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2005 - Welcome to Triathlon Manitoba_ Your membership in Triathlon


									Welcome to Triathlon Manitoba! Your membership in Triathlon Manitoba
helps us deliver a vast array of programs from the grass roots Kids of Steel™
program to the Manitoba National Triathlon Centre which trains our future
Olympic stars.

For our returning members, 2005 promises to be an interesting year. The
events calendar now includes two draft-legal duathlons at Birds Hill Park, an
Under-23 drafting race at St. Malo, and a Grand Prix triathlon in Kenora. The
duathlon drafting race will be a qualifier for Duathlon Nationals for our Junior
and U23 athletes. The U23 drafting race at St Malo is part of the National
U23 Triathlon Canada Series and will be offering $3,000 in prize money. The
Kenora race, put on by the Kenora Borealis Club, should prove to be a great
new venue for triathlon in NW-Ontario.

Not only have we welcomed the new Tri-Factor Triathlon Club to the Manitoba
scene, we have also seen a number of new groups like the St James
Centennial Pool, the Girl Guides, and the University of Manitoba add triathlon
to their current programs.

For the first time in our relatively young history, Triathlon has been added to
the 2009 Canada Games in PEI. This development provides us with the
added impetus to target the 12 to 15 years olds in Manitoba today, and
prepare them for these games and beyond. To achieve this, our Youth
Committee has been putting the final touches on a new Youth Development
Program. The goal is to recruit and develop athletes that are ready to make a
serious commitment to excellence in triathlon. If you fit this description, please
get in touch with us. We want to help you develop into a scary fast triathlete.

The Manitoba National Triathlon Centre, starting its fifth year in operation,
continues to develop our future Olympians. These dedicated athletes, many
of whom have been with the centre since its inception, train up to 25 hours
per week under the watchful eye of our full-time coach Gary Pallett, and a
team of sport specialists from the Canadian Sport Centre – Manitoba. Their
recent performances at National and International events speak to the talent
and dedication of the athletes and the organization. The MNTC has a very
bright future with the growing support from Triathlon Canada, and the
continued commitment of our existing funding partners.

I would like to wish all our members the very best in 2005 and would
encourage each of you to find the time in your busy lives to give back to this
sport what it has given you.

Marc Fournier
President, Triathlon Manitoba
Page 2                                                                                          T R I AT H L O N M AN I T O B A N E W S

           Information on Triathlon Manitoba’s Insurance
 Liability Insurance                                           Racing Out – of Province
 Triathlon Manitoba participates in parts of Sport
 Manitoba’s Insurance Program. We offer Liability              Within Canada – At the recent National meetings, a
 Insurance to members and non-members through their         decision was made to recognize provincial memberships
 Full Memberships and One-day Member fees.                  at all National Championships only. If you plan to race
                                                            at any other Canadian event, you will need to advise the
 The liability insurance provides certain coverage to       office so that we are aware you are attending, and
 participants in sanctioned events.                         depending on the event in question, we may be able to
                                                            sanction your participation. We can also provide you
 The member clubs of Triathlon Manitoba are covered by
                                                            with a letter indicating that your membership insures you
 the association’s liability insurance, as long as the
 member clubs’ sport events and related training activities will at the event. Please be aware however, that at some
 are sanctioned and authorized by Triathlon Manitoba, and events they may not consider this to be valid, so you may
                                                            still be asked to pay the One-day fee.
 follow generally accepted standard procedures. This
 would include fundraising and social activities.
                                                               Within the United States
                                                         The USA Triathlon association has informed Triathlon
 If a member club chooses to get involved in activities that
 are not generally accepted standard procedures or are   Canada that members may not be covered when
                                                         competing in the USA. Consequently, USA race directors
 not sanctioned, the liability insurance would not extend to
 cover this type of activity.                            may require you to purchase one-day memberships.
                                                         Again we ask that members advise the Triathlon
 Accident Coverage                                       Manitoba office if you will be racing out of country, as we
 Triathlon Manitoba does not have Accident Insurance and need to approve the events in order for the coverage to
                                                         be valid. Please note that your Triathlon Manitoba liability
 the Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage for
                                                         insurance coverage is valid in the USA provided that the
 members. We would recommend when racing out-of-
                                                         office is aware of the event you are
 province or country, that you consider purchasing your
 own travel insurance.
                                                               For any out-of-province race travel, please contact the
                                                               office two weeks prior to the race. This will allow us time
                                                               to prepare a letter for you to take indicating that our
                                                               liability coverage is valid, however, its effectiveness will
                                                               depend on the individual race directors. Be prepared to
                                                               pay one-day fees, just in case.

     Triathlon Manitoba News
     Publisher:                Anita Miller
     Managing Editor:          Jaclyn Vallis                   Where to find Triathlon Manitoba
     We hope that you enjoy reading this                       • Executive Director     Jaclyn Vallis
     newsletter. If you have an interesting                    • E-mail address
     story to tell, please send it to us to use
     for next year, or to post on our                          • Office phone number 925-5636, Fax 925-5792
     website. Any comments/concerns                            • Website      
     can be directed to the Editor at
     925-5636. E-mail:
T R I AT H L O N M AN I T O B A N E W S                                                                            Page 3

                  Drafting in the Open Water (Triathlon Swim)
                                                                                                             By Kris Hildebrand

