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  PETER HENDERSON, late Letter Stamper in the Gen-
    eral Post Office, Edinburgh, and who is to be Executed
   here on Wednesday the 16th July, 1828, for abstracting
    Money from and Destroying the Letters.
0 all who hear of my sad state,         And then of death's devouring pangs
  Oh pity my dire case,                   I will not be afraid ;
Doomed to an ignominious fate,          When thou by thine own righteous laws
  Deprived of human bliss,                My righteousness hast made,

0 if my days were to begin,             Good Christians all of every kind,
  I to the world would shew,              Who hear of my sad fate,
That I would shun the paths of sin,     Repent and sanctify your rnind
  Wherein destroyers go.                  Before it is too late.

But ah ! these days are past and gone ! For if you suffer passions strong
  In fetters here I lyc,                  To triumph over you,
Confined in a dungeon strong,           They'll hurry you to hell amongst
  By men condemned to die.                The lost and guilty crew.

Because GOD'S law I did transgress,     Who've trampled on GOD'S holy laws,
  And would not walk therein:             And cast his precepts all behind,
But fled the paths of righteousness,    For wickedness to blindness draws,
  And trod the paths of sin.              And blindness leads astray the blind.

My sentence sure it must he just,      Join prayers with me, good Christians all,
  For the commandment says,               For the salvation of my soul,
Thou shalt not steal; thou never must— That I may never go to dwell
 Thou'lt fare as thou obeys.              In darkness black and foul.

The law of GOD is strict against         Remember, Lord, how short a time,
  All such enormous crimes ;               On earth I've to remain,
And sure these laws they do-extend       And when I suffer for my crime,
  To men of different crimes.              May death to me be gain.

Tormenting thoughts oppress my heart, O let the prisoner's sighs ascend,
  While I think on my ways ;                Before thy throne on high,
More piercing they're than sharped darts, Likewise from death their souls defend,
  That have cut short my days.              That are condemned to die.

And sure the vengeance it will come,     O then give ear to what I say,
 And on my head will fall,                 Seek GOD to be your guide ;
Unless that GOD'S own holy Son           Resort not with bad company,
 Deliver me from thrali,                   And truth keep on your side.

0 therefore holy Jesus come             So that with you it may be well,
  And shield me from the wrath,           When you resign your breath,
That from thy Father forth is gone,     And may with saints and angels dwell,
  To crush us unto death.                 Free from the second death.

0 therefore holy Son of GOD,             Now to conclude, O Lord my God,
  Do thou my soul relieve,                 I humbly do thee pray,
From GOD'S wrath and afflicting rod,    .When that the path of death I've trod,
  That now my soul doth grieve.            Thou'lt take my spirit away.

On thy redemption I depend;             Good people all think on my fate,
  0 cast me not away ;                    Do not go in my ways !
But shield my soul, and me defend       Adieu to every worldly thing,
  Against the evil day.                   And so I end my days.
          Edinburgh:--Printed for William Henry, Price One Penny.

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