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					iPhone Native Apps Vs Web Apps

Which should we build? By InfoBeans Mobile Development Practice June 2009

• • • • What are iPhone Native Apps? What are iPhone Safari or Web Apps? Comparison Deciding factors

What are iPhone Native Apps?

Run on the operating system of the iPhone

Written in Objective C and can use other frameworks from the OS

Can store and retrieve data on the phone

Can use hardware features like the camera, accelerometer, compass

Apps not portable to other phones/platforms

What are iPhone Web Apps?

Comparison of the two kinds of apps
iPhone App Portable? No Web App Yes, most times

Use hardware features Network connectivity required to access the app? Speed Technology/language written in
User needs to install anything on the iPhone?

Yes No

No No Yes

Store data on the iPhone? Yes

Faster Objective C

Slower HTML/JavaScript

Updates need to be installed?



Verdict – which app is right for you?
Native iPhone App
• When your app is a complex app like a game or involves many steps • When it needs to use hardware features or location features • When processor speed needs to be used • When portability is not an issue • When data needs to be stored on the iPhone

Web App
• When your app solves a simple task in very few steps • When no hardware features are required • When processor speed is not critical • When portability is important • When data does not need to be stored on the phone itself, but on another server (so that it can be accessed from another app)

• The two kinds of apps are appropriate in different scenarios • Only the business requirements and functionality of the app will determine which one is better over the other in that particular situation • Evaluate the requirements and decide based on the comparison table • We can help you decide and build – let us know and we will be happy to work with you on this. We have experience and expertise in building both kinds of applications

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Siddharth Sethi Co founder InfoBeans 888 4 INFOBEANS

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Description: This presentation does a comparison between iPhone apps and iPhone web apps. It helps you decide which app would be most suitable for your requirements. InfoBeans provides development solutions for building iPhone applications and iPhone web applications.