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  Continuing Ministerial
  Development Brochure
      (Lay Ministers)



Preface – the Bishop of Ramsbury

Introduction – the Director of Learning for Discipleship and Ministry

Pages 1 – 4

Introducing Bishop Robert
Central Readers’ Council Annual Meeting
Central Readers’ Council National Conference
Reader Magazine
Reader Website

Pages 5 – 32

Fully Alive
LLM Admission Day
Pre Admission Quiet Day for New LLMs
Bishop’s Supper for Deanery Wardens
Deanery LLM meetings
Annual meeting of Deanery Wardens
Archdeaconry Days
Diocesan Days
Taking Funerals
Leading Public Worship with
Communion by Extension
Skiing Trip
Learning for Discipleship Courses
Safeguarding Children
Working with Vulnerable Adults
Board of Education Events
Ramsbury and Sherborne Area Events

Pages 33 – 48

The Anglican Centre in Rome
Biblical Studies
Drug and Alcohol Awareness
Hilfield Friary
IT Skills
Parenting Programme
Rural Ministry
Sarum College

Pages 49 – 57

About Wellbeing
Confidential Care
Ivy House Warminster
Ministry of Deliverance
Ministry of Healing
Society of Mary and Martha
Spiritual Direction

PREFACE – the Bishop of Ramsbury

Like you, I receive lots of brochures through the post. I am invited, among other
things, to re-furnish my home, to plan life-changing breaks in exotic destinations and
to study potential investments. Along with you, I also receive the Salisbury brochure
for Continuing Ministerial Development. Should we make any comparisons or
analogies? I should say, ‘Yes’.

Within the balance of opportunities outlined in this brochure there is something for all
of us, whether we are ordained or lay, licensed or with permission to officiate. It was
an assumption of the school which I attended that the purpose of education was to
stimulate and furnish the intellectual and imaginative architecture of the mind,
developing skills of memory and providing one with access to many rooms of
knowledge and thought which would be one’s interior delight and the spur to
well-discerned action. As an expectation it paid too little attention to the development
of emotional intelligence and inter-personal skills. It continues to provide me with
companionable and soaring spaces to which I can return without reference to a book.

Why is this more than the avoidance of boredom in a long queue? The clue is that
Jesus tells us that he and the Father intend to make their home in us through the power
of the Spirit. We – both individually and together - are the location of the priesthood
of Christ, says St Peter. As a recent candidate for a post said, we are those who
provide God with skin which others can touch and be warmed by. So, the architecture
of our mind AND heart together is really important and its upkeep and improvement
should be our constant desire. The opportunities afforded by this programme are
designed to support us in refining structures which are not confining booths as Peter
proposed on the Mount of Transfiguration, but the generous space of enlarged
sympathies and more rigorous spiritual and theological reflection and discipline. This
is the space open to God and tended by us in our ministry into which we invite others
to grow and be fed by our freshness and renewed hope and energy.

I have an ambition to drive a car from California to New York on a wiggly route
around the United States, taking in the sights and culture of many cities and states.
Many of us have enjoyed life-changing foreign travel which has exposed us to life-
enhancing risk and encounter. It is my prayer that some of what we might encounter
through CMD will spur us into engagement with the Two Thirds World, not least with
the Sudan. Part of our approach to CMD could be to explore the possibility of
spending some time – maybe only a few weeks or months – travelling to the Sudan to
share and pass on some expertise in teaching, agriculture, finance, construction or any
number of other skills. We expect those in training as early years stipendiary ministers
to undertake placements which will lead to their flourishing and to the flourishing of
others alongside them. Why not you also, perhaps? Just as important, we need
regularly to be encouraged to make new journeys in the Spirit, interior journeys with
outward effects. All of us need to be nudged into deeper aspects of prayer and radical
openness to God. This is very hard and often lost if we try on our own. CMD offers
guidance and fellowship for the dangerous and sublimely true journey into the silent
places where God finds us without masks and gives us the map to bring back for

CMD is not primarily, however, a smorgasbord of choices which provide personal
fulfilment. We are given the will to seek growth in ourselves and our communities but
we need to see the fruit of the grace which enables us to exercise that will in the first
place. This is primarily an investment we make with other people. CMD days create
vivid communities of interest and sharing which benefits our common life in untold
ways. It is appropriate for some to apply for shorter or longer periods of ministry
development leave which can take an amazing variety of forms. However, these
requests will arise in future out of the engagement with the whole process of ministry
review which serves us throughout our licensed ministry.

Just as this kind of planned space emerges from our local context, so CMD must be
the servant of the Diocese in helping all of us in building the local church to build the
kingdom. The resources of CMD have to be applied wisely both to excite our taste for
fresh adventures in our own ministries and to liberate effective discipleship which
wakes the local church to the many delights and challenges of ministry in this new
century. We shall all be hearing more about a pilot scheme further to develop shared
leadership of clergy and lay people in the local church. This is a serious investment of
resource and skill to enable all of us to be open to the needs of a changing church. Of
course, the financial investment is critical and a front-loading if you will of the
change and growth called from us. Nonetheless, the key resource is ourselves and
God’s people among and with whom we serve and how we are all becoming better
equipped as those who have the confidence to listen to our culture and to be
committed to being in it even if we are not of it. In this way, we discover afresh that
for which we have been set aside, the celebration of God’s universe-transforming love
and glory.

INTRODUCTION – the Director of Learning for Discipleship and Ministry

Welcome to the 2010 CMD brochure. We hope it will enable you to plan and
enjoy some wonderful learning this year. If you have not already done so I do
encourage you to read Bishop Stephen’s preface to the brochure which
perfectly captures our Diocesan vision for continuing ministerial development

Enclosed with the brochure you will find:

Your green Booking Form

a mauve Talent Bank Form. Take a look and see which of your gifts and
skills you might be able to share more widely this year

a blue Feedback Form for your comments, questions and requests. Your
feedback is much appreciated and makes it possible for us to keep on
improving what we offer

Our Diocesan CMD expectation

Our shared expectation is that the following will be the normal pattern for each
of us in 2010:

LLM Admission Day
Archdeaconry Day
At least one other event selected from the Diocesan programme

You may attend as many events from the Diocesan programme as you wish.


Please complete your Booking Form and return it to the Learning for
Discipleship and Ministry Team Office not later than Friday 8 January.

On the form we ask you to

indicate that you are able to attend the relevant shared events and have noted
the dates

select from the Diocesan programme by ticking the boxes

tell us about your other learning plans if you wish to do so

Unless you hear otherwise please assume that your booking has been
accepted. Full details and joining instructions for each event will be sent to
you approximately a fortnight beforehand.

If you find that you are unable to attend an event for which you have booked
we ask you to let us know as soon as possible. This is particularly important at
events with limited numbers as we may be able to offer your place to another
person. It also helps us keep down the costs of meals, resource packs etc. If
costs have been incurred on your behalf and you have not notified us that you
are unable to come we will request a contribution from you.

If an event with limited numbers is oversubscribed places will be allocated on
a ‘first come’ basis but we will do our best to run the event again on another


All events in the Diocesan programme are offered free of charge although
occasionally a donation may be requested where a meal is provided. For
those events for which there is a residential option you will be asked to cover
the costs of residence yourself.

Attendance by Diocesan invitation at some external courses and consultations
will also be funded.

We also hold information about other possible sources of funding.

The Team

We are at your service.

Members of the Learning for Discipleship and Ministry Team are here to help
you and we are always happy to be contacted about any matter so please ring
or email us at any time. All our details and contact information appear below:

Team telephone: 01722 411944
Team email: ldmt@salisbury.anglican.org

Revd Canon Jane Charman
Director of Learning for Discipleship and Ministry
Direct dial: 01722 438655

Revd Ian Cowley
Co-ordinator for Vocations and Spirituality

Revd David Heslop
Co-ordinator for Learning for Discipleship

Revd Canon Alan Deboo
Lay Learning Support Officer

Mr Philip Jones
LLM Training Officer

Ven Alan Jeans
Diocesan Director of Ordinands

Co-ordinator for Locally Deployable Ordained Ministry
Post currently vacant

Revd Dr David Hart
Co-ordinator for IME 1 – 7

Mrs Sue Chandler
IME 1 – 7 Support Officer

Team Administrators

Tina Draycott             tina.draycott@salisbury.anglican.org

Andrea Dredge             andrea.dredge@salisbury.anglican.org

Edward Hart               edward.hart@salisbury.anglican.org

Jane Murrell              jane.murrell@salisbury.anglican.org

With warm good wishes.

