                                                Microsoft Certified System Engineers
 Strong experience with database design        (MCSE) and experienced System
  and maintenance in IBM OS/390, Unix           Analysts on staff to bring the highest
  and Windows environments                      quality of professional support to your
                                                organization‟s technological
Technology Assessment –T3                       challenges. We provide hardware and
Technology assessments include an               software new release support from
examination of all aspects of                   Novell to Microsoft Windows 2000, as
information technology including:               well as:
   Information system planning,                 Process re-engineering support to replace
   Operational and organizational controls,      unsupported applications,
   System applications,                         Custom application development to
   System acquisition,                           address current and future business
   User input, and                               requirements,
   Program evaluation.                          Capacity and Performance Evaluations to
                                                  properly size your new environment based
                                                  upon workload and system requirements
Data Conversion and Migration The                 peak demands, and
challenge for many organizations                 Software Evaluation services to assist
today is to keep legacy applications              your organization in selecting the “Best-in-
                                                  Class” product to solve your business
running while converting them to                  needs.

T3 Product & Service Solutions                                                           5
Enterprise Automation – Enterprise        The Product Solutions
Automation is a key component for
                                          Division (T3 Business
any business that is challenged with
today‟s ever-changing environments        Systems) of T3 initializes your
and faced with the rising cost of         company‟s transformation efforts by
human resources. Automation               providing technology solutions that
services enhance an organization‟s        streamline mission critical functions
ability to understand where labor         and tasks while removing
intensive tasks exist and helps to        communication barriers and reducing
simplify tasks/functions through          organization operating costs. Our core
automation. We have extensive             competencies are as follows:
experience in automating business
processes, system/administration          Business System Product
management, and tracking of               Solutions:
                                           Data Management Solutions
materials and resources. Our proven             Business Work Flow Solutions
implementation methodology includes             Business Process Solutions
a careful study of your complete                Imaging Solutions
automated data collection                       Enterprise Resource Modeling &
requirements and then the                                Planning (ERMP) Solutions
                                                Interactive API Solutions
development of a customized solution            Data Warehousing Solutions with
that is right for your business. The                     Transaction Utilization
integration of processes, alerts, and      Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
notifications are delivered to the          Solutions
desktop or in-hand using the latest        Biometric Solutions
                                           Analysis Automation Solutions
advances in wireless and PDA devices       Voice Activation Interface Solutions
                                                Voice over IP
E-Services – T3 offers a range of               IP Telephony
Internet ebusiness/ecommerce
services for private and public           Outsourced Customer Support
business organizations. In addition to    Services:
online business support services as:       Information Center Management Services
web hosting, customized web                 (Data & Voice)
                                           Help Desk Support Services
solutions and e-marketing, T3 also         Technology Prototype Development
provides business creation and              Services
infrastructure support with e-planning,    RFID Services
e-commerce, e-consulting, e-
marketing and e-solutions integration

T3 Product & Service Solutions                                                  6
T3 PRODUCTS &                              DF/W International Airport
                                           Consumer Mktg. Database
SERVICES SOLUTIONS                          (Airport CRM Data Warehouse)

Management Consulting

U.S. Department of the Navy
Alameda County Employees
Retirement Fund
City of Dallas
City of Grand Prairie
Dallas Police & Fire Pension Fund
Bank of America
Pitney Bowes
Grant Thornton

Information Technology                     Contact Information:
                                           Dallas, TX Office
D/FW International Airport                 1117 Germany Dr.
State of Indiana                           Cedar Hill, TX 75104
Girls Inc. of Metropolitan Dallas
 (E-LEAP online survey application)       Management Consulting
Rapp Collins Worldwide                     Thea G. Walker
City of Dallas                             469-360-8792
 Dallas Police – Fire Pension system DB
  Consulting for Evaluation/Conversion)
Longhorn Insurance Agency
 (Outsourced COBOL Programming
                                           Information Technology
  Maintenance for INS .Mgt. system)        W.P. Dorsey, Jr.
Wade Consulting Group                      817-267-8700
 (Website for business promotion)
McGill Financial Services
Global Furniture                           Product Development
 (Website for business promotion)         R. E. Evans
Parker Law Firm                            214-641-3558
Reynolds Law Firm                
Frontier Consulting
 (IT Consulting and Staffing)
Micro Assist
 (IT Consulting and Staffing)

Product Solutions
U.S. Department of the Navy
 (Manpower Validation Justification and
  Forecast Modeling System)

T3 Product & Service Solutions                                              7
NAICS Codes:

621491 621512
423430 622110
423710 623310
518112 623312
518120 623990
519190 624110
541320 624120
541511 624190
541512 624229
541513 923120
541519 925110
541611 926130
541612 541613
541618 541690
541720 541614
541990 541611

