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Annual Report
            Dave Way,                        Steele,
                                      Dave Steele,              Brandy Humes,                    Wilkins,
                                                                                            Matt Wilkins,              Nancy Callan,
            President                V ice President               Secretary
                                                                   Secretary                 Treasurer                Newsletter Editor

         Andrea Jung,                Penny Smith,                Jules Killam,                  Webster,
                                                                                          Karen Webster,              Chris Yli-Luoma,
       Director-At-Large            Events
                                    Events Director             IT Co-ordinator         Membership Director           Publicity Director

          Alison Cole,             Marianne Verigin,
                                            Verigin,          M.C.                           Deb Gleason
         Office Manager            Office Assistant
                                          Assistant          Potluck Co-ordinator      Vo lunteer Co-ordinator

    2005-06 Board of Directors
    Dave Way                                  President
    Dave Steele                               Vice-President
    Brandy Humes/Nora Timmerman               Secretary
    Matt Wilkins/Andrew Hudson                Treasurer

    Nancy Callan                                                             Heather Freeland
    Andrea Jung                                                              Jed Minor
    Penny Smith                                                              Shaun Tryon
    Jules Killam
    Karen Webster
    Chris Yli-Luoma

    2005-06 Staff & Services
    Alison Cole                    Office Manager
    Marianne Verigin               Membership Administrator/Office Assistant
    Silvia Wilson                  Potluck Co-ordinator/Developer-Co-ordinator Volunteer Program/Taste of Health Sales
    M. C.                          Potluck Co-ordinator
    Sue Beckstead                  Taste of Health Sales
    Joanne Geehan                  Taste of Health Sales            Anita Norman             Webmaster
    Deb Gleason                    Volunteer Co-ordinator           Heather Freeland         Yoga Instructor

    Layout & design: Alison Cole
    Editors: Alison Cole, Nancy Callan, Dave Steele
    Contributors: Alison Cole, Nancy Callan, Caroline Rechia, Dave Steele, Dave Way, Karen Webster, Chris Yli-Luoma
    Photos: John Bowers, Nancy Callan, Alison Cole, Silvia Wilson

2                                                                                                                 2006 Annual Report
The Year in Review — A Message from the President
        his past year has again been a positive time for the organization. Our services and programs that

T       help spread the word are stronger and more numerous than ever. And we continue to get contribu-
        tions of time from a range of skilled and passionate people.
  Our events are a major way that we can share the joys of plant-based foods and overcome the common
misconception that one is losing out on dining pleasures when meat and dairy are left out. Potlucks are
now every month and there are two to three dine-outs per month.
  We continue to get interest in volunteering with Earthsave, on the Board or otherwise. Joining us as
Board Directors in the last year were Brandy Humes, Karen Webster and Matt Wilkins. All three bring
significant skills to the board and the many programs we oversee. Matt in particular had stepped in as
Taste of Health Treasurer and then as the Board Treasurer when Andrew Hudson left us for a Chartered
Accountancy position overseas. We will be sorry to lose Matt as he returns to New Zealand in June.
  We were very sorry to lose Silvia Wilson as Volunteer Co-ordinator when she moved to Seattle, after
many years of dedication to Earthsave, but we were excited to welcome Deb Gleason as her replace-
ment. Liberty Mulkani joined us as Dine-out Co-ordinator for the North Shore, helping us to expand our
geographical outreach. And M. C. put on some delicious dine-outs in East Vancouver. We
appreciate her extensive knowledge of Vancouver restaurants.
  Our Readers’ Group has continued to meet regularly to discuss a wide range of books related to our
mission. The most recent have been How To Go Further about sustainable organic living and The China
Study about the Oxford/Cornell scientific evidence on the consumption of meat. Thanks to Cylia Wong
and Denise Swanson for their gift of time and diligence on this program.
  The Youth Group has continued to meet regularly and in January were on campuses with activist John
Bowers, handing out thousands of Why Vegan? and other booklets to students. We hope to continue this
work at schools throughout the Lower Mainland.
  Alison Cole, outside of her role as office manager, volunteered to use her layout production skills to
produce our first new Vancouver Vegetarian Directory in at least six years. This full-colour work was
launched last fall, was well-received and the first 8,000 copies have all been distributed. You can find
them at many of the vegetarian-friendly businesses around town.
  Earthsave continues to move forward. We have our successes and our challenges. The Healthy School
Lunch Program, while stimulating much interest and enthusiasm in the community, has yet to be fully
realized in the schools. If you have ideas on how to move it forward at the level of a particular school,
please contact us.
  All the works of the organization are created by people, either individually or in teams. I encourage
each one of you to reflect on whether volunteering some time with us would satisfy a need to spread the
word of the benefits of eating lower on the food chain and make the world a better place. Please email
or call us about volunteering in some capacity. We look forward to meeting you.