Revd Canon Jane Charman



         Introducing Bishop Robert

  Central Readers’ Council Annual Meeting

Central Readers’ Council National Conference

             Reader Magazine

              Reader Website


As you may know, the Rt Revd Robert Paterson (Bishop of Sodor and Man)
was appointed last April to succeed the Rt Revd Graham Dow (Bishop of
Carlisle) as Chair of the Central Readers’ Council

Robert Paterson is a Celt: born in Wales of Scottish and Welsh descent and
now Bishop of the Isle of Man. He is married to Pauline, by profession a
teacher of Religious Studies, and they have three grown-up children

After university and college in Durham, where he was Van Mildert Scholar,
Robert served his title in Manchester and later went on to serve for 33 years
in Wales as a parish priest and involved in provincial and international

In 2000 he was appointed Principal Officer of the Council for Mission &
Ministry of the Church in Wales and in 2006 became Chaplain to the
Archbishop of York

From 2002 to 2009 Bishop Robert was Vice Chair of the Primates’ working
group ‘Theological Education for the Anglican Communion’ and takes a keen
interest in mission, liturgy, preaching and relations with the Lutheran churches

In 2008 he was appointed Bishop of Sodor and Man and is Vice Chair of the
Fresh Expressions Board, Vice Chair of the Liturgical Commission and now
Chair of the Central Readers’ Council

We look forward to working with Bishop Robert over coming years and wish
him every blessing in his new role

Saturday 24 April from 11 am
St Peter's Church, 119 Eaton Square, London SW1W 9AL

As usual a group will be attending this meeting to represent the Diocese.
There is space for one more delegate. If you would be interested in joining us
please contact Chrysogon Bamber on 01980 670296 or

Buffet lunch provided

Travel expenses will be paid


       Friday 23 – Sunday 25 JULY 2010

Preaching in the Internet Age
                     Lead speakers:

           John Bell from the Iona Community
            Paul Johns, College of Preachers

                  Programme includes:

                Challenging keynote talks
                  Worship and reflection
              Internet resources workshops
       Free afternoon with opportunity to explore
  the city of Lancaster or the surrounding countryside
        Modern en suite student accommodation
             Easy access from M6 or by train

         Bookings being taken now – Cost £190

Booking form in the latest edition of the Reader magazine
 or by email from chrysogon@jcbamber.freeserve.co.uk

      Some Diocesan funds available towards cost
    on application to Jane Charman at Church House

      Arrangements may be made nearer the time
             for LLMs to travel together


                       THE READER MAGAZINE

     The Diocese provides The Reader magazine free of

                   charge to all our Lay Ministers

             If you don’t receive it and would like to

   (or you are receiving it and don’t wish to any longer)

        please contact Andrea Dredge on 01722 411944

            or andrea.dredge@salisbury.anglican.org


Did you know that there is a dedicated website for Church of England
Readers at www.readers.cofe.anglican.org?

The website is well worth visiting on a regular basis to keep up to date with all
aspects of Reader ministry nationally including News and Events, Central
Readers’ Council, Resources, Information, Forum, Links to Dioceses and
Contacts. Why not add it to your list of ‘favourites’?

You can also read and download back numbers of The Reader magazine
from the website



             Fully Alive

         LLM Admission Day
Pre Admission Quiet Day for New LLMs
 Bishop’s Supper for Deanery Wardens
        Deanery LLM meetings
  Annual meeting of Deanery Wardens

         Archdeaconry Days
            Diocesan Days
           Taking Funerals
     Leading Public Worship with
      Communion by Extension
             Skiing Trip

  Learning for Discipleship Courses

      Safeguarding Children
   Working with Vulnerable Adults

    Board of Education Events
Ramsbury and Sherborne Area Events

                          ‘FULLY ALIVE’
        “The glory of God is a human being fully alive”
                         St Irenaeus

‘Fully Alive’ is a Diocesan process of conversation, exploration and
engagement which began in Lent 2009 and will conclude at the end of 2010

The ‘Fully Alive’ theme will continue to shape this year’s Continuing Ministerial
Development programme in different ways and in particular through an
ongoing emphasis on personal, spiritual and professional wellbeing



Saturday 9 October 11 am – 4 pm

Admission Service in the Cathedral, followed by lunch and Annual Meeting at
South Wilts Museum Lecture Theatre

It is expected that all LLMs will attend if possible so please make sure you
have this date in your diary


Friday 8 October 10 am – 4 pm
Ivy House, Warminster
Led by: Archdeacon Paul Taylor

An opportunity for reflection and prayer together for those about to be
licensed and those newly arrived in the Diocese


Thursday 8 July
Bishop’s Croft, Winterbourne Earls


all at 7 – 9 pm

Friday 15th January
Devizes, Pewsey, Marlborough & Calne
Meeting Room, St James, Devizes

Tuesday 19 January
Poole and Purbeck
Church of the Transfiguration, Canford Cliffs

Thursday 28 January
Dorchester, Lyme Bay, Weymouth
West Manor, Church Street, Upwey

Friday 12 February
Heytesbury, Chalke, Bradford
Minster St Denys (West End)

Monday 19 April
Salisbury and Stonehenge, Alderbury
St Thomas Church, Salisbury

Friday 14 May
Sherborne and Blackmore Vale
7 Horsecastles Lane, Sherborne

Friday 21 May
Wimborne and Milton & Blandford
Canford Magna Church Centre


Saturday 27 March 10 am – 1 pm

Methodist Church, Blandford DT11 7HA


This year our Archdeaconry Days will be in the form of Quiet Days offering
space and time for reflection, discussion and networking

Sarum Archdeaconry               Saturday 17 April
Venue: New House, Redlynch
With Brother Patrick

Sherborne Archdeaconry           Saturday 22 May
Venue: Hilfield Friary
With Brother Damien

Dorset Archdeaconry              Saturday 26 June
Venue: Cranborne Village Hall
With Bishop Graham

Wilts Archdeaconry              Saturday 24 July
Venue: St John’s School, Marlborough
With Sue Langdon


All the days are likely to run from 10 am to 4 pm or similar unless otherwise
stated. The programme also includes some 24 hour and some longer events

OM, LM, LPA indicates whether the event is open to Ordained Ministers, Lay
Ministers, Lay Pastoral Assistants and in some cases others

THE SACRED MADE REAL: Spanish painting and sculpture 1600 – 1700
Date: Friday 15 January
Venue: The National Gallery
Led by: Lucrezia Walker

‘The Sacred Made Real’ presents a landmark reappraisal of religious art from
the Spanish Golden Age with works created to shock the senses and stir the
soul. Paintings, including masterpieces by Diego Velázquez and Francisco de
Zurbarán, are displayed for the very first time alongside Spain’s remarkable
polychrome wooden sculptures. The religious artists of 17th-century Spain
pursued a quest for realism with uncompromising zeal and genius, creating
works to inspire devotion among believers’

Our visit will begin with a talk which sets the exhibition in context. After lunch
there will be a short introductory film followed by the opportunity to view the
exhibition at our leisure

Lucrezia Walker is Lay Canon at St Paul's Cathedral with portfolio to the
visual arts. She was former Galleries Correspondent for The Tablet. She is
the author of several books on artists and art movements and works for the
Education Department at the National Gallery. Train fares and entry to the
exhibition will be covered but we will buy our own lunch and other
                                                                        OM/ LM

                         This year’s Bible Breaks …

                      Psalms – with John Rogerson
                       Acts – with Riccardo Larini
                      Exodus – with Graham Davies
                     Matthew – with David Catchpole

                                 Details below

The Psalms: their history, use and abiding significance
Date: Monday 18 – Thursday 21 January
Venue: Sarum College
Led by: John Rogerson

Over two thousand years after their composition the Psalms continue to be
central to the worship of Jews and Christians. How and when were they
composed, how have they been used, and what do they have to contribute to
today’s world?

John Rogerson is Emeritus Professor of Biblical Studies, Sheffield University,
and an Emeritus Canon of Sheffield Cathedral. His published work on the
Psalms includes The Cambridge Bible Commentary (with J. W. McKay) and
The Psalms in Daily Life (London: SPCK 2001)

Arrivals for 1 pm lunch (or 2 pm start if preferred) to 2 pm final day (or depart
before lunch if preferred). This course is offered on a non residential basis. If
you wish to stay residentially at Sarum College during the course please book
a room directly with Sarum College and we would ask you to meet the extra
cost of this yourself
                                                                           OM/ LM

Date: Friday 22 January
Venue: Sarum College
Led by: Thomas O’Loughlin

This day will help preachers make sense of the lectionary provision for Lent in
the year of Luke in the Revised Common Lectionary. Sessions will look at the
choice of passages and their relationship to the designated readings from the
Old Testament and Epistle. The focus on Lent will enable participants to
explore the Lectionary provision in the light of the liturgical season

Thomas O’Loughlin is professor of Historical Theology at the University of
Nottingham. His publications include Liturgical Resources for Luke's Year:
Sundays in Ordinary Time in Year C (Columba Press, 2006) and Liturgical
Resources For Lent & Eastertide: Year A (Columba Press, 2005)

                                                                        OM/ LM

Date: Thursday 4 February (morning only)
Venue: Dinton Village Hall
Led by: Phil Musselwhite, Geoff Taylor and Angie Wheeler

If you are surprised to learn that you chair the trustees of a local charity, this
is for you. Insure yourself against the interest of the Charity Commission by
spending a few hours away from your parish getting to grips with the Charities
Act which governs many of your PCC’s activities. This event covers the basics
of: the Charities Act 2006 and the PCC; PCC members as Trustees and
preparing the Annual Report and Accounts – everything you need to know to
keep one step ahead of your Churchwardens, PCC Treasurer and Secretary.
For added zest, we can also include ‘Church Representation Rules 2006’ so
that you can understand what everyone else on the PCC and parish is telling

Phil (Diocesan Accountant), Geoff (Stewardship and Resources Officer) and
Angie (Accounts Officer) are jointly responsible for these areas, run the
annual PCC Secretary and Treasurer training and work with parishes on
giving and fundraising issues and fairer Share. Hot drinks will be provided. We
suggest you bring a packed lunch to eat at the end
                                                                        OM/ LM

WHY DID JESUS HAVE TO DIE? (a followup day)
Saturday 13 February
Venue: Sarum College
Led by: Tom Stuckey

Why did Jesus have to die? The criticism of ‘divine child abuse’ has been
levelled against some of the answers. Puzzling images and disturbing
phrases in some of the hymns we sing can also create difficulties. What, for
example, are we to make of ‘the wrath of God is satisfied’?

