Design considerations and computer facilities to attract clients and new by hkksew3563rd


									Some time ago, offices were simply seen as a plain, functional and often dull working
space; this no longer applies to working environments today. A major part of
demonstrating the success of your business is making a good impression on clients
with your office. Generally, the interior design style of your office depends on the
industry you are in and the expected look inherent to it.
 Especially beneficial for companies within creative industries, good office design is
highly effective as it displays creativity and bravery before a business deal is even
proposed. By also equipping your office with a number of facilities, you will further
increase the impressiveness of the company, as well as increasing the value of the
business premises.
 These improvements have however been noticed by other companies, so it could
become difficult to set your company apart from others and demonstrate a unique
style. It is useful to take risks in business, but with office design, it is often difficult to
equate the most cost-effective solution. These are my top tips to create a stylish,
functional and highly profitable office environment.
 1. Furnishings Featuring Company Logo: You already have the client interested in
your business, so why bother reiterating the company name and logo? Repetition is
fantastic way to create a memorable name and an office themed on the company
significantly increases the distinction and impressiveness of the business. A number of
companies use this idea, such as YouTube, who have put company logos on their
walls as well as basing their entire office scheme on the colour of their website. It is
also a massive benefit to place either newspaper clippings of business success or
examples of previous work on the wall, as this will help to reinforce the
accomplishments of the company as well as boost employee morale and productivity.
 2. Open Plan Workplace: An open plan is one of the most effective ways to impress
clients as well as make use of office space. This is especially useful for young
companies since using the office space to disperse staff around the environment can
be extremely valuable, as this helps to give the impression of a successful and
powerful company. It also demonstrates a creative flair and adaptability - which are
all key to the success and continued growth of a business.
 3. Art/Sculpture: A large number of offices unfortunately have bare walls, lacking
diversity and colour which shows a severe lack of imagination. Your choice of art is
generally dependant on the field your company is in - an advertising agency may
place old work on the walls, whilst a financing company may only use simple,
minimalist art. It is important to get a consensus on your choice of art to ensure that
everyone will be happy with it.
 4. Provide Wireless Internet To Visiting Clients: You would be hard pushed to find a
company that does not use the internet in some way today; however there still remain
a large number of companies that use cable connections as opposed to wireless
connection. Whilst this might seem safer than wireless, it won't impress clients that
much. As a manager, you may also what to research laptop rental that way if the client
does not have one then you can provide them with one.
 Clients would be highly grateful and impressed to be able to surf the internet in your
premises - however it is important to password-protect your wireless networking, as
this could be taken advantage for free by other users, but with careful planning and
protection, it can provide a good service for clients. This will allow them to check any
e-mails or online software, which can help to quicken the speed of the agreed deal,
benefiting your company.
 It is entirely up to you and your company how to fit out your office environment in
the best and most effective way to suit your business. However, these tips are simple
reminders to consider and will help to maximise the potential of your business.

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