T3 Product & Service Solutions   8
BIOS of Key T3 Personnel                    organizations in the faith-based
                                            community. Ms. Walker has graduate
Thea G. Walker                              degrees in finance and counseling
                                            psychology and has served as a
Ms. Walker serves as Director of the        certified TQM trainer and coach for
Management Consulting Division. Ms.         numerous organizations and clients
Walker provides executive leadership        throughout her professional career. As
to T3 in focus areas of management          an enthusiast for entrepreneurial start-
consulting, marketing and                   up companies or established
administration. Her professional            organizations, Ms. Walker always
background spans 15 years of senior         contributes a roadmap for
management experience in finance            organizational excellence through
and information technology, and she         continuous improvement and
is well positioned to lead a                sustained change for results, speed
management team poised to provide           and profit.
twenty-first century consulting
solutions for speed, profit and             Wendell Dorsey, Jr.
sustainability. For the private sector,
Ms. Walker has provided management          Mr. Dorsey serves as Director of
consulting expertise in the high-impact     Information Technology Division and
areas of information technology,            Principal for CMCg, Mr. Dorsey
business process / workflow analysis,       provides strategic technology
and change management solutions for         direction, project management and
Fortune 1000 companies as EDS,              technical expertise to lead, plan and
Grant Thornton, Pitney Bowes and            implement advanced technology
Bank of America. In the public sector,      solutions and software products for T3
she has provided key leadership in          clients, partners and affiliates. He is
business outsourcing initiatives with       currently the visionary for T3 above
the U.S. Navy, City of Dallas and City      the line packaged e-business, e-
of Grand Prairie. In the public pension     commerce, and advanced Web e-
fund industry, she has served as POC        solutions service delivery strategy. He
during a major system implementation        has also performed considerable work
for one of the largest pension fund         in the IT industry in the areas of
and employee retirement systems in          software product design/development,
the U.S. Ms. Walker‟s management            systems integration, as well as the
consulting experience also extends to       deployment of advanced technologies
the non-profit arena. She serves as         for fortune 1000 companies and state
Chairman of a Dallas-based                  government “statewide” technology
community development corporation ,         initiatives (impacting more than 10,000
and Director of Philanthropy and            employees, in more than a few cases,
Administration for the Institute for Life   on large IT initiatives for state
Cycle Management and Disease                governments (strategize and managed
Control, a Dallas based health              by Wendell, as a Sr. technology
prevention organization. She also           Advisor)). Mr. Dorsey previously held
provides management and technical           professional positions at American
leadership to local boards and              Airlines, IBM Corporation, IMS

T3 Product & Service Solutions                                                  9
Computer Services, Image Sciences,       first implementation of UNIX, launched
Oracle Global Consulting, MatriDigm      as PC/IX and AIX; and was one of the
Corp., and SCB Computer                  first technologists in the U.S. honored
Technology, with responsibilities for    as a Certified Systems Professional
software product planning, design,       (CSP) by the Association of Systems
development, consulting and staff        Management.
leadership. Mr. Dorsey is degreed in
computer science from the University     Roderick Evans
of Tulsa and Tulsa Junior College,
where he completed his formal            Mr. Evans serves as Director of the
education concurrent with launching a    Product Solutions Division. He has
successful IT career. With aggressive    responsibilities for piloting and
participation in research and writing,   evaluating new technology, hands-on
Mr. Dorsey has also published a          technology integration, project
number of technical papers and           supervision, new business opportunity
columns as follows: „170 Imaging         identification, research & development
Systems Integration with Oracle          of business solutions, requirements
Financials‟, Ivory Paper, for Oracle     gathering and data analysis for all
Services, National Repository, 1994;     projects. Mr. Evans has over 15+
published 'Document Imaging              years experience in Information
Factoids', 1995, for Oracle global       Technology (IT) and Operations
practice. Also published „What is the    Management. While stationed at
Internet and why is it Important?‟ a     HMX-1, Quantico, VA; Mr. Evans
series of technology articles for        supervised business item
business and finance, for La Vida        management operations (Supply
News, Texas, Dec/1997. With              Chain Operations) totaling $11 Million
maintaining a balanced work/life         in revenue. Developed and managed
responsibility, Mr. Dorsey serves his    operational processes that improved
community with participation on a        production cycle time by 50% and
variety of civic and religious boards,   reduced product testing of all
with membership and active               equipment from 2 weeks to 2 days.
participation in the HEB Chamber of      While at Alliance Data Systems
Commerce, Arlington Chamber of           engaged at IBM Laboratories,
Commerce, Dallas Chamber of              developed business systems around
Commerce, and the Project                energy market policies and procedures
Management Institute (PMI). In 1998-     resulting in greater operational
1999, he was inducted into “Who‟s        efficiency and improved customer
Who” for community leadership and        service for all market participants.
contributions in business education on   While at TXU, Mr. Evans led the R&D
Internet technology and e-commerce.      Process Consulting and Services
What‟s unique about him is He holds      Group (Center of Excellence). Mr.
certificates of completion from IBM‟s    Evans used resources to reduce costs
Systems Research Institute of            throughout all business development
Technology (SRI); was honored to         and pipeline service divisions by
participate in development and the       streamlining processes, re-negotiating
release of the first IBM PC, and IBM‟s   vendor contracts, and resurrecting

T3 Product & Service Solutions                                              10
sales of underutilized products to a
record 7% increase in net margin over
6 months. While at UPR, developed
complex technical marketing systems
that proposed pricing options for
energy resources, and managed
resource data that negotiated the
close of numerous $500K+ deals. Mr.
Evans holds an MBA from Amberton
University and a BS in Computer
Science from Texas A&M University.
What‟s unique about Mr. Evans is that
he served in the White House as the
Systems Coordinator for Networks and
Computer Hardware supporting
Marine One and the Presidential
Helicopter Squadron.

T3 Product & Service Solutions          11
T3 Product & Service Solutions   12

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