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					If you're an eligible candidate for braces, you may be wondering what will happen
within the orthodontic exam.First of all, you will need to meet with your orthodontist
to determine and evaluate the state of your mouth, and he or she may make
impressions of your teeth, which will determine what corrections need to be made.
The orthodontist will also take pictures of your face and smile, as well as numerous
x-rays. Your dental and medical history will also be evaluated within the appointment.
This is the time that the orthodontist will use to create a personalized treatment plan to
correct many of the obvious issues that you may have with your teeth.

In some circumstances, you may be an eligible candidate for spacers. Teeth normally
grow very closely together, and the orthodontist will use a spacer to create an area for
the braces to be placed. There are two different types of spacers that will be used,
plastic modules or small springs. After a few days, the orthodontist will use the
spacers to move specific teeth slightly apart so that you can get braces. The spacers
will cause the teeth to become sore, but this will normally go away within a few days.
You can rinse your mouth out with warm salt water to fix this irritation, and it is also
best to eat soft foods during this time period. If a spacer were to fall out after being
fitted by your orthodontist, you must make an appointment with your orthodontist
right away to replace it. A spacer is highly important to make room in your mouth for
fitting the braces, so you must replace it if it falls out.

 You might be wondering what kind of foods that you can eat after getting braces.
Most of the time, wearers of braces have the opportunity to eat many different types
of foods, but there are still some foods that you should avoid. It is best to be aware of
what you eat as you begin to get used to your braces after you have gotten them on.
This is because some foods could cause damage to your teeth if you are not careful.
Your orthodontist will recommend for you not to eat apples because biting right into
them could cause your braces to bend or break. You can cut them up into wedges so
that they are easy to beat. It is also important not to chew bubble gum, sticky candy,
corn on the cob, or very hard foods, which could cause bending and breaking to the
braces. Those that were braces must not eat pure lemon juice or crunch on ice, which
could cause damage to the enamel of the teeth.

 Braces overall provide a wonderful remedy to correct many of the surface issues in
the appearance of the teeth. Braces are merely a small investment that you can use to
correct the appearance of your teeth in the long run. When you take into consideration
all of the guidelines that were mentioned above, you can have a good experience with
the wear and use of your braces.

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