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					A DC to DC converter is a device that accepts a direct current (DC) input voltage and
produces a DC output voltage. Typically, the output voltage is different from the input
鈥?so the main function of a DC to DC converter is to convert a source of DC from
one voltage level to another. They can either be used to amplify DC voltages, or to
invert input DC voltages and output them as negative voltages.
  There are two different types of DC to DC converters 鈥?linear and switching mode
  Linear converters can only output lower voltages from the input, and are highly
inefficient if the voltage drop is large and the current is high. The inefficiency wastes
power, in the form of heat and thus linear converters require more expensive and
larger components.
  Switching mode DC to DC converters convert one DC voltage level to another. They
are more efficient than linear converters because they store the input energy
temporarily, and then release the energy to the output at a different voltage. This
conversion method is more power efficient than linear voltage regulation, thus these
DC to DC converters are generally small, lightweight and highly efficient. They are
able to receive low input voltages and consume low power, and can therefore be used
in portable electronic devices which are normally supplied with power from batteries.
  Applications of switching mode DC to DC converters include mobile DC powered
communication such as cell phones, wireless modems or handsets powered by a DC
power source and GPS-receivers as well as laptops. DC to DC converters are also
used in electronic equipment where one or more regulated voltages is needed, and
where overload protection is required to guard against a short circuit.
  There are many types of DC to DC converters, which differ on their input and output
voltages. Based on these voltages, the converters are suitable for different applications.
Here are five examples of DC to DC converters and their uses:
  6 to 12 volts DC to DC converters: This power supply converts positive ground 6
volt in classic cars to 12 volts negative ground which can be used in modern
  12 volt to 1.5, 3, 4.5, 6, 7.5 or 9 volt DC to DC converters: These converters are
useful for automotive applications.
  12 volt to notebook computer DC to DC converters: These converters are useful car
to notebook DC to DC adapters for almost every laptop, notebook, and table.
  12 Volt to ATX Style DC to DC converters: For running a computer from a car, boat,
solar panel or motorhome. The input range is 9-18 volts.
  2 volt to 15, 18, 20 or 24 volt DC to DC converters: These DC to DC converter cords
are designed to run or charge laptop computers from automobile power points such as
cigarette lighters.
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