Respectfully submitted,

Dave Way

Earthsave Canada                                                                                            3
                      History of Earthsave and                         Earthsave at these events. Among the
                                                                       events we attended this year, co-ordinated
                      EarthSave Mission                                by volunteer Events Directors Heather
                                                                       Freeland and Penny Smith, were:
                          he EarthSave Foundation was started in          • Capers Eco Fair
                      T   the United States in 1987 by John
                      Robbins after overwhelming response to
                                                                          • Animal Voices Film Festival
                                                                          • Under The Volcano Festival
                      his book, Diet for a New America.                   • Your Local Farmers’ Markets
                        Earthsave Canada grew out of the excite-          • Vancouver Health Show
                      ment generated by a presentation by John            • Vancouver Wellness Show
                      in Vancouver in the fall of 1989. With a cur-       • Balle BC Sustainable Living Fair
                      rent membership base of well over 500
                      individuals and families, an office and
                      resource library, two part-time office
                                                                       Educational and Social
                      employees, we are poised for continued           Food Gatherings — Our
                      growth. Earthsave Canada is proud to be
                      one of the largest Earthsave affiliates in the
                      world.                                              s part of Earthsave’s educa-

Our Mission:
                                                                          tional mandate to promote
                                                                     and encourage the transition
                                                                     towards a plant-based diet, we
Earthsave Canada is a non-profit, educational                        hold regular vegan monthly
organization promoting awareness of the health, potlucks, open to all. The
                                                                     potlucks are lively social gather-
environmental, and ethical consequences of our ings where participants share an
food choices. We advocate the move towards a                         array of delicious entrees and lis-
                                                                     ten to informative guest speakers.
plant-based diet for better health, environmental The potlucks are co-ordinated by
sustainability, and compassion toward non-human M. C.
animals.                                                               On the second Sunday of every
                                                                     month this year, up to 50
                                                                     Earthsavers and other interested
                                                               people gathered to share delicious
                  In Touch with the                            plant-based food at the Vancouver
                  Community                                    Environmental Information Centre
                                                               (also known as the SPEC building) in
                       arthsave shares information face to Kitsilano. Every potluck features an
                      Eface with the public in a variety of informative speaker presenting on a
                  ways. Lectures, film screenings, discussion topic related to Earthsave’s mission.
                  groups and information tables are the most Abundant prizes – for the best vegan
                  powerful means. At over a dozen informa- dishes and for our raffle – keep the
                  tion tables at various community events
                                                               event lively. Among this year’s potluck
                  during the year, our volunteers reached
                  thousands of people, distributed literature,
                                                               presentations have been talks on
                  answered questions about Earthsave and Organic Food Gardening; The
                  ethical, environmental, and health issues Secrets of Cancer Free Living; Food
                  related to food. Many new members joined Safety; Shedding Light on Agribusiness in

4                                                                                            2006 Annual Report
   Potluck diners enjoyed a bountiful array of delicious platters at these educational and social gatherings.
Canada; and Alternatives to Turkey                     month. We also expanded our geographical
for the Festive Season.                                outreach to include restaurants in Burnaby,
  Potluck attendees must bring a vegan                 New Westminster and North Vancouver.
dish containing approximately eight                    The popular Pasparos Taverna dine-out in
servings. Members enter for free; non-                 North Vancouver attracted 52 diners for a
                                                       delicious Greek vegan meal. A murder
members pay a nominal $3 fee.
                                                       mystery dinner theatre held at the Orange
                                                       Room in New Westminister also attracted a
Dining Out in Town –                                   large crowd.
Discover A World of                                      Diners are still talking about the fabulous
                                                       vegan feast at Central Bistro, downtown.
Plant-based Food                                       We were all saddened to learn of the fire

    arthsave dine-outs are the practical
E   counterpart to our theoretical educa-
tional outreach on the consequences of
food choices. Representing a wide variety
of ethnic cuisines, dine-outs offer the
chance to try new restaurants and to sample
a much larger variety of dishes (all exclu-
sively vegan) than would be possible if din-
ers went on their own. Anywhere from 20
to 55 vegetarian, vegan and omnivore
guests attend these regularly sold out
events, with as many as half being non-
members. Dine-outs were co-ordinated this
year by volunteers Nancy Callan, M. C.,
Liberty Mulkani, Oliver
Prange and Diane Martin.
  Earthsave dine-outs increased in frequen-               Earthsave President Dave Way exercises his presidential duties by entertaining
cy this year, up to as many as three per                                    the guests at the Orange Room Murder Mystery dine-out.

