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					What has stayed in Las Vegas is the recession. Ask any Las Vegas bankruptcy attorney.
Most every Las Vegas bankruptcy attorney has seen a double digit growth in the
number of people coming to their offices seeking help for their personal financial
situation. Your Las Vegas bankruptcy attorney has seen neighbors, friends and even
relatives in their offices. While good for business, the human tragedy of so much
suffering has taken its toll on them.
  Most people find themselves talking to an attorney because they are desperate. They
have no recourse. And they are in shock. Until recently, they were solid, bill paying
citizens, meeting the mortgage payment, the car payment and all the money owed to
the credit card companies. Then economic disaster struck.
  For some, it was a job lost. For others, an unexpected medical or repair bill. For the
unlucky, maybe both.
  Whatever the cause of the economic disaster, it brought them to an attorney to seek
help in getting back on their financial feet.
  Finding an attorney is not hard. Finding one that is fit to be a good advocate for you
is a little harder. Harder, because everybody is different, and everybody has goals and
aspirations, even when their financial future is on the line. So, whether you find an
attorney through friends or relatives, or through an Internet search, take some time to
prepare and interview for the prospective attorney. Have a plan.
  Only you know where you really want and hope to be in two, three or five years. You
must be your own best advocate.
  Your attorney may advise you to file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 consumer bankruptcy.
Chapter 7 will have you selling your assets and repaying those you owe. Chapter 13
will have you setting up a repayment schedule for creditors and keeping some assets.
  Or you could get some conservative advice: get a second job, sell some toys, get on a
  Make the most of the time you spend with your attorney. It will prove invaluable in
getting your feet back on solid financial ground.

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