Developmental Education by hkksew3563rd


									According to NADE, the National Association for Developmental Education the
definition of developmental education is the 鈥渇 ield of practice and research within
higher education with a theoretical foundation in developmental psychology and
learning theory 鈥? Developmental education understands that students learn in
different ways and they need to be sensitive and responsive to these differences.
While developmental education usually focuses on students who are struggling, it is
effective at all levels of ability. The term 鈥渞 emedial 鈥?is no longer used so the
student is not humiliated or stigmatized, thus allowing them to succeed instead of
falling by the wayside.
  Educators must focus on two main concepts when working towards developmental
education, learning theory and developmental psychology. Learning theory is the way
people learn and gain knowledge and developmental psychology is how the brain and
mind develop as they mature. Both need to be considered in order for the student to
learn effectively. Developmental education recognizes that many people learn in
different ways. With assistance the student can achieve high levels of academic
performance. Assistance can include tutoring, mentoring, counseling, assistance with
homework and special accommodations for taking tests.
  There are specific goals of developmental education to develop in each student the
skills and confidence needed to attain success in school, career and life. Another goal
is to maintain a standard of education that enables students to become competent
enough to succeed in higher education.
  There are a number of tools available to measure the progress of students enrolled in
a developmental education program. These would include test results, written papers
and talking to the student individually to make sure they are becoming more
self-assured and confident in learning and retaining what they have learned.
  Although developmental education focuses mainly on how students learn and
helping them improve academically it also takes other aspects into consideration.
These would be emotional well being and physical health. Developmental educators
look at the whole student such as their home life and environment. Some students
may need help with social and psychological problems more than they do with school
work. The developmental educator can provide that added support.
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