Earthsave Canada                                                                                                                  5
                      that closed the Natural Garden, after our     Cow disease, the issues involved in fish
                      delicious dine-out there. We loved the        consumption, the One Tonne Challenge,
                      atmosphere and food at Radha Yoga and         food in schools, Canada’s Food Guide,
                      Eatery and the buffet at La Mascotte has      declines in chicken welfare, global
                      become legendary.                             warming, inaccuracy of the Blood Type
                         Serenity Natural Foods Café put on a       Diet, soy milk brand options, facts on
                      gourmet meal for us, as usual, and the        fibre, and the similarities between
                      kosher dishes at Sabra Kosher                 beloved pets and farm animals.
                      Restaurant were heavenly. Other memo-            We continue to sell our 310-page cook-
                      rable dine-outs of the past year took place   book, The Vegetarian Manifesto. A rich
                      at Sejuiced, Everybody Loves Veggies,         information resource, it is chock-full of
                      Wild Garlic, Habibi’s, Greens &               unbeatable vegan recipes and useful read-
                      Gourmet, Afghan Horsemen, Wild Rice,          ing about transitioning to a plant-based
                      Enthuze, Rime, MeKong, Nuba,                  diet. As part of Earthsave’s educational
                      Mumbai Masala, and Dharma Kitchen.            mandate, we have continued this year to
                                                                    give away these books as prizes at our
                      Communications and                            monthly potlucks and to our weekly email
                                                                    update quiz winners. The book is available
                      Publications                                  for sale at the Earthsave Bookstore, at
                                                                    Earthsave events, and at Banyen Books and
                        oasting a readership of approximately
                      B 3,000, the Canada Earthsaver, our bi-
                   monthly paper newsletter, is distributed to
                                                                    Sound. It will also soon be available for
                                                                    purchase online.
                                                                      The Earthsave Canada website remains
                                    Earthsave members and           a central communication hub for the organ-
Earthsave Website:                  supporters, partner busi-       ization, where anyone can find out about
                                    nesses, the library system,     our programs and activities with the click
                                    and attendees at events.        of a mouse, or access numerous informa-
                                    Co-ordinated by volunteer       tive articles pertaining to our mission. The
Earthsave Forums:                   Board Director and              website gets an average of 3,100 hits a day
                                    Newsletter Editor Nancy         – that’s 93,000 hits per month. Callan, the newsletter’s              Recognizing the importance of an effective
or go to the website and click aim is to educate the gen-           internet presence, the Earthsave Board and
                                    eral public about the con-      Staff have been working on a complete ren-
on the ‘Forums’ link.               sequences of food choices,      ovation of our website that will include
                                    as well as to create com-       new features, such as online membership
                                    munity among those con-         renewal, event registration, membership
Earthsave Weekly Email              cerned about these issues.      community interactivity, and a modern and
Update:                             The Earthsaver informs          user-friendly layout. The grand launching
                                    about upcoming Earthsave        of the new website of Earthsave Canada
                                    events, such as potlucks,       will be coming soon!
elists.html                         dine-outs and speakers in          Earthsave Canada’s Internet Forums
                                    town. Film, book and other      continue to be an outlet for our members
                   product reviews are also regular features.       and the general public to voice their opin-
                      With almost 100% unique and local con-        ions regarding the environmental, health
                   tent, the Earthsaver has been approached         and ethical consequences of our food
                   by a number of other publications this year      choices.
                   for permission to reprint articles. Articles        Forum traffic has increased this year to
                   over the past year have addressed topics         over 600 visits per day. Many a lively dis-
                   such as excess manure production, Mad            cussion takes place. Visitors post and reply

6                                                                                          2006 Annual Report
on a variety of engaging topics, but most
just read for information. Some recent top-
ics have included the health benefits of
plant-based diets, the emotions of animals,     Taste of Health
current related issues in the news, and            Earthsave Canada’s seventh annual vege-
recipe-sharing. Popular topics, like our           tarian food festival, Taste of Health
Events and Restaurant Recommendation               (TOH), was held on October 1st and 2nd in
topics, have been viewed well on the order         Vancouver. TOH brought 2,500 people to
of 20,000 times! Our forums also list job          experience a bountiful festival featuring
opportunities, both within and outside             informative speakers, workshops, cooking
Earthsave. The housing and classified ad           demonstrations, exhibitors, restaurants and
topics are popular as well.                        various like-minded non-profit organiza- Speaker Erik Marcus at TOH.
   Earthsave’s weekly email update is sent         tions. Earthsave membership and resource
free to over 1,200 people. Subscribers are         information tables, our bookstore, the silent
kept up-to-date on Earthsave events, other         auction and the children’s tent were all well
local events of interest, and the latest news      attended.
on food issues from media around the                  Among our TOH 2005 speakers were Dr.
world. Every update includes a vegan               T. Colin Campbell, leader of the largest
recipe and a chance to win a copy of               ever study in human nutrition, animal
Earthsave’s Vegetarian Manifesto cook-             activist and author Erik Marcus, and veg-
book and resource guide. The email update          etarian activist and musician Dana Lyons.
is administered by volunteers Dave Steele,         The Vegan Fitness Team, comprised of ath-
Jacqueline Cheung and Pamela Wong.                 letes Brendan Brazier, Robert Cheeke
Anyone can subscribe by going to                   and Tonya Kay, was a hit with their                    dynamic presentations. Cooking demos
    We continue to send out information            were presented by well-known vegetarian
packages to anyone who requests. Just call         cookbook authors Bryanna Clark
or email the office to order an info pack and      Grogan, Sally Errey, and Dreena
we’d be happy to send one out right away.          Burton. Chinese language workshops for
                                                                        the second year added
                                                                        to the diverse atmos-
                                                                           This two day event,
                                                                        nearly all volunteer
                                                                        organized, was made
                                                                        possible by the talents
                                                                        of 177 volunteers who
                                                                        ran and assisted with
                                                                        the various activities.
                                                                        Producer Chris Yli-
                                                                        Luoma, a board mem-
                                                                        ber and volunteer, had
                                                                        a core team of 10 out-
                                                                        standing volunteers.
                                                                        TOH continues to be
                                                                        ESC’s trademark annu-
                                                                        al event. Planning has
    Bryanna Clark Grogan’s lively cooking demo at T of Health 2005.
                                                                        started on TOH 2006