  Should you draft or not during a triathlon                                          allows you to do your own sighting and
  swim? Drafting definitely works on the                                              speed adjustments. This position also
  bike, but does it work in the water?                                                allows the drafting
  Further, is it worth possibly annoying other                                        swimmer to surge forward and take the
  athletes? In my opinion, yes, yes, and                                              lead from time to time, thus you and the
  yes. Draft whenever possible.                                                       lead swimmer can work together to
                                                                                      increase the pace and take turns
  There are two places a swimmer can draft;                       drafting. The main disadvantage is that the lead swimmer
  1) directly behind the lead swimmer                             can see you and possibly do things to discourage you
  2) a little bit to the right or left with your head between the from drafting such as swimming into you or slowing down.
  lead swimmer’s hips and shoulders.
  Both work, but with different advantages and                    Some triathletes do not like you drafting off them. They
  disadvantages.                                                  consider it unsportsmanlike behavior <5>.
                                                                  Further, the slower or smaller the lead swimmer, the less
  In the first type, you draft directly behind the lead           wake and or smaller bow wave that they produce, and
  swimmer getting as close to the lead swimmer's feet as          thus the less draft you will receive. Drafting does take
  possible. The wake directly behind the lead swimmer will practice to perfect, so practice whenever you can find a
  reduce your frontal resistance (less drag) and you will get big fast swimmer who does not mind you drafting.
  a slight pull from the water being pulled along by the lead
  swimmer. The advantages are numerous; if the lead               *Definitions:
  swimmer is faster than you are, you can sit behind them         Wake: The water that gets pulled long behind the
  letting them control the pace, giving you a nice                swimmer.
  psychological boost. After all, you just have to "hold on"      Keel: The bottom portion of the vessel submerged in
  rather than push to go faster. Studies indicate that you        water.
  can gain as much as a 5% speed increase <1-3>. In               Bow Wave: The wave produced by the swimmer
  theory, the lead swimmer will also get a very slight            displacing water. The wave moves laterally away from
  performance increase because of the longer keel* in the         the front of the swimmer.
  water created by you (I have not seen any direct studies
  done in this area, however, in boat racing, the boat with       References:
  the longest keel has the least resistance in the water).
  There are disadvantages though. If the person you are           Taken from:
  following goes off course or slows down, you may not                1. CHATARD, J.-C., J.-M. LAVOIE, B. BOURGOIN,
  realize at the time and lose any speed advantage gained                  and J.-R. LACOUR. The contribution of passive
  by following the other swimmer. Though the speed of                      drag as a determinant of swimming performance.
  kick that the lead swimmer uses does not cause you to go                 Int. J. Sports Med. 11:367*372, 1990.
  faster or slower <4>, some people do not feel comfortable           2. CHATARD, J.-C., X. SENEGAS, M. SELLES, P.
  swimming in the turbulence caused by a faster kicker.                    DREANOT, and A. GEYSSANT. Wetsuit effect: a
  You also run the risk of following too closely and getting               comparison between competitive swimmers and
  kicked.                                                                  triathletes. Med. Sci. Sports Exerc. 27:580*586,
  In the second type of drafting, you place yourself on the           3. CHATARD, J.-C., D. CHOLLET, and G. MILLET.
  right or left of the lead swimmer, with your head between                Performance and drag during drafting swimming
  the swimmer’s hip and shoulders. In this position, you will              in highly trained triathletes. Med.Sci.Sports Exerc.
  "ride" the series of bow waves created by the lead                       30:1276*1280, 1998.
  swimmer, staying higher in the water (less frontal                  4. MILLET G., D. CHOLLET, and J.-C. CHATARD.
  resistance) and getting pulled along. The lead swimmer                   Effects of drafting behind a two- or six-beat kicker
  should get a slight ride from your bow waves, as well                    in elite female triathletes. Eur. J. Appl. Physiol.
  (data exists for this theory). Through practice, you will                82:465*471, 2000.
  find the various sweet spots that exist, where you will feel        5. Swim drafting: So it's legal, but is it
  higher in the water and use a little less energy. This                   sportsmanlike? By Alex Kostich,
  drafting area only yields a slight performance advantage,                8/17/2001
  between 1 to 3% <1-3> (with a lower gain as you move
  farther away from the lead swimmer). However, this area
                                                                    When fit matters.
                                                                    When you spend countless hours
                                                                    in the saddle, training to be the
                                                                    best you can be, fit matters.
                                                                    When your legs are burning,
                                                                    your lungs are aching and all you
                                                                    can think about is the finish line,
                                                                    fit matters. When you’re only
                                                                    seconds off your personal best and
                                                                    the effeciency of each revolution
                                                                    counts, fit matters.
                                                                    That’s why, we offer personalized
     SPECIALIZED Transition Elite. Reg. price $2099                 fitting and custom frames.
     Triatholon Manitoba Member Special $1849

                                                                    BIKES FROM
                                                                    Guru Specialized LeMond
                                                                    WHEEL SYSTEMS FROM
                                                                    Bontrager Zipp Mavic
                                                                    CLOTHING FROM
                                                                    Sugoi Craft
                                                                    TRI-SPECIFIC BIKES SHOES FROM
                                                                    Specialized & Nalini

     Show your Triathlon Manitoba membership card and save:
             on regular priced parts accessories & clothing
              on regular priced bikes
              on sale priced bikes

        STORE HOURS: MON-FRI: 10am - 9pm SAT: 10am-6pm                   SUN: Noon-5pm

204.475.4908                       1605 PEMBINA HWY.            
                                                      Winnipeg MB
T R I AT H L O N M AN I T O B A N E W S                                                                        Page 5

                                           The Kids of Steel® events in Manitoba are offered to
                                           athletes aged 6 through 15 years (as of December 31st,
                                           2005). In 2005, there are 8 events in Manitoba that are
                                           part of our series. There are also some sanctioned
                                           Northern Kids of Steel® events being hosted. Athletes in
                                           the 16 to 19 category are part of the Kids of Steel® Junior
           Event Participation             program, and race at the sprint events.
  The Kids of Steel® program
  values participation by athletes.
                                           Quiz - Test your Triathlon Rules Knowledge:
  To celebrate this value, we will
  be recognizing athletes who              True or False
  complete 4 events in the
  series. These athletes will              1. Spectators are allowed in the transition area.
  receive a Multiple Participant T-        2. Helmet chin straps must be fastened after exiting the transi-
  Shirt after their 4th event during       tion zone.
  the awards/draw prize                    3. Drafting on the bike is not allowed.
  announcements immediately                4. Riding your bike in the transition zone is not allowed.
  after events.                            5. Cyclists should keep to the left at all times, unless passing.

                                          Post-Workout Recipe - Golden Smoothie
                                          1/3 cup frozen orange juice concentrate
                                          3/4 cup milk
                                          3/4 cup yogurt
                                          1/2 tsp vanilla extract
                                          1 cup ice cubes (optional)

                                          Blend until smooth. Serves 2.

                                 Triathlon Training Programs – for athletes 12 to 16 years
  Triathlon Manitoba offers two training program options for developing athletes aged 12 to 16.

  Teen Tri – will return for a 3rd season. Teen Tri is a drop-in program held at Birds Hill Park on Thursday evenings.
  The program is a chance for athletes and friends to come out to improve their skills, and have some fun. Teen Tri
  will start on Thursday May 12th, and run till September.

