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									Designer denim saw its early rise to the top of the popularity charts in the late 1970s.
By the mid 1980s high end fashion and designer denim brands were every where.
Both men and women could be found sporting looks from many of the era's biggest
names. The styles were varied. Women were the first to wear the flared bell-bottom
trousers. Jordache, for example, was originally only marketing their brand to women.
  While the popularity of designer jeans faded some in the 1990's it has recently
regained its prominence amongst the designer fashion world. The brands leading the
way were 7 for all Mankind and Hudson Jeans. These two designers quickly made
headway with women shoppers with stylish bootcut trends and unique washes. They
also set themselves apart from the other denim jeans manufacturers by adding unique
trim options, such as button flap pockets and proprietary stitching.
  The denim offered by Hudson Jeans was the first really emphasize the unique button
flap. Their trademark pockets make them very distinguishable from other jeans. As
the styles became more popular the Hudson brand jeans could be seen on many
famous celebrities. Hollywood has always helped push trends to the mainstream. The
new styles in designer jeans were no different.
  Soon after 7 for all mankind and Hudson many brands followed suit. True Religion
quickly made a name for themselves with their rocker jeans and wild stitching on the
pockets. The brand hit the mainstream market running. Other brands include Citizen
Jeans, Joes Jeans, PRPS, and Lucky Brand Jeans. The majority started initially with a
line of designer denim jeans for women but quickly added a variety of men’s jeans as
the trend became more popular.
  Many of the original brands from the seventies and eighties also began marketing
modern jeans with design influences from the original trends that made them popular.
Calvin Klein reproduced their old design with loop stitching pockets. In 2007
Jordache came back on the scene by creating a very popular advertising campaign
including Heidi Klum and some of their original styles.
  The trend of designer jeans has had its ups and designs throughout the years but the
many brands available today make it look like it is here to stay. Hudson Jeans, 7 for
all Mankind, and the many other brands have even started to offer more affordable
jeans to the mainstream market. Further solidifying them for the future.
  Styla Brite is a published author and product reviewer. Continue reading more about
Hudson Jeans and Designer Jeans

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