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									Thermo Cap

Our Thermo Caps come in two universal sizes:

Large Size:
       90KPa (13 psi) – Part No: 1401
       110KPa (16 psi) – Part No: 1402
       138KPa (20 psi) – Part No: 1403

Small Size:
       90KPa (13 psi) – Part No: 1404
       110KPa (16 psi) – Part No: 1405

We are delighted to introduce an exciting new radiator cap to the World
market that is new and innovative. Knowing your coolant temperature can
help to prevent burn injuries. The thermo-cap radiator cap indicates the
coolant temperature with its own inbuilt calibrated thermometer which can
be useful information prior to cap removal.
The temperature probe does not need to be in contact with the coolant in
order to indicate the correct temperature and is also equipped with a
coolant recovery reclamation valve so it is compatible with cooling
systems that have an overflow reservoir. Thermo-cap radiator cap can
also be used with cooling systems that do not have an overflow reservoir.

In a world of occupational health and safety the thermo radiator cap will:
     Indicates coolant temperature
     Helps to prevent coolant injuries
     Integrated coolant reclamation valve
     Improves under hood appearance
     Fits most Australian and imported vehicles
     Various valve pressures available

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