  Manitoba Youth Triathlon Team – This is a new program that will be offered 3 times a week (Sunday, Wednesday,
  and Thursday). The program will give youth athletes, who want additional triathlon training opportunities, a program
  aimed at meeting their athletic needs. A key event for the athletes in this program will be the Regional Youth
  Championships (Man/Sask), which is being held in Saskatchewan this year. The program will start on Wednesday
  May 11th . We hope to offer this new program year-round.

  For more information on either program, or to register, please contact Triathlon Manitoba, or check out our website
  for updates.

Page 6                                                              T R I AT H L O N M AN I T O B A N E W S

                                                   11-1700 Corydon Ave
                                              Winnipeg, Manitoba R3N 0K1
                                                Phone/Fax (204) 489-1429
                                                  Toll Free (877) 480-1429

                   IN STOCK!!!
           Remember that as long as you are part of
            Tri-Manitoba or one of the affiliated tri
          teams you will receive 20% off all regular
            priced merchandise (except wetsuits).
          Again this year the Triathlon clothing we
          will be carrying will be Louie Garneau,
                      Sugoi, and Orca
         This year we will be stocking Ocra & Hwy          Store Hours:
         19. Orca has introduced 2 new wetsuits this       Mon 10am - 6pm
         year, the S1 which is a great starter suit, and   Tues 10am - 6pm
          they have revamped the Predator 2 with a         Wed 10am - 7pm
                    new improved Predator.                 Thurs 10am - 7pm
                                                           Fri 10am - 6pm
          Don’t forget to check out our e-store at         Sat 9am - 5pm for all your            Sun & Holidays -
          Triathlon needs, and for any specials we         CLOSED
                          have on.

                                     As an added bonus:
                          Bring in this coupon by July 1, 2005 and
              receive an extra 5% off your next purchase (excluding wetsuits).
                            One coupon per person per purchase.
T R I AT H L O N M AN I T O B A N E W S                                                                         Page 7

                                                Triathlon Glossary

                                                               Ironman – Well known events, which consist of a 3.8km
                                                               swim, 180km cycle, 42km run.

  Are you new to the sport? Not sure what some of the      ITU - International Triathlon Union, the international
  terms your new training partners or the race director is governing body of triathlon.
  talking about? Below is info on some common terms you’ll
  hear / see in Manitoba as you participate in triathlon.  KOS – Kids of Steel® - events and programs aimed at
                                                           athletes ages 6 through 19.
  Aero - Short for "Aerodynamic." Getting into an aero      Junior – Athletes competing in the 16-19 age group.
  position on a bike generally means being lower and in the
  full forward position, this is commonly achieved by using Mount Line – The point at which athletes may get onto
  an aero bar.                                              their bikes when leaving the transition area.
  Aero bar – Attachment for the handlebars of a bike,          Olympic - Race distance which comprises a 1500m
  which allows the rider to ride in a lower position. Most     swim, 40km cycle, and 10km run. Also known as
  aero bars support the rider's upper-body weight by the       Standard distance.
                                                               Road Rash - Skin abrasions resulting from a fall or
  Aid station – A location where fluids are distributed to     crash onto the road.
  athletes while on the course.
                                                               Saddle - The bike seat.
  Bodymark(ing) - Getting your race day competitor
  number markered on your body, usually with a felt pen,       Split – The time an athlete took to complete one portion
  for easy identification by race volunteers/officials. This   of the race, for example bike split.
  takes place onsite at registration.
                                                               Sprint – Race distance that comprises a 750m swim,
  Brick – A workout in which a bike ride is followed by a      20km cycle, and 5km run.
                                                               Sight – To look for buoys during an open water swim.
  Cadence – The speed at which the pedals turn,
  measured in Revolutions Per Minute.                          Timing band – a numbered Velcro band worn by all
                                                               athletes used for timing purposes. Includes two numbered
  Dismount Line – The line at which athletes must get off tabs which are handed to timers after both the swim and
  of their bikes before entering the transition area.          bike portions. The entire band is handed in at the finish.
  DNF – Seen on results. Short for Did Not Finish.             Transition – The area in which all of an athlete’s
                                                               equipment is held and where they make the change from
  DQ – Seen on results. Short for Disqualified.                one event to another.
  Draft(ing) - To ride closely behind another racer, saving Tri MB – Triathlon Manitoba, the provincial governing
  energy by using that racer as a wind break. In Manitoba      body for the sport of triathlon.
  events, drafting is only allowed in specific drafting
  categories. With most events/age groups, it is not           Try-A-Tri – a shorter distance race aimed at beginners,
  permitted. It is a useful skill to learn, though, for long   usually 300m swim, 15 km and 3 km run.
  training rides.
                                                               First Transition (T1) – The change from swim to bike,
  Draft Zone – The area measuring 5 meters long by 2           or run to bike in a Duathlon.
  meters wide from the front edge of the front wheel.
  Competitors have 15 seconds to pass through this zone        Second Transition (T2) – The change from bike to
  when overtaking another athlete.                             run.

  Duathlon – A race consisting of a run – bike – run.          Wetsuit – A fitted one-piece suit made of neoprene,
                                                               worn to keep the athlete warm in cold water.
  Half – Ironman – Race distance comprised of a 1900m
  swim , 90km cycle, 21km run. Offered in Manitoba at the
  Morden International Triathlon event.
Date       Event                                     Place                     Distance                         Contact

May 3      Birds Hill Duathlon Series #1             Birds Hill Park           2K run, 13K bike, 2K run or      David Markham
Tuesday                                              East Beach                4K run, 24K bike, 4K run or      663-6640 &
                                                                               KoS (8-11) 2.2K bike, 2K run     Ralph Markham
                                                                               KoS (12-15) 13K bike, 2K run     667-5862
May 10     Birds Hill Duathlon Series #2             Birds Hill Park           2K run, 13K bike, 2K run or      David Markham
Tuesday                                              East Beach                4K run, 24K bike, 4K run or      663-6640 &
                                                                               KoS (8-11) 2.2K bike, 2K run     Ralph Markham
                                                                               KoS (12-15) 13K bike, 2K run     667-5862
May 17     Birds Hill Duathlon Series #3             Birds Hill Park           2K run, 13K bike, 2K run or      David Markham
Tuesday                                              East Beach                4K run, 24K bike, 4K run or      663-6640 &
                                                                               KoS (8-11) 2.2K bike, 2K run     Ralph Markham
                                                                               KoS (12-15) 13K bike, 2K run     667-5862
May 24     Birds Hill Duathlon Series #4             Birds Hill Park           4K run, 24K bike, 4K run (&      David Markham
Tuesday                                              East Beach                drafting option)                 663-6640 &
                                                                               6K run, 35K bike, 6K run         Ralph Markham
                                                                               KoS (8-11) 2.2K bike, 2K run     667-5862
                                                                               KoS (12-15) 13K bike, 2K run