Building on last year’s highly successful study day Tom Stuckey looks in
greater detail at some of the traditional theories and examines related Bible
passages. An ideal way to prepare your own material for Lent, Holy Week and

Revd Tom Stuckey is a former President of the Methodist Church in Britain, a
former chair of the Southampton Methodist District, one-time Canon of
Salisbury Cathedral and the author of several books, the most recent being
On the Edge of Pentecost (Inspire 2007). He is now writing a book on the

                                                                         OM/ LM

GLIMPSES OF ETERNITY                                         a Wellbeing event
Date: Tuesday 23 February
Venue: Wren Hall, The Close
Led by: Jacky Botterill

A meditative icon workshop for the beginning of Lent

Experience the entire creative process of ‘writing’ an icon using traditional
methods and ‘write’ your own icon to take home at the end of the day. Artistic
gifts of a high order are not required, simply a prayerful spirit and willingness
to participate

Jacky was trained as an inconographer by a Poor Clare Sister and has also
been hallowed as an iconographer by an orthodox priest. She has a diploma
in Technical Illustration. She also has a diploma in Social Work and spent
eight years as a social worker before entering religious life. When not visiting
family or leading retreats and workshops she spends her time working in
silence and solitude following a Carmelite way of life

Some of Jacky’s work can be viewed on her website www.stella-maris-

Numbers limited to 10                                                    OM/ LM

THE FEARLESS SINGER                                          a Wellbeing event
Date: Wednesday 3 March
Venue: Broad Chalke Chapel
Led by: Ruth Lamdin

You’re very happy singing along with others but not so sure about exposing
your voice to be heard and possibly criticised. You’d like to be able to teach a
new song at a school assembly. How do you go about it? Is your voice any
good at all? They’d like you to sing Evensong occasionally but the thought of
getting that first note wrong terrifies you. And how do you lead the hymns
when the organist doesn’t arrive? Come and learn a bit about your voice, how
to use it better and a few tips for singing fearlessly in public

Ruth Lamdin is a singer and singing teacher. She teaches all ages and
abilities and especially enjoys helping those who believe they can’t sing.
While living in Oxford she ran a Children’s Choir and a Non-Singers’ Choir.
She now lives near Marlborough but returns to Oxford to teach at Ripon
College Cuddesdon where she has been voice tutor for the last ten years

                                                                         OM/ LM

Led by: Allie Kerr and Jean de Garis

Sherborne Area
Date: Saturday 13 March 10 am – 12.30 pm
Venue: St Dunstan’s Church, Lytchett Minster

Ramsbury Area
Date: Saturday 24 April 10 am – 12.30 pm
Venue: Southbroom St James, Devizes

Do you need an easy and accessible way to engage with families in your
community? Then perhaps Messy Church is for you. Why not come along and
find out how googly eyes, gallons of PVA glue and a mountain of spaghetti
bolognaise could help you to communicate the Gospel to families with little or
no experience of church?

During the morning we will experience elements of a Messy Church session,
share a bit about why we felt Messy Church was the way forward, briefly
consider the theology behind Messy Church and have plenty of time for
questions and discussion

     OM/ LM/ LPA plus please feel free to invite anyone else who is interested

                      This year’s practical stuff …

                            Legal and General

       Building Successful Teams: an introduction to Belbin

          and some doctrinal stuff to keep us on our toes …

                       Why did Jesus have to die?

                       Liturgies of Remembrance

                     In Him were all things created

                         Details above and below

Led by: Claire Estall

Ramsbury Area
Wednesday 24 March
Venue: Amesbury Methodist Church

Sherborne Area
Wednesday 29 September
Venue: St Francis of Assisi, Littlemoor

Are the Beatles right – is love all we need to work with young people in our
churches? Looking at how to build relationships with young people across the
generations using tricks and tools from the youth work trade. With an
overview of the aims and objectives of youth work, why young people are
important and Claire’s top ten tips of engaging with young people

     OM, LM, LPA plus please feel free to invite anyone else who is interested

Acts of the Apostles: Jesus, the Church and the Churches
Monday 19 – Thursday 22 April
Venue: Sarum College
Led by: Riccardo Larini

Why did Luke feel the need to add a second volume to his Gospel? What
challenges were the local Christian communities facing in the early decades
of Christianity? What was the relationship between Jesus’ and the church’s
mission according to the third Evangelist? This course will explore in
an intensive way the Acts of the Apostles, trying both to identify its crucial
themes and to offer perspectives on the lives of our very diverse Christian
communities, which are still struggling to understand how they belong
together two thousand years after Jesus’ resurrection

Riccardo Larini is a visiting scholar and former Director of Studies at Sarum
College. A systematic theologian, his specialities include ecumenism and
biblical hermeneutics

Arrivals for 1 pm lunch (or 2 pm start if preferred) to 2 pm final day (or depart
before lunch if preferred). This course is offered on a non residential basis. If
you wish to stay residentially at Sarum College during the course please book
a room directly with Sarum College and we would ask you to meet the extra
cost of this yourself

                                                                         OM/ LM

THE CLARENDON WAY                                            a Wellbeing event
Date: Friday 14 May
Led by: Alan Jeans

Walk the ancient pilgrim route from the West door of Winchester Cathedral to
the West door of Salisbury Cathedral, ending with a short but heartfelt act of
thanksgiving! The distance is 26 miles over easy terrain

For those wishing to walk part of the distance it will be possible for you to be
picked up at points along the way. It will be ok to decide on the day how far
you want to go
                                                                          OM/ LM

Exodus: blueprint for a nation’s life
Monday 17 – Thursday 20 May
Led by: Graham Davies

The Exodus story is of central importance for the definition of Old Testament
belief in God, his relationship to his people and their response to him. A
variety of approaches will examine themes such as the name of God, his
deliverance of his people from slavery, the covenant at Sinai, the Ten
Commandments and principles of worship

Graham Davies has taught at the universities of Nottingham and Cambridge
and is now Professor of Old Testament Studies at Cambridge. He has
published on the prophet Hosea, the Pentateuch, archaeology and the Bible,
and the history of biblical interpretation, and is now writing the International
Critical Commentary on Exodus

Arrivals for 1 pm lunch (or 2 pm start if preferred) to 2 pm final day (or depart
before lunch if preferred). This course is offered on a non residential basis. If
you wish to stay residentially at Sarum College during the course please book
a room directly with Sarum College and we would ask you to meet the extra
cost of this yourself

                                                                         OM/ LM

MORNING STAR                                                  a Wellbeing event

6 – 9 June
3 nights on the Morning Star attempting a channel crossing

10 – 11 June
1 night on the Morning Star around the English Coast

Led by: Steve Morgan
Venue: from Poole Harbour

Morning Star of Revelation is a 62ft gaff ketch and belongs to a Christian
Trust. She can set up to eight sails at any one time on her two masts and was
purpose built for sail training; this ensures plenty of work to occupy a full crew
of 14. She can sail in almost any conditions, anywhere, anytime. For further
details go to www.morningstar.org.uk

Morning Star will be skippered by Revd Steve Morgan, Rector of the St
Bartholomew Benefice. Before ordination Steve was principal of a yachting
school. He is still registered as an instructor and examiner for yachts up to
200 tons

Places are limited to 11 people on each trip and will be offered on a ‘first
come’ basis. The trips are subsidised by the Wellbeing budget but we ask for
a donation of £90 for the channel trip and £55 for the coastal trip to include all
equipment, food and insurance. Further grants may be available if needed

                                                                          OM/ LM

                      This year’s Wellbeing Events …

                             The Fearless Singer
                             The Clarendon Way

                                 Morning Star
                                 Three Peaks

                              Fathom and Blues
                           In a Monastery Garden

                          Details above and below

THREE PEAKS                                                 a Wellbeing event
Date: Friday 25 – Sunday 27 June
Led by: Paul Taylor

A challenging circular walk reaching the summit of Yorkshire's Three Peaks:
Pen-y-Ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough in one journey. The total distance
is 24 miles with a height gain of 5,750 ft. Completing the walk within 12 hours
qualifies a walker to become a member of The Three Peaks of Yorkshire Club
and earn the Three Peaks badge!

