Dentists and Cosmetic Dentistry

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					When people think of cosmetic surgery, they think of breast augmentation or
rhinoplasty. We rarely think of 鈥榯 ooth jobs 鈥? However, one of the most
important forms of cosmetic surgery is cosmetic dentistry, performed by dentists.
More and more often people are turning to dentists to give them an updated or
enhanced smile.
  There are a lot of different reasons to seek out cosmetic dentists. From comfort to
look to usability, many people make the decision to enhance their smile every day.
Not only are there many different reasons to undergo cosmetic dentistry, there are also
a multitude of different forms smile enhancement.
  First, people undergo cosmetic dentistry for a variety of reasons. One of the reasons
is basic comfort. Perhaps through accidental reasons, like a fall, or through natural
reasons, a person 鈥檚 teeth may have been broken or have grown in such a way to
cause general discomfort. Orthodontic work has not been successful or is not possible
in some cases. The best alternative is cosmetic dentistry.
  Others have undergone cosmetic dentistry for the age-old reason of enhancing their
smile. Most people are familiar with actors and models getting surgical enhancement.
However, this kind of dentistry is becoming more and more common for others
outside of the entertainment field. Service personnel, doctors, lawyers, dentists and
many others are turning to dental cosmetics to get the smile of which they have
always dreamed.
  Finally, usability is another reason people are turning to cosmetic dentistry. With
increasingly better technology and options beyond the old-fashioned denture, elderly
are finding that through implants and veneers they can increase the life of their teeth.
Finding alternatives to the hassle of dentures is priceless for some individuals.
  It is important to note that there are several different forms of dental cosmetics.
Often people do not even realize that the dental work they are undergoing is
considered cosmetic. Veneers, bleaching and invisible braces are all part of cosmetic
  Veneers, often porcelain, are placed on the outside of a tooth. Usually, the dentist
designing your smile will suggest placing veneers on only the teeth that show during
your natural smile and speech. However, occasionally, a dentist will place a veneer on
a hidden tooth or molar. There are a variety of reasons to get veneers, but the most
common is smile enhancement. Veneers can be used to transform a smile to look
brighter; more even and, perhaps, is a better reflection of an individual 鈥檚
  Bleaching is also a very common, everyday form of cosmetic dentistry. Most people
already use daily toothpaste that contains bleaching agents. For those more pesky
stains, people turn to professional bleaching. This is usually a more successful and
noticeable form of tooth whitening.
  Lastly, as technology in the dental field increases, more and more adults are turning
to advanced forms of orthodontics. Invisible braces are considered to be cosmetic
dentistry because dentists are focused on the look of the braces and disguising the
braces on the usually adult patient.
  Whether you are interested in cosmetic dentistry for the look or the durability,
dentists everywhere are learning how to provide you with excellent care and quality
when it comes to veneers, bleaching and invisible braces.
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