June 4     The Pas Kids Of Steel                     Winton Pool               100m swim, 5K bike, 1K run       Kelsey Rec
Saturday                                             The Pas                   200m swim, 10K bike, 2K run      1-204-627-1131
                                                                               300m swim, 15K bike, 3K run
June 7     Birds Hill Duathlon Series #5             Birds Hill Park           4K run, 24K bike, 4K run (&      David Markham
Tuesday                                              East Beach                drafting option)                 663-6640 &
                                                                               6K run, 35K bike, 6K run         Ralph Markham
                                                                               KoS (8-11) 2.2K bike, 2K run     667-5862
                                                                               KoS (12-15) 13K bike, 2K run

June 11    Triple Threat Kids of Steel & Try-a-Tri   Birds Hill Park           50m swim, 1.5K bike, 500m run    Brent Miller
Saturday                                             East Beach                100m swim, 5K bike, 1K run       224-3628
                                                                               200m swim, 10K bike, 2K run
                                                                               300m swim, 15K bike, 3K run
                                                                               500m swim, 15K bike, 4K run
June 12    Triple Threat Triathlon & Duathlon        Birds Hill Park           1500m swim, 40K bike, 10K run    Triple Threat Triathlon
Sunday                                               East Beach                750m swim, 20K bike, 5K run      Club
                                                                               5K run, 40K bike, 10K run        Jaromir Samek
                                                                               2.5K run, 20K bike, 5K run       489-3923
June 12    Flin Flon Kids of Steel                   Flin Flon                 100m swim, 5K bike, 1K run       Heather Todoschuk
Sunday                                                                         200m swim, 10K bike, 2K run      204-681-7540
                                                                               300m swim, 15K bike, 3K run

June 25    St Malo Kids of Steel & Try-a-Tri         St.Malo Provincial Park   50m swim, 1.5K bike, 500m run    Cherrie Fournier
Saturday                                                                       100m swim, 5K bike, 1K run       895-0961
                                                                               200m swim, 10K bike, 2K run
                                                                               300m swim, 15K bike, 3K run
                                                                               500m swim, 15K bike, 4K run

June 26    St Malo Multisport                        St.Malo Provincial Park   1500m swim, 40K bike, 10K run Tribalistic Triathlon
Sunday                                                                         750m swim, 20K bike, 5K run   Team
                                                                               5K run, 40K bike, 10K run
                                                                               2.5K run, 20K bike, 5K run
                                                                               750m / 1500m swim
July 1     Triathlon in the Park                     Kildonan Park             800m swim, 15K bike, 5K run      Mikey Guzej or
Friday                                                                         400m swim, 9K bike, 3K run       Laura Badger
July 9     Pinawa Kids of Steel                      Pinawa Pool               50m swim, 1.5K bike, 500m run    Triathlon Manitoba
Saturday                                                                       100m swim, 5K bike, 1K run       925-5636
                                                                               200m swim, 10K bike, 2K run
                                                                               300m swim, 15K bike, 3K run
July 10    Free Spirit Triathlon                     Pinawa Sailing Beach      1500m swim, 40K bike, 10K run Bill Wade
Sunday                                                                         750m swim, 20K bike, 5K run   204-345-9239
                                                                               5K run, 40K bike, 10K run     753-2556

July 16    Morden International Triathlon &          Colert Beach, Morden      1.9K swim, 90K bike, 21.1K run   Deanna McMullen &
Saturday   Duathlon                                                            950m swim, 30K bike, 7.2K run    Trish Murdy
                                                                               3.6K run, 30K bike, 7.2K run     Mordentriath-
Date           Event                             Place                        Distance                        Contact

July 17        Morden Kids of Steel &            Colert Beach, Morden         100m swim, 5K bike, 1K run      3rd Wave Triathlon Club
Sunday         3rd Wave Try-a-Tri                                             200m swim, 10K bike, 2K run     Hank Unrau
                                                                              300m swim, 15K bike, 3K run     204-822-3167
                                                                              500m swim, 15K bike, 4K run
July 31        Lac du Bonnet Triathlon,          Lac du Bonnet                1500m swim, 40K bike, 10K run Scott Brown / Denis Godin
Sunday         Duathlon, & Try-a-Tri                                          750m swim, 20K bike, 5K run
                                                                              300m swim, 10K bike, 2.5K run
                                                                              5K run, 40K bike, 10K run
                                                                              2.5K run, 20K bike, 5K run
August 7       Stonewall Kids of Steel           Stonewall                    50m swim, 1.5K bike, 500m run Nancy Drad
Sunday                                                                        100m swim, 5K bike, 1K run    1-204-467-5800
                                                                              200m swim, 10K bike, 2K run
                                                                              300m swim, 15K bike, 3K run
                                                                              500m swim, 15K bike, 4K run

August 7       MB / SK Regional Youth            Pike Lake, Saskatoon         300m swim, 10K bike, 3K run     RossAnn Edwards
Sunday         Championship                                                   500m swim, 15K bike, 4K run
                                                                              100m swim, 5K bike, 1K run
                                                                              200m swim, 10K bike, 2K run
                                                                              Adult Super Sprint
August 7       Thompson Triathlon                Thompson (pool swim)         1500m swim, 40K bike, 10K run Darlene Dick
Sunday                                                                        750m swim, 20K bike, 5K run   204-677-7969
August 14      Kenora Borealis Triathlon &       Kenora, ON — Rabbit Lake     1500m swim, 40K bike, 10K run   Lana Marcine
Sunday         Duathlon                                                       750m swim, 20K bike, 5K run     807-547-2990
                                                                              5K run, 40K bike, 10K run       Janet Findlay
                                                                              2.5K run, 20K bike, 5K run      807-468-6011
August 14      Brandon / Curran Park Kids of     Curran Park, Brandon         50m swim, 1.5K bike, 500m run Perry Bergson
Sunday         Steel & Try-a-Tri                                              100m swim, 5K bike, 1K run
                                                                              200m swim, 10K bike, 2K run   204-727-0260
                                                                              300m swim, 15K bike, 3K run
                                                                              500m swim, 15K bike, 4K run
                                                                              1K run, 15K bike, 3K run
August 14      Flin Flon Triathlon               Flin Flon                    1500m swim, 40K bike, 10K run Heather Todoschuk
Sunday                                                                        750m swim, 20K bike, 5K run   1-204-681-7540 or
                                                                                                            Aimee Dean
August 20      Riding Mountain Triathlon         Wasagaming                   1500m swim, 40K bike, 10K run Dave Lyon
Saturday                                                                      750m swim, 20K bike, 5K run   885-1927 or
                                                                              5K run, 40K bike, 10K run     204-848-7567