We hope that the costs of the expedition including transport and 2 nights
accommodation will be borne by the CMD budget however depending on the
number of people who wish to come we may ask you for a donation towards
the cost of food

                                                                        OM/ LM

FATHOM AND BLUES                                  a Wellbeing event
Date: Wednesday 30 June
Venue: Fathom and Blues Diving Centre, Wyke Regis
Led by: Mark Zammit

For the more adventurous, an opportunity to go scuba diving under
professional instruction. Complete beginners and those with experience both
equally welcome. The day will consist of an introductory briefing, lunch at the
Centre and the opportunity to make one or more dives in the afternoon

                                                                        OM/ LM

                   This year’s Preaching Workshops …

       Preaching on Luke in Lent – with Thomas O’Loughlin

   Four Funerals and a Wedding – with the College of Preachers

    Preaching on Matthew in Advent – with Thomas O’Loughlin

                         Details above and below

IN A MONASTERY GARDEN                                        a Wellbeing event
Date: Thursday 8 July
Venue: Hilfield Friary
Led by: Richard Thornbury

St. Francis was deeply aware of the spiritual interconnectedness and
interrelatedness of all Creation. The day will aim to show that a Franciscan
approach to gardening is not only in line with what God asks of us and of
benefit to wildlife but also easy, productive and immensely enjoyable. As well
as time spent in the garden the day will include an introductory talk and the
opportunity to share in worship with the Community

Richard is a lay member of the Franciscan community at Hilfield. Since 2007
he has been responsible for overseeing the restoration of the Friary’s Kitchen
Garden. He is particularly interested in the sustainable production of food and
passionate about working in a joyful, loving way in harmony with nature

                                                                         OM/ LM

FOUR FUNERALS AND A WEDDING: preaching on special occasions
Date: Saturday 10 July
Venue: St Paul’s Church, Salisbury
Led by: Paul Johns and Duncan Macpherson

Giving voice to the Word at a funeral or a wedding is a special privilege. This
day workshop will be an opportunity to reflect on the way we go about it
theologically, pastorally, and in terms of preaching technique

Paul Johns is Director of the College of Preachers and a Methodist Lay
Preacher. Revd Dr Duncan Macpherson is Deacon in the Diocese of

We are delighted to work with the College of Preachers in their 50th
anniversary year. Visit their website at www.collegeofpreachers.co.uk to find out
more about their teaching ministry

                                                                         OM/ LM

BUILDING SUCCESSFUL TEAMS: an introduction to Belbin
Date: Monday 19 July
Venue: Diocesan Education Centre
Led by: Keith Elford

Are you a plant, resource investigator, coordinator, shaper, monitor evaluator,
teamworker, implementer, completer finisher or specialist?

Dr Meredith Belbin’s well known theory of team roles is widely used as a tool
for understanding the way teams work and the distinctive part which each
team member plays within the whole

Keith Elford is from Telos Partners, an international consultancy which works
with individuals and organisations to deliver sustainable transformations in
performance. Telos Partners have previously worked with both the Cathedral
and the Senior Staff Team of the Diocese
                                                                        OM/ LM

Date: Wednesday 15 September
Venue: Sarum College
Led by: Juliette Day and Jonathan Ball

The day will begin with an exploration of the origins, theology and
contemporary liturgical provision for Remembrance and then discuss their use
in parish, civic and school contexts. Participants will be introduced to new
liturgical resources, to ritual and ceremonial involving both the church and
members of the armed forces and to occasions where there may be
multi-faith issues

Juliette Day is programme leader of the MA in Christian Liturgy at Sarum
College. The Revd Jonathan Ball is Senior Chaplain to the Bishop of
Salisbury. He served as an Army chaplain between 1996 and 2008, with
operational service in Northern Ireland, Congo, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan.
His last posting was as Staff Chaplain to the Chaplain-General at Ministry of
Defence Chaplains (Army) during which time he collaborated on the 2008
Tri-service Armed Forces Operational Service Book

                                                                       OM/ LM

Date: Tuesday 26 October
Venue: Sarum College
Led by: Michael DeLaschmutt

This one day course will explore the doctrine of the Incarnation and its
relevance to Christian belief and practice. We will begin by looking at the
significance of this doctrine to the early Church, paying special attention to its
portrayal in the great creeds and in the work of John of Damascus. We will
then look at incarnation through the writing of Martin Luther and trace Luther's
interpretation of the incarnation through 20th and 21st century Christian
theology. We will conclude our time together by discussing how the doctrine
of the incarnation informs the ongoing work of the church in the areas of
church leadership, social justice and ethics, the theological engagement with
culture and the arts, and Christian worship

Orthodox Christian belief and practice stands or falls on our interpretation and
application of the doctrine of the incarnation. The course will be delivered
through a combination of lectures and guided discussions and will explore
doctrine by engaging with texts, film, music and graphic art

Michael DeLashmutt is Director of Studies at Sarum College. He was formerly
Lecturer in the Study of the Christian Church at Exeter University
                                                                    OM/ LM

Date: Friday 5 November
Venue: Sarum College
Led by: Thomas O’Loughlin

The four sessions in this day will explore the use of Matthew’s Gospel in Year
A of the Revised Common Lectionary. The distinctive nature of Matthew’s
Gospel will be discussed and key features of the choice of Old Testament and
Epistles to accompany the Gospel throughout the year followed by a focus on
the lectionary and liturgical provision for Advent

Thomas O’Loughlin is professor of Historical Theology at the University of
Nottingham. His publications include Liturgical Resources for Advent and
Christmastide (Columba Press, 2006) and Liturgical Resources for Matthew's
Year: Sundays in Ordinary Time in Year A

                                                                          OM/ LM

Monday 15 – Thursday 18 November
Venue: Sarum College
David Catchpole

Matthew's Sermon of the Mount has new delights to disclose every time one
returns to it. Add to that his views on where wisdom may be found, how a
fractured church can be a means of reconciliation, where women should be
set within a religious community, what should be done (for better or worse)
about the theological legacy of Paul ... and the menu for a biblical break on
Matthew offers choice possibilities. Always lurking in the background is the
business of defining his religion - is it Christianity, or is it Christian Judaism?
In the end, we might ask on our own behalf, is our own calling to be Christians
in the style of Matthew?

David Catchpole is a Scholar-in-Residence at Sarum College and Emeritus
Professor of Theological Studies at the University of Exeter. His specialist
interests centre on the New Testament, particularly the gospels and the quest
of the historical Jesus

Arrivals for 1 pm lunch (or 2 pm start if preferred) to 2 pm final day (or depart
before lunch if preferred). This course is offered on a non residential basis. If
you wish to stay residentially at Sarum College during the course please book
a room directly with Sarum College and we would ask you to meet the extra
cost of this yourself

                                                                          OM/ LM

                    This year’s events for art lovers …

                           The Sacred Made Real

                            Glimpses of Eternity

                         A Kingdom Drawing Near

                          Details above and below

Date: Monday 30 November
Venue: Sarum College
Led by: Sophie Hacker

A reflective day for the Advent season using a variety of drawing materials
and working with current news themes and stories to explore how God is at
work in the world around us to bring his kingdom into being

You don’t have to be highly skilled – everyone is welcome

Sophie was formerly artist in residence at Sarum College and is now Arts and
Exhibitions Consultant at Winchester Cathedral. We were very sorry to have
to cancel this event in 2008 due to the serious illness of Sophie’s daughter
and are delighted to have the opportunity to offer it again

Numbers limited to 20, please book early

                                                                      OM/ LM


Date: Saturday 8 May (morning only)
Venue: Board Room, Church House
Led by: Chrysogon Bamber


Date: Wednesday 17 March (morning only)
Venue: Broad Chalke Chapel
Led by: Chrysogon Bamber

Chalet Bijou, Champagny en Vanoise, France
Led by: John Simmons

Jan and John Simmons would be happy to host a ski trip in January 2011 with
accommodation for up to 12 guests. Our chalet sleeps up to 12 including
ourselves but friends own the one next door which would enable more to
come. Our dining table is limited to 14!

We suggest Tuesday to Tuesday would be best as travel from Southampton
to Chambery is cheap then and Chambery is only an hour away. Currently
return fares with one bag are on the web at £120

We ask people to take it in turns to help with catering, although we provide the
food. We ask 12 euros a head per day to cover this. We provide sandwich
making facilities for lunches

Travel – it’s up to you
600 miles from Calais. Flybe at present £120 plus something for the cost to
and from the resort. Budget £150
Ski passes – we recommend the La Plagne 6 day pass at 203 euros = £175
Ski and boot hire – if you take your own Flybe charge! If you rent from our
friendly ski shop it will be between £85 and £150 depending on quality
Chalet – We would do a special rate at 20 euros a night – we do have to rent
the place next door from our friends! Add food and this comes to £190 for a
Tuition available from the ski school – we can guide
Total (excluding spending money) £600 + insurance as needed

For legal and insurance reasons each part of the package needs to be
organised by the individual. We are only offering accommodation. The
costings above are offered as a guide only and are not guaranteed. Air fares
will rise as the date approaches!

We’d arrange transport to and from Chambery as best we can but it would be
even better if some come by car

If anyone is interested in this please contact Tina Draycott at the LDMT
Office as soon as possible and we will see if we can make up a party.
Depending on demand you may be able to bring other members of your

                                                                       OM/ LM


Why not refresh your knowledge and practice of ministry?

