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					Well to get into whole topic lets understand what is B2B and e-commerce separately.
You might have heard these words like manufacturer, wholesale and retailers. These
are the important part of any business. Actually this is a complete chain in which
goods moves from manufactures to customer. Now the question arises where this B2B
occur when goods move from manufacturer to wholesaler then this transaction is
called B2B because both the parties are engaging with business. Similar case is with
wholesaler to retailer. But if retailer sells it to consumer then it is not a B2B because
consumer is not engaged in any kind of business. So we can define B2B as a
transaction between businesses. Retailer to consumer transaction is known as
B2C.This is the whole concept of B2B.
     Now we have another word to understand e-commerce. E stands for electronic
and commerce means business in simple word. That means business through some
electronic medium. Everybody knows about internet and its uses and many people
have also done online shopping that means to purchase through internet. In this case if
you purchase through then it is called B2C E-commerce. Online ticketing, online
reservation, any kind of online shopping is B2B. And if both the parties are engaged
in business then it is called as B2B E-commerce. If manufacturer and wholesaler are
engaged through internet for their business transaction then it is a B2B E-commerce.
     Now to understand this concept of B2B online business lets understand
E-marketplace. For that Lets take an example of 鈥渕 all 鈥? You might have seen
and have been done shopping there. Have you ever think the concept of mall. Before
the concept of mall there were shops, showrooms etc but there was not a unique place
where everything would be available and we could save our time in searching our
requirement. But after this mall concept we just move inside the mall and can
purchase everything we want. In the mall, we have so many options, quality etc. and it
saves our lots of time. You can say this is a platform where buyers and sellers meet
and transaction happened.
     Now think if the same thing done online then what it would be called. Let 鈥檚
make it more clear .Today there are many online Platform like Magento, Spree
Commerce, OsCommerce where manufacturer, suppliers are wholesalers are
registered and will listed in directory then they can find each other very easily and
increase their business. This is time saving, money saving, having more option etc.
This platform is called as online marketplace. And this is called B2B e-commerce.
     There are so many benefits of B2B e-commerce for both the Consumer and
Retailer like:
     1. Time saving 2. Money saving             3. Availability of internet    4. Options
are there to business with      5) Overseas scope