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									In today’s economy, dentists are struggling to get their patients to keep up with
necessary procedures and office visits, as dental insurance becomes more of a luxury
than a typical benefit of an American workplace. Are discount dental programs the
 If you are one of the millions of people currently unable to afford insurance, but still
want to keep yourself in good health, you may be looking around at the various
alternatives to a pricey insurance plan. One alternative is to purchase a dental plan,
which provides you with visits to a dentist’s office at a reduced cost. However, there
are some definite pros and cons to participating.
 Since the only thing being offered is a reduction of the dental service costs,
purchasing one of the plans is fairly simple. There is no paperwork or forms to fill out
and the only qualification is that you can afford to pay the fee each month. Also, these
plans can be customized to include anyone in the household, regardless of marital
status or relationship. The application itself generally involves minimal information,
and clearly lists the treatments available and the fees or discounts that accompany it.
 Customers will still have to spend time shopping around for the best dentists or
practice to suit their individual needs. Members should also keep in mind that
practitioners participating in the plan are only offering the advertised discount on the
usual office fees, but the services may cost more or less than their competitors,
regardless. For example: Dr. Smile and Dr. Grin are both plan members, and each
offers the same 20 percent discount, but Dr. Grin’s office visit is higher than Dr.
Smile‘s, even with the discount. Also, not all procedures are deeply discounted, and
some of the most expensive aspects of dental care aren’t reduced, as many people
 The discounts save cash-strapped families money, while also allowing them to
receive dental care they might not be able to afford otherwise. For many of these
plans, the monthly charge, called a subscriber’s fee, is relatively low, and is divided
between the plan administration and the dentists. He or she, in turn, agrees to provide
reduced cost cleanings, x-rays, exams and other procedures. The advantage for large
families, or those experiencing financial hardship, is they may receive their annual
checkups, teeth cleanings and similar necessary services at minimal out of pocket
 Many fear the downside of these programs is that there is the potential for the quality
of the dentist’s work or patient care to be compromised in the name of volume and
affordability, as he is still required to pay for the office space and the staff’s salary,
regardless of the reduced income provided by the dental plan. Also, in some cases,
dentists may work on a commission system, seeing and treating as many patients as
possible to maximize their income and making the program of benefit to them. It
always pays to do some serious research before committing, which will help you
avoid encountering these pitfalls.
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