Earthsave Canada                                                                                               7
    which will return to the Croatian Cultural            val featured the award-winning documen-
    Centre on September 30th and October 1st,             tary Peaceable Kingdom, which explores
    2006. We will continue to use this worth-             not only the problems associated with large
    while opportunity to reach the community              scale factory farming, but also tells a
    and share the knowledge of good, healthy,             poignant story of the interconnected life
    plant-based foods with all those who                  journeys of farm animals and human
    attend.                                               beings.
       Special thanks to our generous sponsors               Earthsave also presented a Movie Night
    including       Western         Economic              on a summer evening in August, open to
    Diversification         Canada,         the           all. The Norwegian animal rights drama
    Oppenheimer Group, the Tzu Chi                        Rebels With a Cause (aka Svarte pantere)
    Foundation, and BC Gaming. Special                    was screened.
    thanks to Riviera Design Group, SPUD,
    Aràn Spelt Bakery, Choices Markets,                   Leaftletting
    Planet Organic, Mumm’s Sprouting
                                                               istributing informative and compelling
    Seeds, Radha Yoga & Eatery, Timeless
    Teas, Turtle Island Foods, Happy Veggie
                                                          D    literature on college campuses and at
                                                          other community venues is one of the most
    World, English Bay plus the many other
                                                          powerful ways to raise awareness on the
    donors and sponsors whose participation
                                                          consequences of our food choices. In
    helps to make this the second largest vege-
                                                          January, Earthsave teamed with Victoria-
    tarian event in Canada. Our thanks is
                                                          based activist John Bowers, and handed out
    extended to each and every one of them.
                                                          over 6,600 colourful Vegan Outreach
                                                          booklets that describe the plight of farmed
    Film Screening Events                                 animals and how one can make positive
        arthsave co-sponsored the first annual            compassionate steps to reduce the cruelty
    E   day long Animal Voices Film Festival
    on June 5th, presented by Canadians for the
                                                          towards our fellow creatures. John and
                                                          Earthsave volunteers leafleted at six uni-
    Ethical Treatment of Food Animals. Held at            versity and colleges campuses on the
    the Vancouver East Cultural Centre on the             Lower Mainland, as well as in the down-
    theme of “Animal farm factories and our               town area. We plan to continue these influ-
    out of control industrial system”, the festi-         ential efforts in the coming year.

                                                          Healthy School Lunch Program
                                                             n 2005-06, Earthsave’s Healthy School
                                                          I  Lunch Program attracted a great deal of
                                                          community interest. Earthsave members
                                                          and Vancouver area parents approached us
                                                          for help with resources, advice and sugges-
                                                          tions. The goal of helping Vancouver
                                                          schools incorporate healthy food and culti-
                                                          vate healthy eating habits continued this
                                                          year. We pushed harder to get school
                                                          administrators and Parent Advisory
                                                          Councils (PAC) to meet and speak with us
                                                          last fall. We had some success, but admin-
                                                          istrators at some schools remained uncon-
     Youth Group volunteer Taryn Scuffi participates in   vinced and unwilling to accept our pro-
         Vegan Outreach leafletting at UBC in January.    gram.

8                                                                               2006 Annual Report
   On the other hand, we saw a rise in the
urgency some parents and community
members expressed about the need for bet-
ter foods and healthy food awareness in
schools. The HSLP team, headed by volun-
teer Caroline Rechia, attended several
community events throughout the year.
Earthsave’s inclusion in the Vancouver
Healthy Living Alliance gives us a broader
perspective as to what is happening with
healthy food choices across the city. This
group may be joining another Coastal
Health     initiative,   the    Vancouver
Community Workgroup for Infant Children
and Youth, which will allow us an even
broader reach.
    We plan to put most of our resources
online in the upcoming year so that inter-
ested parties can readily access them and
print them off. We have healthy food cur-
riculum, sample nutritional policies,                Readers’ Group Co-ordinators Denise Swanson and Cylia Wong.
strategies for setting up salad bars in
schools, school outings suggestions and           The Youth Group, led by volunteer co-
alternatives to food fundraisers. We are        ordinator Ahlaam Mahmood, has greatly
also connected to government-subsidized         developed over the year and has established
programs trying to bring healthier food         a core committee of members to organize
into schools.                                   the activities of the group. Vegetarian
                                                potlucks open to all youth were held once
                                                per month, featuring films and guest speak-
Special Interest Groups                         ers. The highlight activity of the year was
    arthsave’s Special Interest Groups have
E   continued to evolve and grow over the
past year. These groups further Earthsave’s
                                                in the second week in January, when mem-
                                                bers of the Youth Group joined activist
                                                John Bowers in a city wide leafleting
educational mission, through teaching peo-      endeavour across post-secondary campuses
ple about food choices in a social setting.     and other public spaces. Over 6,600 Vegan
   The Readers’ Group, co-ordinated by          Outreach booklets (Try Vegetarian, Why
volunteers Cylia Wong and Denise                Vegan? and Even If You Like Meat) were
Swanson, has grown in number over the           distributed by the volunteers over the
year and meets monthly at either local veg-     course of the week. This type of education-
etarian restaurants or group members’           al effort proves to be one of the most effec-
homes to discuss books that reflect a part of   tive.
Earthsave’s mission. Discussion has been            Future plans for the Earthsave Youth
lively and insightful during this year’s        Group include the continuation of monthly
gatherings, and many excellent books were       youth potlucks, movie nights and guest
studied, such as Brenda Davis’ and              speakers, and Outdoor Video Educational
Vesanto Melina’s Becoming Vegan, Jane           Displays on campuses and other public
Goodall’s The Ten Trusts, Ingrid                areas throughout the Lower Mainland.
Newkirk’s Making Kind Choices, and
John Robbins’ The Food Revolution.

