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									We are said to be living in electronic age, where man is discovering uses of light and
rays.Globally we have passed through industrialization with even developing
countries having transitioned from agrarian economies to industrialized economies,
which gave rise to the concept of world trade. We have further advanced into modern
age, which is characterized by revolution in electronic, and communication
technology that has touched all aspects of our lives.

 When we measure the development of a particular society, it would be wrong to
judge only by its materialistic wealth or advancement. Many other factors such as
health, education, morality as well as religious considerations would need to be
considered while measuring all round development.

  Development of technology and globalization has also brought to light a lot of
diseases as well as major breakthrough in research and solutions to a lot of health
issues and maladies that affected the society. Today lifestyle diseases as well as
genetic predisposition to certain fatal diseases like cancer can be detected early and
treated with multi pronged course of treatment that has been enabled by technology
that has helped us invent advanced diagnostic equipements.

However studies have shown that with industrialization and advancement of
technology as well as overall development of economies, there has been significant
increase in dental diseases amongst the people. Of course all along it has been
believed that dental diseases were not limited to any particular strata of society. It is
now seen that with advancement and development of society and economy, the dental
health of the people is adversely benefited and diseases are seen to be rising.

 When in case of lower income groups, we can safely assume that the priority is not
given generally to oral hygiene and habits. Once can expect people to be maintaining
poor habits thereby increasing dental maladies. The news of dental problems in the
higher income groups and societies is alarming.

 In developed as well as developing economies the food habits of people are seen to
have changed including more and more of ready made packaged foods as well as junk
food .The more of junk and exotic food and drinks contain more sugar thereby
increasing the intake of sugar in the body besides causing dental problems.

 In rural economies, availability of better transportation network has opened up retail
market to a wider population which is seen to consume huge amounts of chocolate
and sweets. No wonder dental problems too are increasing.

 In 1979, the World Health Assembly passed resolution to move towards ' Health for
all ' by 2000, following which FDI established specific oral health campaign designed
to eradicate dental caries in children between ages five to six years.
 To be able to improve dental health it is important first to create awareness regarding
dental issues and also train people on preventive dental care. Dental health awareness
should be taken up at country's levels back by the Government support. We too can do
our bit by familiarizing ourselves with dental care and oral hygiene habits, practice
them and train each of our family members to practice and maintain oral hygiene too.

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