Designer Stroller Buying Guide for Parents

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					Rolling out for fall, the latest in designer strollers will have savvy parents and stylish
babies turning heads as they travel together. The selection of transportation for new
and growing families has never been more impressive. Innovative structures and
fabrics bring us products ranging from lightweight and affordable strollers to tricked
out, feature-filled models.

 The latest strollers work with the many different types of parents in today 鈥檚
world. Active, artsy, trendy, or traditional, you 鈥檒 l find a stroller out there to fit
your family 鈥檚 lifestyle. Manage your search with ease when you set your
parameters ahead of time. Will you choose form or function? Does your life demand
both? Is budget an issue? Whatever you need in a stroller, you 鈥檒 l find it online. At
an e-tailer like More Strollers, not only will you find the latest models in designer
strollers, but you won 鈥檛 have to leave the site to compare and contrast every brand
you like.

 Cutting-edge Joggers

 For an idea of what 鈥檚 out there in innovative designs, look for products like
Stokke 鈥檚 trendy Xplorys and Phil & Ted 鈥檚 versatile Explorers. With these
agile, stylish models, the days of clogging up the grocery aisle are over. Other popular
brands of jogging strollers include Joovy, BOB, EveryWalker, Kolcraft, and InSTEP.

 For really intense athletic enthusiasts, products from BOB 鈥檚 IronMan Collection
are a special treat. Available in both single and double models, these joggers are the
official strollers of the IronMan Triathlon. So whether you want to walk or run,
exercise or train, you can do it with your children along for the ride. Start them on the
path to active living with a style you enjoy.

 Classic(a) Prams

 For a touch of old-fashioned finery, there 鈥檚 nothing like the scrollwork frame of
a pram. If a Victorian home or a stately manor makes your heart flutter, you 鈥檒 l be
pleased to find the pram of your dreams with a few modern upgrades.

 Contemporary Classica prams from Inglesina merge cutting-edge craftsmanship and
materials with heartwarming old-world style. They haven 鈥檛 forgotten practicality
though, and you 鈥檒 l find a coordinated seat that replaces the bassinette once your
baby has grown. Keep the frame 鈥?and the style 鈥?you love while accommodating
your toddler.

 Make it a Double

 When the time comes to transport two babies instead of one, you 鈥檒 l still have an
array of stylish options in side-by-side or single-file configurations. Once you 鈥檝 e
got a toddler plus infant to transport, you need a stroller to be smarter than ever. More
Strollers has you covered with double strollers and tandem strollers from the brands
you know and trust, with options like interchangeable bassinettes and car seats.
 Regardless of what style you 鈥檙 e interested in, you 鈥檝 e probably started to
road-test a few models in person. Why not avoid the crowds and limited selection of
brick-and-mortar stores? Shop online and discover all the strollers you 鈥檝 e heard
about, all in one easy-to-use web site. From rugged jogging strollers to double
strollers and everything in between, More Strollers is your best online source for
unbeatable selection and price