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					dentists in Boston who are known for quality service and years of experience. For
more information, visit ">There are three main groups of
teeth whitening products: chair side whitening, strips and trays, and on the go options.
By knowing the difference between the three, you can make the right decision as to
which one is for you.
  When visiting your dentist to whiten your teeth you will usually encounter several
different products that are used for cosmetic teeth whitening. These products vary in
strength, the sensitivity they create, their cost, and the way they are administered. All
of the product will fall into one of three categories: Chair side whitening with an LED
or plasma light, at home trays or strips and on the go whitening. By knowing the basic
differences between the three, you will be more likely to achieve the results you 鈥檙
e looking for at the price you can live with.
  On the go whitening products are the most cost effective option, but are also
typically the least effective for whitening. What they don 鈥檛 produce in results,
they make up for in convenience and ease of use. They are typically administered in a
pen form. Usually the gel is in the pen and you simply twist or click the pen until the
whitening gel forms in the tip and then you brush it onto your teeth for the whitening.
  It 鈥檚 quick and easy because the gel dries in a few seconds and you 鈥檙 e on your
way. Because it 鈥檚 just a thin layer of gel with no light activation, it will typically
take a few applications to notice any difference and at least a dozen to move your
teeth a shade or two whiter. On the go whitening pens are usually better for
maintenance of your smile after you use chair side whitening or at home trays.
  The intermediate whitening option offered by most dentists is whitening trays or
strips. Trays are usually more effective than strips, but can cost a lot more. A typical
mold for a tray can cost a few hundred dollars, where as strips usually cost well under
a hundred dollars. When you purchase the mold, you must also purchase gel to fill
into the mold.
  You simply fill each tooth structure in the mold with gel, put it in your mouth for a
half hour usually and you get whiter teeth in 2-3 sessions with excellent results in five
or six sessions. The strips are equally as easy to administer. You simply pull the strip
from its plastic backing, stick it to your teeth and fold it over the back. Again, you
usually leave the strip on for a half an hour and will see good results in five to seven
  For the ultimate in whitening, most dentists recommend chair side whitening. You
will get the best results and typically get them in under an hour. Chair side whitening
is a process completely administered in your dentists 鈥?office and will usually
whiten your teeth up to 10 shades brighter! The downside to chair side whitening is
the cost, which is typically a few hundred dollars and the increased chance of
sensitivity compared to other whitening options. With a little research and your
dentists opinion, you will be able to find the whitening option that best fits your needs
and price point!
  Choose dentists in Boston who are known for quality service and years of experience.
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