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Communication is a broad field and is still vague. This field consists of various disciplines, mostly
overlapping, has a different name and refer to different activities, depending on the speaker's
perspective. For example, business communications, marketing and corporate is a term that covers a
variety of ways to convey a message, while the issue, branding, and stakeholder management are terms
later to demonstrate the approaches encountered in various communication activities. Some of the
major disciplines of communication include public relations, internal communications, corporate
communications, direct marketing, advertising, branding, public affairs and investor relations.
Everything is addressed to a different target and use instruments and different activities in conveying its
message. For example, public relations might use the tool press release or media package to reach
target media, while public affairs may use briefings for members parliament on a bill to be used for
communicate with those who are in government.

As with other aspects of the organization, planning is very important mode of communication and has
many benefits for various reasons. Communication ensures utilization scarce resources most efficiently,
can help prioritize the demands the opposite, and provide clear direction relating to daily activities.
Further, communication can identify those who bring change and give The best way to deal with them,
lets review the current organizational activities and provide benchmarks for measuring success at a time
when that will come. Develop a communication strategy is an art, not something scientific, and there
many ways different approaches to perform this task. Following the advice given This is just a guide that
does not have strict rules. Communication strategies can also applied to a separate project in the plans
quarterly or monthly, or may appoint to the communication strategy beyond the periodic plan or under
the organizational strategy comprehensive. Are you strategy communication designed for a specific
project or for a period the same as the organization's strategy, the strategy must consider a few things

    •   Objectives
    •   Goal
    •   Messaging
    •   Instruments and activities
    •   Resources
    •   The time scale
    •   Evaluation and improvement


Your goal is the key to the success of your communications strategy. The aim must be able to ensure
that communication strategies are developed is the demanding needs organization, rather than the
needs of the communication itself. Communication activities You are not an end of all activities, but
done for the sake of organization and because it must be associated with organizational objectives. Ask
yourself what can be You do in your communication efforts to support your organization to reach goal
Incorporating communication goals and objectives of the organization will emphasize the importance
and relevance of communication, and because it would be a convincing case for doing communication
activities within your organization. Target You need to identify your target with whom you need to
communicate to achieve organizational goals. The best targets are intended to achieve the goal may be
not the most obvious target, and target goals, such as media, not always help you achieve your goals.
Everyone wants to have a profile media and political profile higher, but the activities to support these
two things are usually just for personal interest and is only driven by the need to communicate, with the
impact are not extensive. The effect could be negative if you spend all the resources for this This actually
can be used to communicate with stakeholders key.


Looking for a strategic target and consistent is the key message of the organization. Create something
comprehensive and covers all the key messages, and put pressure on the elements different for
different audiences. To maximize the impact of the messages to be delivered need to be summarized in
three points which can be repeated. Remember, communication is about the story: use the delivery an
interesting narrative, the stories about human interest, and imajeri interesting.

Instruments and activities

Identify instruments and activities that are appropriate to communicate the key messages. You can get
this idea from the audience or from the messages, or a combination of both. For example, an annual
report will be useful for corporate communications, while email bulletin suitable for internal
communication. Make sure that you are designing instruments and activities based on appropriate time
and resources of existing funds. Resources and timescales The main rule to follow is to always keep their
promises and not promises. Use sumberdayamu and time scale to set expectations that can be realized.

Evaluation and amendment

Consider communications audit to assess the effectiveness of communication strategy You with internal
and external audiences. Use open questions with answers and appropriate benchmarks, and if possible
find someone to do this. Consider and discuss the results carefully and use the existing discovered
change your strategy.

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