The following courses will be available at university diploma level as stand
alone courses or allowing further progression to a university diploma. The
courses are suitable for those who have completed initial training

   •   Engaging With Personal And Community Ethical Issues – Spring 2010

   •   Exercising Pastoral Care – Spring 2010

   •   Interpreting Christine Doctrine – Summer 2010

   •   Developing And Applying Knowledge Of The New Testament – Autumn


Full details including dates and venues will be published on our website once

If you are interested in any of these courses, please contact the Learning for
Discipleship team:

Diocesan Office, Church House, Crane Street, Salisbury, SP1 2QB
Tel: 01722-411944


Tuesday 15 June 10:00 – 16:00

Diocesan Education Centre

This day is open to all those who tutor on behalf of the Diocese. Those
interested in tutoring in future are also very welcome to attend

For further information or to book a place, please contact Jane Murrell or
Edward Hart in the Learning for Discipleship office on 01722 411944


Safeguarding and Good practice (children): this is a half day with Rachel
Bussey (Child Protection Adviser) and Barbara Meardon (Children’s Adviser)
or Claire Estall (Youth Adviser) gaining awareness of the issues involved in
working safely with children and young people. The dates and venues are
currently being finalised but there will be one in each archdeaconry. The
training is open to all those who work with children and young people as well
as those who support them or anyone with an interest in this work
For further information contact Alex Weedon, 01722 411922

Independent Safeguarding Authority Vetting and Barring Scheme (ISA):
This is a new system of checking that runs in parallel with CRB and will come
into operation in October 2010. Rachel Bussey (DCPA) will be running
seminars on this in Spring 2010, dates and venues are currently being
finalised. It is important that all those who are involved in recruiting paid and
volunteer workers attend these seminars
For further information and to register your interest contact Alex Weedon,
01722 411922 alex.weedon@salisbury.anglican.org

     For youth and children’s work events see Diocesan Days …

         Messy Church – led by Allie Kerr and Jean de Garis

               Love Is All You Need – led by Claire Estall

                    and Board of Education events …

                       Lent and Easter Storytelling

       The Local Church, The Local School & The Local Vicar

    Stepping out on the Journey: Cross Curricular Theme Days

            Winston’s Wish: Supporting Bereaved Children

        The Importance of Listening for Clergy & Governors


This half-day course is open to all including those who either work directly
with vulnerable adults or need to understand the Diocesan policy because of
their role within the church, i.e. Churchwardens, LPAs, volunteers at lunch
clubs and similar activities. It is also expected that all those who have been
ordained, licensed or similar will attend Vulnerable Adult Training. Please feel
free to pass these details on to any interested person. Retired clergy are more
than welcome to attend too. There is no cost

The training will include definitions of abuse, indicators of abuse, responding
to allegations of abuse, principles of good practice and the expectations of the
Docese. The training will involve both talks and small group exercises.
Participants will receive a certificate of attendance

All booking forms must be returned to Fiona Torrance by the closing date.
Events will not normally run if there are fewer than 10 people wishing to
attend. There will be a maximum number of 25. Therefore early booking is
recommended. Please note that only those who have booked will be able to

All courses in this programme will be administered by Fiona Torrance and
facilitated by the Diocesan Vulnerable Adult Adviser, Norma Fergusson,
mobile 07799 545035; home 01380 850811 or through Church House, Crane
Street, Salisbury, SP1 2QB. Tel: 01722 411922; Fax: 01722 411990; Email.

Dates and venues for 2010

Thursday 11 February       Church House, Wimborne
2 – 4.30 pm                Closing date 28.1.10

Thursday 11 March          Market Lavington Community Hall
2 – 4.30 pm                Closing date 28.2.10

Wednesday 28 April         Lyneham Church Hall
2 – 4.30 pm                Closing date 14.4.10

Friday 10 September        St Nicholas Church, Corfe Mullen
2 – 4.30 pm                Closing date 27.8.10

Saturday 2 October         Church House, Salisbury
9.30 am – 12 pm            Closing date 17.9.10

Monday 22 November         Portesham Village Hall
9.30 am – 12 pm            Closing date 5.11.10


                        Lent & Easter Storytelling
Date & Time: Friday 5th February 2010, 9.30am -12.30pm
Venue: Diocesan Education Centre
Intended Audience: Those working with children in Church or School
Course Leaders: Barbara Meardon, Diocesan Children’s Adviser and Qualified
Godly Play Teacher

Purpose: To share ideas to explore themes of Lent and Easter particularly through
storytelling. Ideas can be used for RE, collective worship, after school club sessions,
Easter workshops, Sunday groups and church services.

Course Content: Reflective and interactive storytelling techniques and creative
responses including Godly Play and Bible Storybags.

Godly Play is a creative and imaginative approach to Christian nurture that can be
used in a variety of settings; churches, schools, hospitals, care homes for the elderly.
It invites listeners into stories and encourages them to connect the stories with
personal experience. It is a non-coercive way to encourage children to move into
larger dimensions of belief and faith, through wondering questions and open-ended
response time. It is a way of preparing children to join in the worship and life of their
congregations as they develop a deeper understanding of stories, symbols and rites.
Although it was originally developed as a resource for children, Godly Play is now
being used with a wide range of age groups in a diversity of settings.
Bible Storybags cover the life of Jesus through popular storytelling styles such as
story sacks and Godly Play, making it ideal in the classroom, in collective worship, in
church, including additional web content which can be used with Whiteboard screens,
suitable for church or collective worship.

Cost: £10 (incl. VAT)
Booking & further information: www.saled.org or

   The Local Church, The Local School & The Local Vicar
Date & Time: Thursday 25th February 2010, 9.30am – 3.00pm
Venue: Diocesan Education Centre
Intended Audience: Clergy and lay members who work with or in Schools, or
would like to.
Course Leaders: The Diocesan Education Team and the Rev Paul Selley.

   • To look at ways to develop skills in leading Collective Worship in all phases
     of maintained schools.
   • To explore ways in which the local church can input into school life in an
     explicit Christian way.

Course Content:
  • Ideas and examples of acts of collective worship that can be delivered in
  • To provide a chance to reflect on ways of developing links between the
     church community and local schools.
  • To explore the role of the Vicar/Priest in Church and Community Schools.

Intended Outcome: To equip clergy and others to more effectively serve their
local schools.

Cost: £20
Booking & further information: www.saled.org or

Stepping out on the Journey: Cross Curricular Theme Days
Date & Time: Thursday 29th April 2010, 9.30am – 3.00pm
Venue: Diocesan Education Centre
Intended Audience: Headteachers, Teachers, Clergy, LLM’s, LPA’s, Governors,
Children’s workers & Parishioners
Course Leaders: Verity Holloway, Diocesan RE Adviser & Barbara Meardon,
Diocesan Children’s Adviser

Purpose: To train schools and parishes to run ‘Stepping Out: Journeys in the Bible’,
cross curricular theme days. The days are important for both Parishes and Schools
   They Build Links between the Parish & the School
   They enable parish and school to work and worship together as a community:
   Community Cohesion
   They provide opportunities for Spiritual Development for everyone involved.
   They provide opportunities for Learning outside the classroom.
   Through a creative cross-curricular experience children will learn about being:
   To help children develop essentials for learning and life including key skills and
   opportunities for thinking and reasoning.
Themes that are introduced in school can be extended and developed in the church
context through After School Clubs, Parish Activity Days and All Age Worship

Course Content:
   •   Introduction and overview
   •   Practical information on how to run a day
   •   Experience activities from the publication
Intended Outcome: To equip schools and parishes to work together to lead
Journey days in school and follow up events in the parish.

Cost: £65 (incl. VAT)
Booking & further information: www.saled.org or

                                  Open the Book
Date & Time: Tuesday 25th May 2010, 9.30am – 12.30pm
Venue: Diocesan Education Centre
Intended Audience: Clergy, LLM’s, LPA’s, Parishioners or Teachers - anyone
delivering or hoping to deliver collective worship in primary schools.
Course Leader: Barbara Meardon, Diocesan Children’s Adviser

Course Content:
How did Open the Book Develop? Aims, Code of Practice, Registration etc. How to ‘do’ an
Open the Book Collective Worship. Have a go. Questions.

Intended Outcome:
    • Children in Primary schools engaging in 90 Bible Stories, enough for a 3 year rolling
    •   Worship that’s fun, lively, informative and looked forward to.
    •   Volunteers from churches equipped, encouraged and enabled to deliver good
        quality assemblies.
    •   Primary schools helped to meet their statutory collective worship obligations
        including OFSTED and SIAS.
    •   Links encouraged between school and church in a local context.

Cost: £10 (incl. VAT)
Booking & further information: www.saled.org or

   Winston’s Wish: Supporting Bereaved Children Basic &
Day 1 - Basic Course
Date & Time: Tuesday 6th July 2010, 9.30am – 4.00pm
Day 2 - Advanced Course
Date & Time: Wednesday 7th July 2010, 9.30am – 4.00pm
(e.g. terminal illness and subsequent bereavement; loss of a family member through
murder or suicide)
It will assume some knowledge of bereavement issues and is designed for those who
have completed the basic training either this year or last. It is open to anyone
concerned about these aspects of support and although linked to the basic course,
will stand alone.

Both days
Venue: Diocesan Education Centre
Intended Audience: Anyone working with children in schools and parishes

Course Leaders: 2 tutors from Winston’s Wish. This is a national secular charity
which has a reputation for excellence in this field.

The day aims to provide:
   • practical and creative activities and ideas for working with bereaved children
   • advice on talking to children about death and dying
   • resources and strategies for supporting bereaved children

Cost: £125 per day (plus VAT)
Booking & further information: www.saled.org or

    The Importance of Listening for Clergy & Governors

Date & Time: Friday 15th October 2010, 9.30am – 3.45pm
Venue: Diocesan Education Centre
Intended Audience:
Clergy, school chaplains, Governors and members of the parish community
supporting schools.
Course Leaders: Verity Holloway, Diocesan RE Adviser & Tutors trained by
Acorn Christian Foundation

There are many courses that are designed to help people understand the importance
of listening to other people and which teach some of the skills you need to be a
good listener. This course does that, but it does something more than this. This
course is based on Christian teaching and a Christian understanding of how people
see themselves and how they think about and treat others.
Although drawing on a Christian perspective this course would be suitable for those
of all faith backgrounds or none.