Earthsave Canada                                                                                                   9
                   Membership                                          • Subscription to the bi-monthly
                                                                         newsletter Canada Earthsaver
                                                                       • A Vegetarian Starter Kit that
                        arthsave Canada relies on our members
                   E    to keep the society running, thus
                   enabling us to provide education about
                                                                         includes nutritional information,
                                                                         menu suggestions and recipes
                                                                       • Borrowing privileges at the
                   the consequences of food choices and to               Earthsave library
                   support to those transitioning towards a
                   plant-based diet. At Earthsave, we also
                   offer the opportunity for connection with       Monthly Giving
                                                                          e encourage members to join our
                   other like-minded people; we have numer-
                   ous social events throughout the year where
                   people can connect around common food-
                                                                   W      Sustained Giving Program. With
                                                                   sustained giving, 1/12 of the annual mem-
To become an       related issues. If you support what we do       bership fee is withdrawn from the mem-
Earthsave          at Earthsave and believe in our mission,        ber’s bank account each month. Sustained
                   we encourage you to become a member.            giving reduces Earthsave’s administration
member, or to                                                      costs, thus enabling more money to go
                     Earthsave Canada has approximately 550
renew your         members, the majority of whom live in the       directly to our programs. It also assists us in
                   Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Our         the planning and development of longer-
                   members’ diets span the dietary spectrum:       term programs and projects. Sustaining
please call the    from vegans to omnivores, all are con-          members never have to remember to renew
Earthsave office   cerned about the consequences of food           their memberships, since this type of mem-
                   choices. Individual memberships are $36 a       bership is renewed automatically. Members
at 604-731-
       7           year, family memberships $48, senior            can withdraw from sustained giving at any
5885.              memberships $24, student memberships            time. Tax receipts are issued at the end of
                   $12, and corporate memberships $96 per          the year for contributions above the base
                   year. Volunteer memberships can also be         membership cost.
                   earned by volunteering 30 hours at Earthsave.
                     Our members enjoy many benefits, such as:     Health Partnership Program
                       • Discounts at dine-outs and other
                                                                      n support and recognition of Earthsave
                         Earthsave events
                       • Free entry to potlucks and to our
                                                                   I  Canada’s work, dozens of businesses and
                                                                   restaurants generously offer our members
                         annual vegetarian food fair, Taste
                                                                   a 10% discount. Partners receive an hon-
                         of Health
                                                                   ourary Earthsave membership, discounts at
                       • 10% discounts at 60+ businesses
                                                                   other participating businesses, and adver-
                         and restaurants that are part of
                                                                   tising in the Canada Earthsaver newsletter
                         Earthsave’s Health Partnership
                                                                   and on our website. Earthsave recognizes
                                                                   the importance of strengthening our con-
                                                                   nections with the business community; we
                                                                   strive to form relationships that are benefi-
                                                                   cial for Earthsave, our members and the
                                                                   many businesses that support our mandate
                                                                   and programs.
                                                                      In 2006, plans are to expand our Health
                                                                   Partnership Program. Our aim is to increase
                                                                   benefits to our members, increase recogni-
                                                                   tion in the community, and expand our
                            Gyro (left), an Earthsave honourary
                               member, visits the Membership       membership base.
                              Administrator Marianne Verigin.