August 21      Riding Mountain Kids of Steel & Wasagaming                     100m swim, 5K bike, 1K run      Triathlon Manitoba
Sunday         Try-a-Tri                                                      200m swim, 10K bike, 2K run     925-5636
                                                                              300m swim, 15K bike, 3K run
                                                                              500m swim, 15K bike, 4K run

August 27      Trappers’ Triathlon & Try-a-Tri   The Pas                      1500m swim, 40K bike, 10K run Kelsey Rec Centre
Saturday                                                                      750m swim, 20K bike, 5K run   204-627-1131
                                                                              300m swim, 10K bike, 2.5K run

September 11   Kids of Steel Windup Race &       Birds Hill Park East Beach   50m swim, 1.5K bike, 500m run Triathlon Manitoba
Sunday         Birds Hill Park Try-a-Tri                                      100m swim, 5K bike, 1K run    925-5636
                                                                              200m swim, 10K bike, 2K run
                                                                              300m swim, 15K bike, 3K run
                                                                              500m swim, 15K bike, 4K run
September 18   Duathlon Mitch Hildebrand         St Anne, MB                  5K run, 20K bike, 5K run        Jean Paul Lemoine
Sunday                                                                        1K run, 5K bike, 1K run         204-422-8019
                                                                              5K run

To be          Triathlon Manitoba Annual         Sport Manitoba                                               Triathlon Manitoba
announced      General Meeting                                                                                925-5636
To be          Triathlon Manitoba Awards                                                                      Triathlon Manitoba
announced      Evening                                                                                        925-5636

If changes occur to this event calendar, the Event Calendar page on our website ( will be updated.

For Race Entry Forms, please see our website (
T R I AT H L O N M AN I T O B A N E W S                                                                           Page 11

                          Clubs                                 Westman Triumphs Endurance Club (Brandon)
                                                                Contact: Charlie Booth, boothappraisals@westman.

                                                                3rd Wave Triathlon Club (Morden)
  Tribalistic Triathlon Team (Winnipeg)                         Contact: John Brewis,
  Contact: Kimberly Norrie,
                                                                Pinnacle Triathlon/Duathlon Club (Pinawa)
  Triple Threat Triathlon Club (Winnipeg)                       Contact: Don Ewing,
  Contact: Karen Armstrong,
                                                                Kenora Borealis Multisport & Social Club (Kenora)
  Tri Factor (Winnipeg)                                         Contact: Rob Aitken,
  Contact: Glen Swanson,
                                                                Tri-North Triathlon Team
                                                                Contact: Jamie Wilson,

                                          Triple Threat Triathlon Club
                                                                                          By Karen Armstrong,
                                                                        President, Triple Threat Triathlon Club

  Spring has arrived, and the Triple Threat Triathlon Club      As the race season approaches, we’re looking forward to
  has collectively tossed the bike trainers in the closet,      our two day training camp in Pinawa in May. The
  hopefully to languish under a pile of winter clothes for at   weekend events include long runs and rides, transition
  least the next seven months.                                  practice, a workshop on basic bike maintenance, and, of
                                                                course, a chance to socialize. The only thing missing is a
  Triple Threat is a diverse group that includes triathlon      swim, and who knows, if the weather stays nice, we might
  novices training for their first event, and experienced       even get to take a dip in the river. It couldn’t possibly be
  triathletes competing in Sprint and Olympic races. If         any colder than the water at many of last summer’s races,
  you’re looking for great coaching, and the support that       could it?
  comes from training with a terrific group of people, check
  out Triple Threat Triathlon Club. You’ll find us on the web Triple Threat kicks off the triathlon race season with our
  at .              race weekend on June 11th and 12th at Birds Hill Park.
                                                              Saturday’s Kids of Steel and a Try-a-Tri lead off the
  Members have been training since November under the         events, with the Sprint and Olympic triathlons and
  guidance of Coach Dave Lipchen. Group practices were duathlons scheduled for Sunday. Brent Miller is returning
  held weekly before Christmas with a focus on core           as Race Director for Kids of Steel event and Try-a-Tri.
  strength and building an aerobic base. After Christmas,     Jaromir Samek is the Race Director on Sunday. Look for
  we offered twice weekly group practices, including one      race information and registration form
  workout devoted to improving our cycling. Dave has          on the Triathlon Manitoba web site.
  promised that those standing sets on the bikes will make
  the hills in Morden and Riding Mountain seem like speed
Page 12                                                                                           T R I AT H L O N M AN I T O B A N E W S

                                 Westman Triumphs Endurance Club
                                                                                                                     By Kim Booth

                       The members of the Westman               Group training will start soon with Monday night bike
                       Triumphs, based out of Brandon, are      rides, Tuesday track workouts, and Wednesday night
 getting ready for another great season of triathlon races in   open water swimming at Lake Minnedosa.
 Manitoba. This past winter, Kris Hildebrand came out to
 Brandon several times to coach a swim clinic, and also         Our Kids of Steel and Try-a-tri Triathlon races will be held
 provided us with workouts for the entire winter. A big         at our new great location of Curran Park on Sunday,
 thank-you to Kris for helping us out.                          August 14. We invite our triathlon families to head out
                                                                and spend the weekend camping at beautiful Curran
 Each year some members of the club organize events as          Park. Two mini triathlon camps for kids age 8 to 14 are
 an excuse to get together and have some fun (and eat!).        scheduled to take place on August 2 and August 9.
 The first club event of the year was held on February 13 –
 a winter triathlon. A casual race of skiing, running and       To learn more about our club, you can visit the Triathlon
 skating was organized and about 25 people showed up to         Manitoba website and follow the link under CLUBS. Best
 do a short or long course distance or a relay. A few other     of luck to all of our triathlon competitors and friends for a
 events are planned: a bike tour up to a distance of            safe and successful 2005 season!

