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					The area around Destin, Florida is known for its breathtaking beauty, its deep emerald
green sparkling waters, and its immaculate white sandy beaches. So it's little wonder
that families in search of a new favorite vacation spot are choosing the majestic
beauty of Florida. They are especially drawn to renting condos on the beach.
 In Destin, Florida, vacation rental condominiums are in abundance. With so many
properties to choose from, it's really a consumer's market. This drives Condo Resorts
to offer a wide variety of different styles and sizes. They offer reasonable rates, great
deals, and mesmerizing views of the Emerald Coast that many families and
individuals are enjoying year after year. There is nothing like sharing a fiery Emerald
Coast sunset with the ones you love.
 Another reason that new and returning visitors to the area choose to stay in condos
on the beach in Destin is that no matter what size of an unit their family's needs
require, they are assured of finding all the comforts and amenities of a perfect
 The Edgewater Beach Condominium rentals are known for their picturesque
ceiling-to-floor views of the breath taking Emerald Coast. Imagine the beauty of a
screen saver right outside your window. The combination of the Gulf of Mexico's
waters and lush colors of tropical gardens offer maximum relaxation potential.
 When searching for the vacation get away of a lifetime, The Edgewater Beach
Condominium Rentals offer families the chance for fun, peace, and long lasting
memories. But you don't have to be a family to enjoy Destin. The Edgewater is a
favorite of couples seeking romance as well. Whether honeymooning or celebrating a
golden anniversary with the love of your life, the Edgewater Beach Condominium
Rentals are perfect for lovers of any age.
 Condos on the beach in Destin have been providing fun and relaxation for thousands
of families and individuals year after year. With romantic strolls along the beach,
nights of dancing to calypso music, and unparalleled service and amenities, The
Edgewater Beach Condos have something for everyone.
 -David Pendlestien
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