 10                                                                                        2006 Annual Report
The EarthSave Office — A
Resource for Members
and the Public
     arthsave Canada’s office and Resource
E    Centre, located in the Vancouver
Environmental Information Centre at
2150 Maple Street in Kitsilano,
Vancouver, is a place where both members
and the public can browse the library and
bookstore, take free literature, sign up for
memberships, or find out about upcoming
events and programs.
    Promotion of our Bookstore this year               A visitor browses the Earthsave Resource Centre Bookstore and
included gift certificates for sale and book                                                                 Library.
sales at our monthly potlucks and regular        level of outreach, Earthsave Canada pub-
community information tables. An up-to-          lished the first official edition of the
date list of our book inventory is always        Vegetarian Directory for the Greater
available on our website. Our books always       Vancouver area. This beautiful, full colour
retail at a lower price than other bookstores,   brochure is a handy resource for many
making the Earthsave Bookstore the first         Vancouverites. Containing information
place to look for books on healthy eating,       about the vegetarian-friendly businesses in
animal compassion, and environmental             town such as restaurants, natural food
issues. Members receive a further 10% dis-       stores, and caterers, 8,000 copies have
count on all bookstore items and may bor-        already been distributed throughout the city
row books, videos, DVDs, and magazines           and plans are to print at least 20,000 for
from our always growing library of materi-       next year’s edition. They are available for
als.                                             free at the Earthsave Resource Centre and
   The Earthsave Library features excel-         at over 60 participating businesses city
lent resources, including the latest issues of   wide.
vegetarian lifestyle magazines, vegetarian
cookbooks, and newly released books and
DVDs. Each week over the past year, the          Media Coverage
Resource Centre has introduced a new
book, video or DVD into the library,               ncreased efforts were made this year to
including great titles like Living Cuisine:
The Art and Spirit of Raw Foods, Animal
                                                 I generate coverage for Earthsave Canada
                                                 and its various events, headed by volunteer
Liberation, and Supersize Me. Donations of       Publicity and Advertising Director Chris
materials to the library are also appreciated.   Yli-Luoma. Special thanks go to our vol-
Earthsave gratefully acknowledges the            unteers who call radio stations, send off fax
work of Resource Centre volunteer                releases, drop off media kits and patiently
Mirielle Quamme, who has worked dili-            log events and activities onto various com-
gently this year on updating materials in the    munity calendars and websites.
Library database and maintaining the               This year, our Taste of Health festival was
organization of the Library.                     covered in Common Ground and Shared
   This year, to meet a need of the Lower        Vision magazines, the TOH website was
Mainland community and to expand our             selected as the site of the day at

Earthsave Canada                                                                                                        11
                      , and radio stations such     Conservation Trust this year, which is
                                 as The Fox mentioned TOH and gave          being put to good use in covering potluck
                                 tickets away on air. BCTV/Global News      expenses, resource centre costs and speaker fees.
                                  covered the event as did Johanna Ward,       Our second annual Silent Auction was
                                  host of The Express on Shaw television.   held at Taste of Health this year, where fes-
                                      There was also quite an extensive     tival attendees bid on a wide array of beau-
                                   paid advertising campaign this year to   tiful items donated by supportive business-
                                    promote Earthsave Canada and Taste      es. $1,300 was raised from the Silent
                                    of Health. This included ads in local   Auction purchases.
                                     print media such as the Georgia              Earthsave Canada’s third annual
                                     Straight and The Ubyssey newspa-       Holiday Fundraising Drive was our most
Fundraising revenues went     pers, spots in the Ridge Theatre’s cinema     successful one yet, bringing in $8,800 gra-
towards printing of the first guide and radio spots on CFUN. As well,       ciously donated by our members and other
   Vancouver Vegetarian we signed up to Media Central – a service           supporters. These donations are being used
  Directory & the Canada that generates media lists for radio, tv,          to fund the printing of our newsletter and
    Earthsaver newsletter.
                              newspapers and magazines across Canada.       Vegetarian Directory, as well as for other
                                   Dave Way, Earthsave President, was       Outreach programs. Ninety-two volunteer
                              interviewed on CISL radio’s Animal            hours of planning and assembling materi-
                              Wellness Show this fall with hosts Natasha    als were put into the collaborative effort of
                              Betancor-León and Nora Lott.                  this year’s Holiday Fundraising Drive.
                                 Earthsave Canada is mentioned on every        Our Sustained Monthly Giving Program
                              Animal Voices program on CFRO Co-op           has further grown in the past year. More
                              radio. During the past year host Karl         members now support Earthsave with a
                              Losken interviewed President Dave Way         monthly donation instead of an annual
                              and Healthy School Lunch Co-ordinator         membership fee. This ensures guaranteed
                              Caroline Rechia, plus featured Taste of       monthly revenue for the organization.
                              Health speakers Dr. T Colin Campbell, Erik        A new and exciting fundraising avenue
                              Markus, and Dana Lyons in the two weeks       for us this year has been partnering with the
                              prior to TOH.                                 affiliation programs of a couple of like-
                                Plans for the coming year include placing   minded businesses, where Earthsave
                              more paid ad spots in alternative media,      receives referral dividends whenever a sale
                              setting up a public relations committee to    is made to an Earthsave supporter. We
                              brainstorm ideas for press releases, media    joined the affiliation programs of Small
                              training for key volunteers, and more regu-   Potatoes Urban Delivery (SPUD) this
                              lar contact with the press.                   year, as well as Soyquick (the automatic
                                                                            soy milk maker). We look forward to
                          Fundraising                                       exploring other partnership opportunities
                                                                            where both Earthsave and our supporters
                                                                            can benefit.
                               ur 12th successful BC Gaming grant
                          O    application brought in funds to help
                          stage our annual Taste of Health festival
                                                                               Finding ourselves in the exciting position
                                                                            of a rapidly growing organization, we are at
                                                                            a critical juncture where significantly more
                          and our on-going Outreach program. We             funds are needed to continue our growth
                          are grateful for this source of revenue and       and outreach into the community. We hope
                          actively search for additional funding to         to acquire the funds to hire a professional
                          cover overhead costs, new programs and            fundraising consultant in the near future, to
                          events, and to keep our Resource Centre           help us build a solid fundraising strategy
                          running.                                          for Earthsave to develop and thrive as a
                             We received a sizeable grant from Eden         sustainable organization.