Course Content: This course will consider: Why is listening important? How do I
listen? The principles of good listening and listening within the school context.

Intended Outcomes:
    • Improved listening skills on both a professional and personal level.
    • Raised awareness of the effectiveness of good listening.
    • To reflect upon the impact of good listening in the school context.

Cost: tbc.

Booking & further information: www.saled.org or


            Lavington School
    Market Lavington, Nr Devizes SN10 4EB
              16th January 2010
              9.00 am until 4 pm

  A day of 9 Workshops aimed at inspiring confidence in
  those leading Mission within the Church, both Lay and

                   £5 (to include lunch)
Rev’d Andy Bowerman will be the keynote speaker followed
by workshops including mission within schools, addressing
  the credit crunch, mission to the elderly, mission action

      For more informatiom contact Danela Adams
        at the Ramsbury Office on 01380 729808
      or email danela.adams@salisbury.anglican.org


                         Inspired to
                         Go Further

  A day of 9 Workshops aimed at inspiring confidence in
  those leading Mission within the church, both Lay and

The Dorford Centre, Dorchester, DT1 1RR
                      January 30th 2010
                      9.00 am until 3 pm
                           £5 (to include lunch)

For further information please contact Debbie Albery at the Sherborne Area Office :
       debbie.albery@salisbury.anglican.org or telephone (01258) 859110



  The Anglican Centre in Rome

        Biblical Studies


  Drug and Alcohol Awareness

        Hilfield Friary

           IT Skills



     Parenting Programme

        Rural Ministry

        Sarum College

The long tradition of the Anglican Centre offering courses and resources for those exploring
the history of their faith, Anglicanism, and Anglican-Roman Catholic relations continues …..

An ecumenically-driven exploration of the nature of Church as communion and what that
says about how the Church should be led. The location of Rome will also be used to
deepen understanding of the Anglican Communion and the Roman Catholic Church, the
dialogue between Christianity and other faiths, and the relationship between faith and
politics. This course is designed for those - both lay and ordained - who will exercise
leadership within the Anglican Communion. Dame Mary Tanner will be the key teacher of
the course. Father Timothy Radcliffe OP will lead a day’s sessions on the theology and
spirituality of leadership. Others contributing to the course include Dom Timothy Wright
OSB on Christian relations with Islam, Mr Francis Campbell, British Ambassador to the
Holy See and Ms Philippa Hitchen, Anglican journalist at Vatican Radio. Cost 500€

Thurs 6 – Friday 7 May
Four sessions will enable participants to deepen their knowledge of the role of Canon Law –
its challenges and opportunities - within the Anglican Communion and with reference to the
broader ecclesial world.
The following areas are proposed for exploration:
• The Principles of Canon Law common to churches of the Anglican Communion.
• Practical ways in which Canon Law can facilitate Anglican-Roman Catholic dialogue and
• The proposed Anglican Covenant: background, development and synodical adoption in the
• Comparisons with the instruments used by other global ecclesial communities to handle
issues of communion and autonomy.
• The interface of Canon Law and Civil Law in North America and Europe.
The setting of Rome strengthens the ecumenical dimension of this conference. On
Saturday there will an option of a guided exploration of Rome with Archdeacon Jonathan
Boardman on the theme, church and law.
Professors Norman Doe and Mark Hill of the Centre for Law and Religion at Cardiff
University will lead this two day event. Cost 250€

Sun 20 – Sat 26 June
The Rome Summer School provides a popular introduction to early Church history through
appreciation of Christian art and architecture. Guided visits to a number of Roman sites are
included. Current directions in the Roman Catholic and Anglican journey to Christian unity will
also be explored with visits to the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity and Vatican
Radio. Cost 500€

EXPLORATION IN ROME Mon 25 – Thurs 28 October
A ‘mini-pilgrimage’ designed to enable independent travellers to explore their faith in the
context of Rome and its centrality in Christian history. The course contains introductory talks
on aspects of Rome, guided tours of San Clemente and the excavations under St Peter’s,
attendance at the weekly Papal audience, guided reflections, corporate worship and
several shared meals. Many of those attending may wish to extend their stay with further
exploration of Rome. Cost 150€

For all information on Courses contact the Administrator:
administrator@anglicancentre.it Tel (+39) 06 678 0302; Fax (+39) 06 678 0674
Further course details and registration forms are also available on our website


Vacation Term for Biblical Study
A Summer School for Biblical Study in Oxford
St Anne’s College

The Vacation Term for Biblical Study is known for the academic quality of its
courses and has been addressed by many biblical scholars of national and
international repute

The Term is held annually for two weeks at the end of July and the beginning
of August and offers teachers, students, ministers and laity the opportunity to
deepen their understanding of biblical literature, refresh their knowledge of
biblical languages and keep abreast of current scholarship. Each week of the
programme is complete in itself, so that it is possible to attend and enjoy
either one or both weeks of study. The programme leaves ample time to enjoy
the attractions of Oxford, visiting the colleges, museums and bookshops,
socialising and enjoying the surrounding countryside. This year’s dates are:

Week 1, Saturday 24 July – Saturday 31 July
Tutors: Revd Professor John Polkinghorne (Cambridge), Professor Hugh
Williamson (Oxford), and Professor Larry Hurtado (Edinburgh)

Week 2, Saturday 31 July – Saturday 7 August
Tutors: Professor John Barclay (Durham), Professor Larry Kreitzer (Oxford),
and A N Other

For fees, booking arrangements and full details of this year’s programme visit
www.vtbs.org.uk or contact margaret.burrow@mcb.net


The communications department at Church House Westminster currently
offers the following courses. Dates will be available in 2010 on the Church
House website

Church Communications
How to get your church noticed
Communications in cathedrals and high profile churches
Web and online communications
Spreading your message in cyberspace: get started with your website
Spreading your message in cyberspace: get your website noticed
Spreading your message in cyberspace: blogs and online communities

Broadcast Media
Being interviewed: how to get your message across
Dealing with challenging interviews

Personal Presentation Skills
Well presented: how to give an effective talk

Printed Communications
Writing for newsletters and magazines
Designing and editing newsletters and magazines
PowerPoint Workshops
Get started with PowerPoint
PowerPoint: taking your presentations further

Booking hotline     020 7898 1465
Email               comms.training@c-of-e.org.uk
Website             www.commstraining.cofe.anglican.org


Wiltshire NHS offers a programme of multi-agency awareness days about
drug and alcohol related issues which are free to health care professionals
and other caring professionals. Days typically run from 9.30 am – 4.30 pm

Basic drug awareness
Wednesday 6 January, Malmesbury Town Hall, Malmesbury
Binge drinking (16 – 25 year old)
Friday 8 January, Braeside Education and Conference Centre, Devizes
Basic alcohol awareness
Friday 15 January, St John’s Parish Centre, Trowbridge
Young people, alcohol and cannabis
Friday 5 February, The Pheasant, Bath Road, Chippenham
Engaging motivation and starting to change behaviour
Monday 8 February, St John’s Parish Centre, Trowbridge
Families and substance use
Wednesday 24 & Thursday 25 February, St John’s Parish Centre, Trowbridge
Young people, alcohol and cannabis
Thursday 4 March, St John’s Parish Centre, Trowbridge
Young people substance awareness training
Friday 5 March, Grasmere Hotel, Harnham, Salisbury
Families and substance use
Tuesday 16 & Wednesday 17 March, The Pheasant, Bath Road, Chippenham
Basic alcohol awareness
Thursday 18 March, Grasmere Hotel, Harnham, Salisbury
Binge drinking (16 – 25 year old)
Thursday 18 March, Melksham Hospital, Melksham

This is a rolling programme and events will be repeated in the second
half of the year. For further information or to book a place contact:
Sabina Gillman, T: 01380 733808, E: sabina.gillman@wiltshire-pct.nhs.uk

     Hilfield Friary 2010 Programme focusing on ‘Peace’
15-17 January       Buddhism, Christianity and the Violence of the
                    Self – a time of reflection, meditation and discussion led
                    by the Revd Dr Ross Thompson

5-7 February        Making peace where we live, work and pray led by
                    Br Samuel SSF
13 February         Lent Quiet Day

19-21 March         Working for a World without War – empowering the
                    concerned – a weekend led by Tony Kempster and
                    Lesley Docksey of MAW

16-18 April         'Grace and the Common Good - strategies for
                    living responsibly in God's world.’ a weekend led by
                    Dr Tim Gorringe.