                            Women’s Only Triathlon Clinic

 Triathlon Manitoba is hosting a Women’s Only Triathlon Clinic aimed at helping novice triathletes prepare for their first
 Clinic leaders: Michelle Barnet & Edie Fisher
 The clinic will cover strategies for the swim, a practical session for the bike, transition tips, and everything else you
 need to know to make your first triathlon a success.
                                                Date: Sat May 28, 2005
                                               Time: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
                                         Location: in Winnipeg to be confirmed

 Tentative outline:                                             1:30 PM to 3:00 PM        Bike Session

 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM - General Session                          Bring your bike along, as this will be a hands-on session.
 Topics   may include:
    ·     Transition area: set-up and tips                      Clinic confirmations with finalized details will be sent upon
    ·     Timing band use                                       registration.
    ·     Triathlon rules
    ·     Equipment needs                                       Registration fees & Deadline to register with Triathlon
    ·     Nutrition                                             Manitoba is Wednesday May 25th.

 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM       Swim Session                         Clinic Cost For Members
                                                                     ·   $25
 This part of the clinic will focus on swim topics, relating to For non-members
 strategies for mass start, sighting, and bilateral breathing.       ·   $35
 The second half of the session (12:00 to 1:00) will be a
 practical component in the water.                              To register or for more information please email or call the
                                                                office at 925-5636. Watch our website (www.triathlon.mb.
                                                                ca) for further updates.
Page 14                                                                                        T R I AT H L O N M AN I T O B A N E W S

 Each year, Triathlon Manitoba budgets over $20,000 towards supporting Junior, Under-23, Senior, and Top Age
 Group (TAG) athletes to attend National and International competitions. In general, athletes need to be a member,
 race three local races, and meet a high performance standard to qualify for funding. The program details are posted
 on our website, but here are some of the funding amounts that may be available to you:

      o   $1000 to Elite athletes for additional competitions.
      o   $750 for National Team Jr, U23, Senior athletes for World Champs.
      o   $400-600 to U23 or Sr athletes for National Champs.
      o   $400 to Jr athletes for National Champs.
      o   $400 to the top Jr, U23 and TAG Duathletes for National DU Champs.
      o   $300 to Jr & U23 athletes for a National Tri Series Event.
      o   $250 to the top athletes at the Morden ½ Ironman for an Ironman entry fee.
      o   $250 for medallists at Long Course National Champs.
      o   $200-400 for National medallist TAG athletes for World Champs.
      o   $200-400 to TAG athletes for National Champs.

 The 2005 high performance program provides details on the requirements for assistance and the qualifying events
 process. Please see the high performance package on the website or contact the office for details.

                                              National events athlete plans

 Member athletes who are planning to compete in national events are asked to advise the office of your plans. Triath-
 lon Manitoba likes to promote the plans and accomplishments of our members when racing in national events, and
 we are not aware of everyone, so please assist us to promote your achievements. Email your plans to Mandy:

                                                Travel to National events

 Triathlon Manitoba will review blocking off rooms at hotels for Nationals. If you are interested in staying at the same
 hotel as a Manitoba group, please contact the office to express your interest and we will provide you the details.

                                               National Junior / U23 series

 St Malo Triathlon will be the 1st event in Triathlon Canada’s National Junior and Under 23 Development Series. The
 event is a Draft-legal Sprint Distance race with $3000 in prize money available to the U23 athletes. Junior athletes
 will earn points to final series prizes.

                                   2005 National Championship Events
                                            Duathlon – June 18th in Ottawa
                                          Long Distance – June 19th in Victoria
                                           Sprint Triathlon – July 3rd in Halifax
                                           Triathlon – August 21st in Kelowna

                           Event details / website links can be found on our events calendar.
T R I AT H L O N M AN I T O B A N E W S                                                                                     Page 15

                                           Top Ten Ways to Adapt Your Training
                                               While Traveling this Summer
                                                                                                                        By Jenny Ayers

                                             10. Quick braking and accelerating will substitute nicely for hard bike intervals.

                                          9. Elbowing your way through crowded attractions can simulate crowded swim starts.

         8. Practice safe driving while reinforcing tri-rules: Don’t cross the yellow line, don’t cut corners, don’t draft or

                                                    7. Count driving miles in your training log.

                          6. Practice visualization by imagining what it is like to train, instead of drive, all day.

                             5. Cross train with games of Eye Spy, License Plate Bingo and Road Kill Tally.

           4. Resist the urge to ask, “How much longer `till we get there?” This is not a question you should have in
                                 your mind. It may crop up again at the beginning of the run one race day.

                        3. Accept the fact that running out of gas may be your only run workout for a few days.

                                               2. Practice transitions with a tent and a sleeping bag.

                           1. Remember that lying on a beach is better for sunstroke than your swim stroke.

                         View of a Kids of Steel® Athlete
                                                                                                                By Rylee Mezzarobba

  Hi. My name is Rylee Mezzarobba. I am 12 years old. When I first started triathlons I was in grade 2. My first race
  was at Essex Road (in Kenora). I was 3rd out of the swim, and really had no clue it was a race. And it didn’t really
  matter because everyone is doing their own race! I was taking my time in transition, tying my shoes and drying off.
  The bike route was gravel, and hills all the way through. It is one of the toughest courses I now know! By the time I
  had finished the bike I had barely any energy left, and I still had a run to do. My mom went on the swim and bike part
  of the race with me, and my dad did the run with me. It was nice to have them there beside me for my first race. It
  was so exciting to finish. Everyone got a prize. There was all kinds of food and drinks after, for all the racers. On the
  way home in the car, I felt so proud of myself after completing my first race.

  Since then I have made triathlons my passion. I have raced every summer for the past 3 years.
  Last summer I qualified to go to the MTS Games in Dauphin. It was an awesome experience. We
  stayed in the athletes’ village with all the kids from other sports.

  Triathlon is a sport that encourages discipline, and that has a wonderful social environment. I have
  met lots of other kids who are at the races regularly. Everyone cheers for everyone. My brother
  and my mom race now. We just need to convince my dad!! Come check out Tri Manitoba today,
  and bring your family and friends to a race. You will love it!
Page 16                                                                  T R I AT H L O N M AN I T O B A N E W S

          For over 75 years the MURRAY name has been associated
            with the highest degree of Customer Satisfaction and
                  quality service in the automotive industry.