12                                                                                                   2006 Annual Report
Volunteers – The                                  commitment to our mission. She has
                                                  already made significant accomplishments
Backbone of EarthSave                             towards building a strong Volunteer
                                                  Program that will include skills training
     he Board of Directors and staff at           and rewards and incentives for volunteers.
T    Earthsave Canada would like to extend
a heartfelt thank you to all the wonderful
                                                  Earthsave recognizes the need to recruit
                                                  and retain well-trained volunteers and plans
volunteers who have dedicated their time          to take the organization to the next level in
and talents to making our activities and          the development of this program.
programs a success. As a volunteer-run              Earthsave volunteers come from a variety
non-profit organization, we rely on volun-        of backgrounds and have a broad range of
teer support to carry out the important work      skills and experience. Earthsave offers the
of educating people about the conse-              opportunity to connect with and learn from
quences of their food choices. From hosting       others      holding     common       values.
information tables at community events, to        Volunteering at Earthsave is a rewarding
organizing dine-outs, to writing newsletter       way to gain valuable work experience and
articles, to contributing in a multitude of       contribute to your community. Please con-
ways at Taste of Health, volunteers make it       tact us if you would like to make a differ-
happen!                                           ence and be a part of the team!
   Our weekly Thursday drop-in volunteer
nights at the Earthsave office, supervised
by volunteer and Board Director Andrea
Jung, continue to provide much needed                                Please pass on this
administrative support and are a great way                      business card/potluck coupon
to meet like-minded people and to learn
about how others are making their dietary                      to a friend to invite him or her
choices. This year, over 500 volunteers
                                                              to learn more about Earthsave!
hours were spent on important office tasks.
Not only does this enable us to accomplish
more, it greatly helps to alleviate our over-
head expenses.
   A sound decision was made at
the beginning of the year to hire a
Volunteer Co-ordinator to enable
us to develop and maintain an offi-
cial Volunteer Program, essential
to meeting the needs of our grow-
ing      organization.       Former
Earthsave Potluck Co-ordinator
Silvia Wilson was hired as the
first Volunteer Co-ordinator. Her
unflinching energy and dedication
to Earthsave enabled her to recruit
many volunteers and pave the way
for further development of the pro-
gram. Taking over from Silvia at
the end of this year, Deb Gleason
brings with her much relevant
experience and a host of skills and           Volunteers prepare Earthsave newsletters on Thursday Volunteer Night.