11 May              Rogationtide Celebration
15-16 May           Open Garden
21-23 May           'Looking, listening, loving: John Clare's poetry of
                    place’ with Elizabeth Cook and Brother Samuel SSF
29 May              Companions Day

5 June              World Earth Day Celebration
19 June             Mid Summer Fair

9-11 July           A Chance to Dance

31 July -23 August Friary closed for Families and Youth Camps

3-5 September       Words of Peace with Brother Kevin SSF and Kate
18 September        Stigmata Festival on the theme of Peace
24-26 September     Understanding Islam with Dr Chris Hewer

15-17 October       Weekend details to be confirmed

5-7 November        Ubuntu and the Essence of Being Human:
                    Cultural, Political and Economic Dimensions of
                    Building Peace in Africa a weekend workshop with
                    Mark Barwick TSSF and Brother John SSF

27 November         Advent Quiet Day


This year we are trialing a new provider for our IT training, Wessex
Community Action, based in Salisbury

WCT offer a complete suite of IT related courses including:

Mastering Email
Getting Started with Access Databases
Getting Started with Access Databases – Forms and Reports
Excel from Beginner to Expert in One Day

They also offer other useful short courses such as:

Project Management
Reducing the Risks of Trustees
Creative Development of Funding Bids and Trust Applications
Developing Effective Marketing Materials

To book please email: debrah@wessexcommunityaction.org.uk
or phone: 01722 421747

Wessex Community Action
Greencroft House, 42 – 46 Salt Lane, Salisbury SP1 1EG


What does Praxis offer?:

   •   day and residential conferences around the country (with reduced fees
       for members)
   •   training resources
   •   Praxis News of Worship (published four times a year and included in
       the membership fee)

Praxis, 19 The Close, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP1 2EB
T: 01722 424858
E: praxis@rscm.com
W: www.praxisworship.org.uk


Resources from The College of Preachers

Visit their website at www.collegeofpreachers.co.uk

The Preacher Magazine

The Preacher is our main regular publication, a quarterly magazine. Each
issue contains:

          •   feature articles, usually four
          •   lectionary sermons for the 13 Sundays following publication,
              with editorial comments highlighting some features of the
          •   reviews of books and other learning material
          •   news about recent past and forthcoming events in the life of
              the College
          •   other news and comment of interest to preachers.

Sample pages from The Preacher can be viewed online and you can also
subscribe via the online shop

Strictly Come Preaching

This is our first DVD on preaching, and it's been selling well since we brought
it out in the spring of 2008. You can use it on your own or in a group. Visit
the sample zone to see short clips of the sermons

The DVD costs £9.50 (including p+p). Download the order form and post it
to us together with a cheque for £9.50, payable to ‘The College of Preachers’
or visit our online shop

Also on the website

News – Events – Sermons – Learning Material

                        COLLEGE OF PREACHERS
                        NATIONAL CONFERENCE
                 from Tuesday May 4th to Thursday May 6th 2010
              at The Hayes Conference Centre, Swanwick, Derbyshire

          credit crunch, swine ‘flu, Afghanistan, Lockerbie bomber
                        what next, general election?

Is it important to address the news of the day from the pulpit? Isn’t the Bible
 enough? Do we set the Gospel over against the news; or find the Gospel in
          the news? How do we cope with so many sources of news?
                Above all, how in preaching do we connect
                the news of the day with the Good News?

      This will be a special conference. It’s an occasion to celebrate and
      rededicate our preaching. It may also be on the eve of a general
      election - which would make the subject matter especially appropriate!
      We’re gathering an interesting and knowledgeable team of speakers
      and preachers, including so far
      Julia Bicknell               BBC, News 24 and World Service
      Revd Kate Bruce              Chaplain at St. John’s College, Durham
      Andrew Graystone             Director of the Churches Media Council
      Revd Dr Leslie Griffiths Chair of the College of Preachers
      Revd Dr Jolyon Mitchell School of Divinity, Edinburgh University
      Fran Unsworth                Head of Newsgathering BBC
      Revd Dr David WilkinsonPrincipal of St. John’s College, Durham
      The cost will be £240 residential inclusive, subject to discounts if you
      book early and pay early, as you see:
      deposit* before December 10th £30; after that date £40
      balance* before February 10th £185; after that date £200
      *The deposit is not refundable. The balance is, up to one month before
      the conference, subject to an administration charge of £20.00
      As well as residential places, there will be a limited number of day
      places available for May 4th and 5th at £50.00 per day, including

We’re open for booking now! Call 020 8883 7850 (note that our office
hours are 10.00am to 4.00pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday)


Diocese of Salisbury Mothers’ Union
Parenting Programme Training Course 2010

The Mothers' Union is a Christian organisation which
promotes the well-being of families worldwide

We achieve this by:

Developing prayer and spiritual growth in families

Studying and reflecting on family life and its place in

Resourcing our members to take practical action to
improve conditions for families, both nationally and in the
communities in which they live

The MU Parenting Programme Training Course was introduced to support MU
volunteers who facilitate parenting groups by ensuring that they are equipped
with the necessary skills and knowledge for their work


Saturday 6 February
Saturday 6 March
Saturday 17 April
Saturday 22 May

Follow up day Saturday 10 July

Each day will run from approximately 10 am – 5 pm

Venue: St Paul’s Church, Salisbury, SP2 7QW

Cost: The course is free to MU members in the Diocese. Travelling expenses
will also be paid. For non MU members and those coming from outside the
Diocese the cost is £40. A £50 deposit is required to secure a place on the
course which is refundable (un-cashed cheque) on completion of the course
in July

Enquiries: Andrea Fox, T: 01980 670326, E: bal.fox@tiscali.co.uk
or ring the Diocesan Mothers’ Union Office on 01722 333402



The Arthur Rank Centre was named after Lord Rank who donated the original
building. It is the recognised national rural resources unit for the churches. It is
also a project base for innovative thinking and wide ranging work in both
economic and community development in the countryside

The centre offers opportunity for the following qualifications:

   •   Postgraduate Certificate in Rural Ministry
   •   Postgraduate Diploma in Rural Ministry
   •   MTh in Rural Ministry
   •   MMin in Rural Ministry

It also runs regular courses for those involved in or considering becoming
involved in rural ministry:

Rural Ministry Course
Tuesday 13 – Thursday 15 April
The Arthur Rank Centre and Offa House, Offchurch, Leamington Spa

This course is principally for ordained and authorised lay ministers in rural
situations. It is of particular benefit to those with little or no experience of rural
ministry or those in need of a refresher

Multi Church Ministry Workshops
Offa House, Offchurch, Leamington Spa
Tuesday 8 – Wednesday 9 June
Tuesday 5 – Wednesday 6 October 2010

Are you faced with an increasing number of churches to care for, or are you
puzzled about how to make sense of the number you have already? Whether
you have a loose cluster, a parish with several churches or a benefice with
several parishes, this workshop will be helpful to you

To obtain further details or register for either of the above
contact Katrina Sealey
Tel. 024 7685 3073 / 024 7669 6460
Email: katrinas@rase.org.uk

The Arthur Rank Centre, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire CV8 2LG

       Faith and the Future of the
           Countryside - 2010
  3 – 5 November 2010 at The Hayes, Swanwick, Derbyshire
   A major ecumenical conference exploring the sustainability of rural
 communities and their churches and making recommendations for their
future. This event will also mark 20 years from the publication of Faith in
 the Countryside and the completion of the Archbishop’s Commission on
  Rural Areas. Four conference themes of rural communities, economy,
environment and rural church reflect the breadth of issues covered in the
                              original report

                     Four Keynote Addresses to include:
              Professor Michael Winter University of Exeter
           Professor Mark Shucksmith University of Newcastle

          Up to 20 Seminars within four themes. Seminars to include:

                               Rural church
     Spreading the Gospel in a small rural village – Anne Richards
  What future in the countryside for non-conformists – Gill Crippen and
                             Nicholas Wood
           Emerging from the Rural Church – Stephen Skuce

                           Rural communities
       What are sustainable rural communities? – Michael Winter
  Creating communities of mental health and wellbeing – Lorna Murray
     Mainstreaming rural policies: myth or reality? – Frances Rowe

       Ethical challenges to land based industries – Sir Brian Heap
Environmental Crisis – incarnational response in an age of rapid change –
                               Adrian Hough
   Climate change and rural communities – Martin Hodson and Margot

           The sustainability of rural economies – Neil Ward
      Rural oikonomia and a theology of enough – John Wibberley
            Planning, power and values – Mark Shucksmith

                         Poster session to include:
          The rural church building faith, hope and community
         Priesthood and presence in rural multi-parish ministry
                 Mission: the heart of the rural church
                            Rural spirituality
                    Affordable housing in rural areas
                      Issues of agricultural justice

              exhibitions • market place • fringe meetings

          To book a place email katrinas@rase.org.uk


See separate pdf files

      Theology Quest and Questions
                        Lent Term
             (Tuesdays, beginning 12 January)
         The Quest of the Historical Jesus
                    with David Catchpole

                      Summer Term
               (Tuesdays, beginning 27 April)
            Christianity according to Paul
                       With David Way

                      Autumn Term
           (Tuesdays, beginning 28 September)
          Living Belief: God and Creation
     With Vernon White, Edward Probert, Eric Woods
                 and David Catchpole

The programme is validated by the University of Surrey and
designed to cover in an accessible style and exploratory spirit
some of the most profound questions raised by Christian history
and theology. It can be used by those who simply wish to probe
without any vocational reference, by those beginning to consider
vocation, and by those who are committed to continuing
professional development in ministry.
For full details, please contact David Catchpole at Sarum College
(drc@sarum.ac.uk) …



     About Wellbeing

    Confidential Care

  Ivy House Warminster

  Ministry of Deliverance

    Ministry of Healing


Society of Mary and Martha

    Spiritual Direction


As the church, visible in the Diocese of Salisbury, we affirm that our wellbeing
is essential to our ministry and mission as the people of God. It is an integral
part of that formation which enables us to grow into the full stature of Christ
and be his vibrant presence in the world. It is through loving and caring for
one another and ourselves that we witness to our love of God. It is with these
deeply held beliefs that we offer a range of wellbeing resources, calling one
another into renewed commitment to the life-long process of growing in
wholeness of ministry