             Proud Sponsor of Triathlon Manitoba
                  Events and Races in 2005

            For all your vehicle and service needs please come see one
                         of our exceptionally trained staff.

                    1700 WAVERLY AT BISHOP GRANDIN
                 Phone: (204)261-6200 or Toll Free: (877)328-6100
T R I AT H L O N M AN I T O B A N E W S                                                                            Page 17

                                     A Triathlete’s List of Essentials
                                                                                                            By Jared Spier

  Anyone who’s been involved in triathlon for a while, or         Helmet – You are required to wear an approved helmet at
  even peaked inside a triathlete’s garage, will quickly                all multisport races. A proper fit is the most
  realize that this sport demands a lot of gear. Whether                important factor to consider when helmet shopping,
  you’re a seasoned veteran looking to pick up the latest               with venting, price and even style helping to make
  innovation, or a rookie wondering where to start, having              the final decision.
  the right equipment can go a long way towards making
  the multisport experience a more enjoyable one. But how Saddle Pack – This little bag behind your saddle can
  do you know which stuff is the right stuff?                           make the difference between a
                                                                        great ride and a horrible walk. It
  To help offer any triathlete a base to work from, I’ve                should include personal ID, a bit
  assembled this list which includes the essential items for            of money, spare tubes, a patch
  each discipline, as well as a few extra goodies for race              kit, tire levers and a set of hex
  day. This is by no means an exhaustive list (in fact, with            wrenches. You should also have
  all the insanely techno-weenie stuff out there, I’m not sure          a pump or CO2 cartridges with
  that such a list could even exist), but it should give you a          you on every ride.
  solid idea of what you need and why.
                                                                  Bike Shorts – If you’re putting in the miles on the bike,
                               SWIM                                     you’ll need a good pair of bike shorts. Any short
                                                                        can provide padding, and more panels generally
  Goggles – While a good pair of goggles is something                   offer a better fit (at a higher price), but consider
            you’ll rarely notice, a bad pair can completely ruin        having a pair with a thinner, smooth chamois to
            any swim. Good goggles should have a                        facilitate bike/run workouts.
            comfortable fit and a quality seal, while tinting can
            be a great bonus when swimming outdoors,              Sunglasses – They might help you look cool, and they
            making it easier to see buoys & swimmers                    certainly eliminate excuses for tears while riding
            against the sun.                                                    into a head-wind, but eye protection is one of
                                                                                the biggest benefits of wearing sunglasses
  Swim Cap – If you thought the look & feel of hair after                       on the bike. Manitoba roads generally have
            weeks of chlorine was horrific, just imagine the                    lots of debris, and it doesn’t take much for
            extra drag you’d experience without a cap!                          the tire in front of you to get a small piece of
            Perhaps more importantly, a brightly coloured                       gravel airborne, so protection is important.
            swim cap helps to keep you visible (and therefore
            alive) during open water swims.                                                    RUN
  Wetsuit – For the most part, you can swim and race           Shoes – Again a fairly obvious selection, but more
        without a wetsuit, but you won’t often want to. In            importantly, you need “the right shoes”. Running
        addition to keeping you warm, a properly fitting              is the multisport discipline with the highest impact,
                                   wetsuit can greatly reduce         and can quickly lead to injury if you don’t have the
                                   fatigue during swimming,           right support. Take the time to ensure you’re
                                   thanks to extra features           getting the right shoes for your feet.
                                   and the added buoyancy,
                                   which improves overall      Speed Laces – Nothing can improve your
                                   body position.                     transition splits as quickly as elastic
                                                                      shoe-laces. Set them to the right
                           BIKE                                       tension once and you never have to
                                                                      tie them again, but you can still slip
  The Bike – (Sort of obvious isn’t it!) Every triathlete             your feet in and out as needed –
        needs a bike, and there appears to be no limit on             brilliant!
        how much can be spent. But across all levels, the
        two most important things to control are rolling       Hat/Visor – If the suns out, you’ll probably want some
        resistance and rider positioning. Any slick and               form of protection for your head. A lightweight hat
        skinny tires will help limit rolling resistance, while        or an open sun-visor does a great job of offering
        rider positioning should balance aerodynamics                 protection from the sun while still letting heat
        against the athlete’s personal muscular                       escape from the top of your head, which is
        efficiencies.                                                 important, since racing with heat stroke doesn’t
                                                                                                           Continued on Page 17...
Page 18                                                                                        T R I AT H L O N M AN I T O B A N E W S

 A Triathlete’s List of Essentials continued from Page 17... Sun Screen – After last year, we’re due for a sunny
                                                                       season of triathlon ,and nothing gives you worse
                                                                       tan lines then 40k in aero-position wearing a
                    AT THE RACES                                       singlet (unless it’s 180k in the Kona sun). Don’t
                                                                       get burnt. Protect your skin when you race,
 Bodyglide – Truly one of man’s greatest inventions,                   especially on the tops of your shoulders, back,
         Bodyglide does a great job of eliminating chaffing            and knees.
         anywhere you need it. You can use it around
         your neck and armpits when wearing your             TriMB Membership – How else are you going to do
         wetsuit, the side of your saddle on the bike and              these races? Your Triathlon Manitoba
         inside your shoes on the run to prevent blisters.             membership does more than just let you race –
                                                                       by becoming a TriMB member you’re supporting
 Nutrition – Whether you want to use gels, bars, or just a             the entire sport of triathlon, which means there
         sports-drink, you need                                        will continue to be a growing number of races to
         something more than water to                                  challenge you!
         get through training & races.
         Especially if you’re racing in a                    Again, this fifteen item list isn’t meant to be the complete
         longer event. Make sure it’s                        run-down of every item a triathlete requires, but I hope
         something you’ll actually want to                   that it at least helps to get everyone on the right page as
         consume, and always                                 we start the season.
         experiment with new items
         during training.                                    Happy Racing,
                                                             Jared Spier

                                                            Contact List

                          Triathlon Manitoba has a Contact List of over 1300 e-mail addresses that we use to inform
                          people in the triathlon community about promotions and time-sensitive news. If you did not
                          receive e-mail notification that our Spring 2005 newsletter had been posted on our website,
                          we probably do not have your e-mail address. If you have an e-mail address and would like
                          it to be added to our Contact List, please contact Anita at .
                          Also, please let Anita know if your e-mail address changes anytime during the year.