Earthsave Canada                                                                                                      13
        Special Thanks to this Year’s Volunteers...
                     Allart                Shawn DiPardo        July Ling           Delany Pucci       Kallen Williams
                     Kay Adams             Erik Drysdale        Fiona Liu           Mirielle Quamme    Silvia Wilson
                     Mark Adams            Patrick Dubois       Mannie London       Lise Quesnel       Steve Wolf
                     Morgan Ahoff          Chris Falkingham     Suzie London        Cathy Ramsay       Abby Wolfe
                     Gord Alexander        Naz Fasihi           Karl Losken         Laura Ramsey       Bruce Wolff
                     Homeyra Amiryeganeh   Brandon Feil         Carly Lovett        Justis Raynier     Hazel Wong
                     Raymond Anthony       Lorraine Fenkner     Joanna Lovett       Caroline Rechia    Ada Wong
                     Jennifer Arthur       Gieselle Fetter      Matt Lovett         Lili Ren           Cylia Wong
                     Beverley Ashworth     Jax FitzGibbon       Angel Lu            Anton Reyes        Deanie Wong
                     James Avendano        Ann Foster           Jiaolin Lu          Tori Roscoe        Florence Wong
243 volunteers       Kailey Babuin         Heather Freeland     Claire MacDonald    Biwl Rutter        Pamela Wong
                     Julian Barbosa        Anthony Fulker       Maureen MacDonald   Harold Rydell      Kathryn Wood
this year put in     Leigh-Ann Baron       Glenn Gaetz          Pat Mah             Ena Salamon        Keiji Yamada
over 2,000 hours     Sharon Basit          Julia Ganswind       Ahlaam Mahmood      Alice Saunders     Vickie Yau
                     Setarah Bateni        Kevin Garai          Dianna Marie        Nadine Saunders    Jia YiLaw
at events such as    Sue Beckstead         Ian Garber           Lindsay Marsh       Nikila Sayles      Chris Yli-Luoma
                     Harjot Bedi           Joanne Geehan        Pat Martel          Clifton Schooley   Michelle Yulowej
Taste of Health,     Melissa Beedle        Fera Ghanai          Diana Martin        Gyata Schulz       Carolyn Yun
                     Alyssa Bhimji         Raveneet Gill        Simin Mashkoor      Lacy Jane Scuffi   Darrel Yurychuk
potlucks and         Farida Bhimji         Paul Grewal          Jewal Maxwell       Taryn Scuffi       Pierre Zakarauskas
information          Cynthia Bleiler       Gerry Grieve         Katherine McCord    Alan Shao
                     Nina Boleski          Geoff Guest          Daniel McGraw       Jyotsan Sharma     ...and to anyone else
tables, as well as   Claudia Borrayo       Alexandra Gunn       Davida McGraw       Laura-Leah Shaw    we may have
                     Brian Brooke          Brent Hammond        Evan McGraw         Dhannok Singh      missed!
at our weekly        Alex Brown            Karen Harris         Luke McLean         Michelle Siu
                     Carolyn Brule         Carolyn Hawley       Robert Melynehu     Kieran Smith       You are all
volunteer nights,    Nancy Callan          Elaine Head          Ann Metcalfe        Penny Smith        appreciated!
and strategy         Amanda Chamberlain    Neil Henderson       Chloe Miller        Siobhan Smith
                     Elise Chappel         Phillip Ho           Jed Minor           Anna Sokolva
planning for the     Eliane Charron        Sylvia Hsieh         David Mitchell      Joe Sparovec
                     Cameron Chen          Andrew Hudson        Kate Mitchell       Dave Steele
organization.        Jenny Chen            Brandy Humes         Cyndie Molyneux     Jaya Superrant
                     Diana Cheng           Emily Hyman          Barry Monaghan      Denise Swanson
                     Kern Cherringth       Sabine Hyman         Yuka Morohashi      Mehrdad Tabrizi
                     Karen Cherrington     Heather Jenkins      John Morris         Hasan Tahir
                     M. C.                 Amy Jing             Liberty Mulkani     Beau Taillefer
                     Annie Cheung          Colin Judd           Michael Muscatt     Katsunori Tanaka
                     Jacqueline Cheung     Andrea Jung          Leslie Nakamura     Tracy Teeple
                     Nancy Chow            Poornima Kadambari   Minako Naruoka      Nora Timmerman
                     CJ Chu                Tina Kaminiarz       Gabe Ng             Kelly Tod
                     KM Chu                Margaret Kan         Stephanie Ng        Lisa Tran
                     Tomoko Chujo          Karen Keyes          Kanoka Nishida      Shaun Tryon
                     Esther Chung          Jules Killam         Toshihiro Nitta     Phyllis Tsai
                     Katie Chung           Scott Killon         Emily Nixon         Richard Tse
                     Rob Clement           Melissa Koay         Kitana Nuttall      Caitlyn Van Dijk
                     Alison Cole           Marta Koszmider      Wanda O’Hara        Lou Vodnak
                     Leanna Cole           Yukiko Kotake        Datji Okuara        Harold Waldock
                     Ayse Coskun           Shelah Kuonebusch    Daiji Okura         Nina Waller
                     John Cousens          Harvey Larochelle    Mark O’Meara        Annie Wang
                     Michelle Cousens      Angela Lavery        Jane Orihel         Cylia Way
                     Heather Cousins       Marlene Le Page      Jeong-ho Park       Dave Way
                     Maureen Covill        Eddie Lee            Azzy Pascual        John Waye
                     Cliff Cowley          Chantal Lefebvre     David Paunonen      Tara Wease
                     Sarah Dalzell         Lyle Lexier          Celestine Poon      Karen Webster
                     Asita Das             Robert Light         Layne Powell        Tanner Welsh
                     April Desilets        Gary Lin             Oliver Prange       Matt Wilkins

 14                                                                                          2006 Annual Report
2005-06 Financial Highlights

Gaming Grant                                                      42,000       Income
Donations                                                         34,307
Events                                                            33,989
Memberships                                                       13,461
Retail Sales                                                       8,451
Other Income                                                         669

Total                                                            132,877

Taste of Health                                                   46,361
Office Wages                                                      33,255
Printing & Reproduction                                           12,723
Office Supplies                                                    5,613
Cost of Goods Sold                                                 5,528
Volunteer Program                                                  5,056
Office Rent                                                        4,950
Postage & Delivery                                                 4,834
Events                                                             4,176
Insurance                                                          4,036
Resource Centre Materials                                          3,864
Miscellaneous*                                                     3,274       Expenses
GST Expense                                                        2,062
Telephone/Internet                                                 1,574

Total                                                           137,306
* ‘Miscellaneous’ includes bank & credit card charges, fundraising expenses,
honourariums, Healthy School Lunch Program, office equipment maintenance,
and professionsal fees.

  The above figures are Earthsave Canada’s finan-
cial highlights only. Complete financial statements
for 2005-06 are available upon request.
   Earthsave Canada gratefully acknowledges the
following organizations and businesses for their
support in 2005-06:
BC Gaming
Best Bread Company
Eden Conservation Trust
Laura-Leah Shaw (Realtor)
Oppenheimer Group
Organica Gardening Company
Small Potatoes Urban Delivery
T.H.E. Store
Tzu Chi Foundation
Vegan Choice Foods
Western Economic Diversification
and all Taste of Health and potluck product donors

Earthsave Canada                                                                          15
                    Earthsave Canada
                  Annual General Meeting
                        & Potluck

                     Sunday, June 4th, 2006
                       2150 Maple Street

   Earthsave Canada is a non-profit, educational organization promoting
 awareness of the health, environmental and ethical consequences of our
food choices. We advocate the move towards a plant-based diet for better
     health, environmental sustainability, and compassion for animals.

                                     Earthsave Canada
                                     2150 Maple Street
                                     Vancouver, BC V6J 3T3
                                     Phone: 604-731-5885 - office
                                            604-736-INFO - info line
                                     Fax: 604-731-5805