Our Diocesan view of wellbeing is one of on-going formation, expressed
through the following diverse, far reaching and interdependent areas: my role
(professional development); my relationships (interacting with others); myself
(self awareness and care)

Wellbeing seeks to respond to the above by:

Modelling work life balance and honouring the integrity of the person in all
areas of our common life

Making provision for the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of our

Developing a culture of care and support amongst colleagues with particular
emphasis on the life of Chapters

Providing access to appropriate forms of confidential care and help for those
who need them

Providing the opportunity for sharing and exploring work and personal issues
in the context of work based learning groups

Offering through the CMD programme events and opportunities which are
nurturing and restorative as well as educational and developmental

The Wellbeing coordinating group is:

Paul Taylor (Convenor)
David Hart
John Tomlinson
Fiona Fox
Jane Culliford
Charles Booth
Jo Lacey-Smith
Robert Kelso,
Sarah Stancliffe


Confidential care and help is available to ministers and their families who are
experiencing difficulties which adversely affect their wellbeing

Confidential care may take many forms including help with health concerns,
family and relationship matters, finances, work issues, addictions, grieving,
stress or any personal matter

The Diocese has a range of professional contacts some of whom offer their
services as part of the ministry they exercise. A professional fee is not always
needed but where payment is requested, and is difficult, discretionary funding
is often available

For advice about accessing confidential care contact Revd Dr David Hart
T: 01722 411944
M: 07521 741 534

               Skiing? Sailing? Walking? Gardening?

   For a complete list of this year’s Wellbeing events and
 opportunities see the menu of Diocesan Days at the front of
                        the brochure

 Would you like to organise something fun or new and invite
                       other people?

  Do you have Wellbeing ideas you would like to see in next
                    year’s programme?

              We would be delighted to hear from you!


~ for those in need of renewal, refreshment and nurturing

~ for those who seek spiritual stimulation and growth on their life journey

~ for groups and individuals who require a safe and secure environment in
which to stay or work

Ivy House is the Retreat House of the Community of St. Denys. It offers
hospitality and space for groups and individuals as well as its own varied
programme of retreats and events throughout the year. The House consists of
two linked 18th Century houses, ‘Ivy House’ and ‘St. Denys Lodge’ offering
intimate meeting facilities with a range of audio visual equipment, cosy rooms
for residential stays and excellent food.

2010 Programme

January 18 House Quiet Day
Bishop John Perry

February 22 House Quiet Day
Canon Edward Probert

March 17 & 18 House Quiet Days
Painting and Prayer Workshops
Kate Austin

March 17 House Quiet Day
Ivy House Team

March 28 Lunch and Quiet afternoon for Palm Sunday
Sr Theresa CSD

April 15 House Quiet Day
Ivy House Team

April 27 House Quiet Day
Felt making and Prayer. NB Limited numbers.
Emily Bradbury

May 4 House Quiet Day
Canon Geoffrey Barton

May 27 Quiet Garden Day
Come and enjoy a pleasant day in the peaceful grounds
of Ivy House

June 3 House Quiet Day
Canon Alan Gill CSD

June 16 House Quiet Day
Rev Martyn Skinner

June 20
Stop in the name of God
Quiet Garden Day

July 19 House Quiet Day
Ivy House Team

July 26 Quiet Garden Day

August 9 House Quiet Day
Ivy House Team

August 25 Quiet Garden Day

September 15 House Quiet Day
Jeanne Blowers

September 24 Quiet Garden Day

October 12 House Quiet Day
Yoga and Prayer led by Rev Jean Thorn

October 19 Quiet Garden Day
Come and enjoy the Ivy House gardens as Autumn
fast approaches.

November 8 House Quiet Day
Rev Ian Cowley

December 17 House Quiet Day
Ivy House

T: 01985 214824
E: stdenys@ivyhouse.org
W: www.ivyhouse.org


Our experience as a Diocesan Deliverance Group is that the dominant culture
of scientific materialism has all too often left the Church without the
confidence to speak of the reality of evil in a way that is pastorally and
practically helpful to those spiritually afflicted or oppressed by evil

Both within the Church and as importantly outside there are many oppressed
by evil spirits or harmed by occult involvement and others disturbed within
their homes by the spiritual traces of past trauma

Careful listening and spiritual discernment, often within the context of
collaboration with medical and other professional support, may allow the root
underlying such suffering to be exposed and God’s healing grace to flourish

The Diocesan Deliverance Group is available to help where needed

Contact John Whittle on 07971 080682 or johnwhittle@hotmail.com


Wholeness and healing are at the heart of all of our ministry. The wholeness
and healing team have advisors and convenors of groups in each
archdeaconry to encourage and develop this ministry across the diocese with
events, advice and training. The Diocesan Healing Group is currently
restructuring its work and more information will be available during 2010

Contact Jane Culliford on 01305 264360 or janeculliford@aol.com


It is expected that all stipendiary clergy will make an annual retreat, typically
the inside of a week, and other clergy and ministers are encouraged to do the
same. At present there is no Diocesan funding available for retreats but
parishes are asked to treat ministerial retreats as an expense of office

The Retreat Association is a registered charity and is an excellent source of
information with downloadable publications about all aspects of making a
retreat and online links to many retreat centres nationwide. You can also
order a copy of their annual journal

The Retreat Association, Kerridge House, 42 Woodside Close,
Amersham, Bucks, HP6 5EF
T: 01522 527846
E: info@retreats.org.uk.
W: www.retreats.org.uk.


The Society of Mary and Martha is at Sheldon near Exeter where there is a
resident community of lay men and women. It offers a wide range of
resources for ministry including Quiet Days, Retreats, Reading Weeks and the
highly regarded ‘12,000 mile service’ for clergy in mid ministry

‘Our style is quiet and fairly low-key. We're very serious about God but don't
shout about it all the time. We attract people right at the heart of the church
and its ministry, as well as plenty of people on the fringes and beyond.
Sheldon has a reputation for gentleness, efficiency, small miracles and
enjoying a good party’

February 2010
6           Candlemas
7 - 12      12,000-mile Service
17          Ash Wednesday Quiet Day - Bishop Richard Hawkins
28 - Mar 5 Reading Week (replaces 21 - 26 Feb)


March 2010
7 - 12     Pick and Mix Week
7-9        Workshop : Constructing Co-operation: reducing bullying and its
10 - 11    Workshop : Myers Briggs basic
15 - 19    Retreat - Margaret Silf
25         Quiet Day - Canon Carl Turner
30 - Apr 6 Easter Special : Come as a volunteer or for a retreat


April 2010
11 - 16           Reading Week
19 - 23           Retreat : Jane Hedges : St Benedict - Companion for the 21st
                  century Christian


May 2010
9 - 14            12,000-mile Service
28 - Jun 4        Reading Week


July 2010
11 - 16           Reading Week
19 - 23           Retreat : Rambling with God : Roy and Dorothy Nicholson
23 - 31           Summer Special : Come as a volunteer or for a retreat

August 2010
1-7         Clergy Family Holiday Week
8 - 14      Clergy Family Holiday Week
21 - Sep 2 Reading Weeks


October 2010
3-8        Pick and Mix Week
4-6        Workshop : Enneagram: Subtypes and Essence - Karen Webb
7          Quiet Day - Canon Gordon Jeff
10 - 15    12,000-mile Service
18 - 22    Retreat : Mark Townsend: The Gospel of Falling Down


November 2010
1          Quiet Day - Prebendary Sue Roberts
7 - 12     Reading Week
14 - 19    Pick and Mix Week
14 - 16    Workshop : Telling Tales: Simon Airey
17 - 18    Workshop : The Challenge of the Fully Human Jesus : Brian
21 - 26    12,000-mile Service
26 - 28    Advent Special : Come as a volunteer or for a retreat
28 - Dec 3 Reading Week


December 2010
from 29    New Year Time Out


To find out more about the work of the Society of Mary and Martha visit
their website at www.sheldon.uk.com


The Diocese operates the Salisbury Spidir Web, a network for spiritual

The purpose of the Web is:

   •   To maintain a list of those offering the ministry of spiritual direction and
       to support those ministers in their continuing training and supervision

   •   To receive requests from anyone living within the geographical area
       covered by the Diocese who is seeking a spiritual director and to
       advise them upon a suitable choice

Anyone seeking a spiritual director should contact:

       Revd Ian Cowley
       Diocesan Co-ordinator for Vocations and Spirituality
       Learning for Discipleship and Ministry Team Office
       01722 411944 or ian.cowley@salisbury.anglican.org

Ian would also like to hear from anyone offering the ministry of spiritual
direction. He is also able to advise on existing spiritual direction networks, on
training courses and on support for those offering this ministry

             Almighty and everlasting God,
by whose Spirit the whole body of the Church is governed
                       and sanctified:
hear our prayer which we offer for all your faithful people
           that, in their vocation and ministry,
        each may serve you in holiness and truth
                to the glory of your name;
       through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,
   who is alive and reigns with you in the unity of the
                         Holy Spirit,
            one God, now and for ever. Amen.

                     Collect for the Fifth Sunday after Trinity


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