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					USI wireless SSID:                                                           2/19/2011

Right-click on wireless icon on lower right, usually the little computer icon with ))), choose “View
Available Wireless Networks”
Choose “WiFi@USI” and “Connect”

For information about registering a device to use the wireless
network, please proceed.
To register a device on USI Campus wireless network:                                2/19/2011

To register your wireless device again, open the browser, usually Internet Explorer (IE).

Allow it to try to open home page, or type in a location. You should re-direct to a page that looks
like the above (IE6):

Choose “Yes” to proceed to registration page.
Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) will display a “Security Warning”.

You should get the page shown above.

Type in your MyUSI ID (ID ONLY, do not put in a space or any additional characters.)

Click on “Accept”
Successful registration will display the screen above.

You only register a device one time.

You may be redirected to the registration screen after a reboot. Do not attempt to register again.
Instead, before you reboot, or after your browser (IE) returns to registration screen, perform the
Click on “Tools” and “Internet Options”

(Screen appearance will depend on browser (IE) version. Above IE version 6, below IE version 7)
(Above- IE version 6) Delete cookies and delete files.
(Below - IE version 7) Delete temporary files, history, cookies, …
Close browser (IE) window.
You may choose to open a DOS (cmd) window and type the commands as shown below:

       ipconfig /flushdns


       arp –d *

Open browser (Internet Explorer) once again and you should be back on the Internet.

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