Dhow Dinner Cruise- A Best Way to Explore Dubai by hkksew3563rd


									A dhow dinner cruise in Dubai has been one of the top class attractions in Dubai.
From a traditional Dubai boat, a dhow cruise had transformed itself into an enticing
ship which allures people of all age groups, from kids to families to couples. It's been
one of the favorite activities for travelers during their Dubai tours as well as for the
locals of neighboring emirates.
Dubai is a beautiful city with marvelous skyscrapers, historical monuments and white
sandy beaches. A dhow dinner cruise is a perfect spot to explore the beauty of Dubai.
You can witness some of the famous landmarks while cruising on this authentic Dubai
boat. Beginning with The Chamber of Commerce Building which is a modern
architecture built with steel and glass facades and angular lines. Perched on the banks
of the Creek, the towering building acts as a catch hold for the sun's rays.?Then you
come across the ancestral home of Sheikh Zayed which is by contrast an older edifice
and constructed nearly a century ago along traditional Arabian concepts. The structure
is actually a fort with four watchtowers flanking each corner and is located within the
grounds of the Al Ain Museum. Some Dubai/UAE dhow cruises allow tourists to step
off and have a look around the museum for a while.?And lastly, The Heritage Village,
where you will get to see a more pronounced glimpse of Dubai's past. Dhow carvers,
scented souks, traditional dress and local wares all jostle with one another for
attention.? Dubai dhow cruise tour will allow you to soak in the sights and sounds of
Dubai which are unforgettable.
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