 For privacy reasons, your e-mail address is never given to anyone, and it is not listed on the "To" header of
 messages we send out.

                          Triathlon Manitoba Membership

 Triathlon Manitoba is only as strong as its members. By purchasing a Full Membership, you are helping to build a
 strong triathlon community in Manitoba. Your Full Membership helps support regional growth, youth development,
 athlete development, officials development, coaching development, the provincial race series, and the quality of races
 (sanctioning standards, race equipment, and administrative support).

 In order to participate in a Triathlon Manitoba sanctioned event, an athlete must either have a Full Membership, or
 must purchase a One-Day Membership when registering for the event.

 A Full Membership form is included in this newsletter or may be found on our website. It is possible to purchase a Tri-
 athlon Manitoba Full Membership online with your credit card.

 To learn about the benefits of becoming a Full Member of Triathlon Mantioba or a One-Day Member, visit www.
                                       2005 Full Membership Form

Name: _________________________________ Address: _______________________________________________________

City: __________________________________ Province __________________________                            Postal Code: ______________

Telephone (res): _________________________ E-mail address: __________________________________________________

Date of Birth: ____________________ (dd-mmm-yyyy)                                      Gender: M _______ F _______

Region (circle one):    Winnipeg Central        Westman Parkland         Interlake    Eastman     Norman      Other: ______________

Type of Full Membership:
Individual [ ] Family [ ] Kids of Steel® /Youth (under 19 as of December 31st, 2005) [ ]                Official [ ]   Race Director [ ]

Please list family Full Members

Name: _______________________Gender: _______ Birthdate: ______________E-mail address: ________________________

Name: _______________________Gender: _______ Birthdate: ______________E-mail address: ________________________

Name: _______________________Gender: _______ Birthdate: ______________E-mail address: ________________________

Name: _______________________Gender: _______ Birthdate: ______________E-mail address: ________________________

Name: _______________________Gender: _______ Birthdate: ______________E-mail address: ________________________

- Are you interested in volunteering your time to Triathlon Manitoba? Yes [ ] No [ ]
- Do you speak French? Yes [ ] No [ ] If yes, can we provide your name to local French media for stories? Yes [ ] No [ ]

Yearly         Off-season only
Apr 1 - Mar 31 Sep 1 - Mar 31
$30            $10      Individual
$45            $20      Family
$10            $ 5      Kids of Steel® / Youth (must be 19 & under as of Dec 31st, 2005)
Complimentary — Official, Race Director

Fee enclosed: $ __________________ (Please make cheques payable to Triathlon Manitoba)

Acceptance of Full Membership terms
• I realize that, with this Full Membership, I may be subject to unannounced drug testing as provided for by Triathlon Canada's
   agreement with the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport.
• In consideration of my acceptance as a Full Member of Triathlon Manitoba, I hereby agree to follow all policies, procedures,
   rules and regulations set down by Triathlon Manitoba.
• I understand that Triathlon Manitoba retains personal information about me in their files. I accept the use of my personal
   information for the purposes described in accordance with Triathlon Manitoba’s Privacy Policy, posted at

I agree to the above terms of Full Membership, upon my admission to Triathlon Manitoba as a Full Member.

Signature:_______________________________________ Date:________________________________

Please send the completed application to: Triathlon Manitoba, 200 Main Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 4M2, or drop it off at any of our events.

Note: A Triathlon Manitoba Full Membership may alternatively be purchased online. See
For office use only:
Bank Deposit: ____________
Membership No:__________
      DUAL 9

                 201 ROSSER AVENUE
                 BRANDON, MB
                 R7A 0J8

T R I AT H L O N M AN I T O B A N E W S                                                                              Page 21

                                                                                                           By Debb Brethauer,
                                                                                                           Director, Officiating

  Last season, 2004, saw our officials oversee everything         If you belong to a club, race organization, or community
  from showers, 13° air temperature, 13° water                    that requires individuals to be trained as officials, please
  temperature, to a race with temperatures of 28° with the        contact the Triathlon Manitoba office. A minimum of
  humidex. We were challenged to make adjustments for             seven people is required, and the cost to participants is
  numerous events, as the water temperature warranted             free.
  mandatory wetsuits.
                                                                  If you are interested in this wonderful world of officiating,
  The first ever draft legal race for Tri Manitoba went well at   please contact Debb Brethauer at dbrethauer@gov.mb.
  St Malo. This event will be repeated again this year. As        ca. The Officiating Schedule will be ready in April, but
  well, there will be draft legal races in the Birds Hill         feel free to contact me anytime with your availability. Our
  Duathlon series (please check the race schedule). The           new points system allows you to accumulate points over a
  officials are also pleased to see a change in the swim          three-year period so you can race and officiate!!
  portion of the race. All athletes will be wearing numbered
  swim caps, which will allow the swim officials to detect

  In 2004 Kelly Mahoney and myself attended the National          “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps
  Technical Official Course in Edmonton, Alberta. We then           you going. Officials ensure you get there correctly”.
  officiated at the Great White North Half Ironman in Stony
  Plain, Alberta. This race has a very interesting method to
  deal with drafting penalties. If you are caught drafting,
  you are given a wristband. Before the start of the run all
  athletes without penalties leave transition to the right -
  athletes with wristbands exit transition to the left for an
  extra 800-meter run in the Run of Shame. It worked, as
  drafting infractions in 2003 were in excess of 35. Last
  year saw a total of 13 penalties.

                                                                                  owned by Marty and
                                                                                  Celia Halprin.....…

                                                                                  Discounts for tri geeks.
             Winnipeg’s largest Bike Shop serving Triathletes since 1990.

Services Include:

   •   Bike Prep and Tune-ups
   •   Custom Bike Fitting
   •   Triathletes on Staff
   •   Shoes by Nike, Sidi and
       Garneau and more
   •   Bikes by Trek, Giant
       And Norco
   •   Aero Bars
   •   Race wheels
   •   Aero helmets

                                                               Hours of Operation

                                                               Mon-Fri 10am-9pm
                                                               Saturday 10am-6pm
                                                               Sunday 1pm-5pm

               Call or visit us at 233 Henderson Hwy. (204)-669-5590.

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