Dell Laptop AC Adapter - Tips For Your Dell Laptop Charger

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					For many reasons, your original Dell Laptop AC Adapter that came with your
computer will not be used as long as it planned. So, what can we do to maximize its
running time? When we replacing the AC adapter, what we should notice about the
usefulness and compatibility? Here are some tips for you.
  (1)When your Dell laptop AC adapter get warm to the touch while plugged in, any
other signs of trouble may require immediate action. If your adapter is making a high
pitch noise, it is time to replace it. If your laptop AC adapter stops working
completely, it may be a sign of a bad transformer or a wiring issue. In my opinion, it
is generally a bad idea to open up the AC adapter for any reason if you are an amateur
repairman, the internal components of the adapter can deliver dangerously high
voltage levels to you. The best way is to get a new Replacement Dell Laptop Adapter
for your computer.
  (2)When you are replacing your Dell Laptop AC Adapter, you must check the
laptop's specifications to determine the right power requirements. Different AC
adapters always have different input and output voltages which make choosing the
correct one frustrating. And, laptop computers also have different sized DC plugs,
make sure that your new replacement adapter will fit. But, now, many universal laptop
AC adapters have come with interchargeable plugs to prevent this problem.
  (3)If you expose the Dell laptop AC adapter to prolonged periods of extreme heat or
cold, it will damage the internal circuitry and prevent the adapter from working.
Always wrap up the AC cord tightly when traveling, and avoid any contact with other
metallic devices, like coins, pens or paperclips. These could accidentally short-circuit
the adapter by causing an connection of the positive an negative terminals.
  (4) The secondary function of an laptop AC adapter is to charge computer battery. A
full charging session always takes around two hours or longer if you use the computer
during tha time. And, if your laptop battery is completely dead, you may need to leave
the Dell Laptop Charger plugged in for a few minutes before you turn on the
  Take it easy. I hope these suggestions about Dell Laptop AC Adapter will give you
some help.