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					My extremely own turkey burger recipe. It's excellent attempt it.

1 lb lean soil turkey (not extra lean)

1 lb reg. ground turkey - the type in a tube in the frozen area

?? cup bar-be-que sauce

?? cup bread crumbs

1 egg

1 tiny can mild green chile peppers, chopped

?? tsp garlic powder

?? tsp chili powder

?? tsp celery salt

?? tsp oregano

?? tsp thyme

Mix all ingredients in bowl thoroughly. Make patties, fry in canola oil,

7 minutes each side on med-Very low heat.

Sense free to change the spices or sauce with whatever you like.

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Factors to eat turkey;

Turkey recently made the prime ten super meals list for numerous reasons which
includes these two:
Turkey is a excellent very low body fat source of protein, in truth turkey breast has the
lowest extra fat of any meat or fish.

Turkey is a single of the most nutrient dense food items offered (top 10), meaning you
will get a lot more vitamins, minerals, amino acids and phyto-nutrients per calorie
than a great deal of other meals.

Yet another cause to consume turkey is to aid rotate mealtime boredom of the exact
same old meals week after week. Turkey can substitute chicken in a good deal of
chicken recipes and beef and pork in some beef and pork recipes. Replacing ground
beef with ground turkey in your spaghetti for example, is significantly better for your
health, and you don't even notice the difference. My husband does this at house,
because he's the spaghetti expert. Consider it you'll like it. Turkey seems to have to
have a small much more spicing up in my opinion than chicken does, but there are so
several herbs and spices to pick from that it's truly not a issue. These days you can
acquire any portion of the turkey you want, for example you can just purchase 1
turkey breast or one-2 legs or wings, and there are numerous varieties of soil turkey
such as brown meat white meat, mixed and very lean.

We've got some scrumptious turkey recipes on our site you might want to consider,
such as the previous Turkey Burger recipe I created up myself. Give it a attempt and
begin adding a lot more turkey to your diet. It's not just for Thanksgiving anymore.

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